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Viewpoints An Open Letter to My Fellow Community Members: Let's Work Together

For the past few months, I've watched in horror as our community leaders have spent more time fighting amongst each other than focusing on what direction our movement is going in. As a community member, activist and lawyer who represents a lot of LGBT people, I call upon our leaders to do better than this. READ MORE.

Stalls for Change: We Need Safe Communities, Not Urinary Segregation

It is incredible that we as a society, here in 2016, are more concerned about where we pee than creating safe communities. READ MORE.

Transmissions: Can You See the Real Me?

Every so often I like to take a step back from the issues of the day and spend a moment or two on what is known as "transgender 101." READ MORE.

Calling Out Insensitive, Anti-Semitic Protest

Many of us would gladly protest Israeli treatment of Palestinians -- I myself support a Palestinian state, the so-called "two-state solution" -- but that is different than supporting the Palestinian government that wants you put to death if you're LGBT and live on the Gaza Strip. READ MORE.

Oppression Olympics: The Dark Side of the Rainbow

In 1978, artist Gilbert Baker designed what would go on to be the biggest symbol of the LGBT movement: The Rainbow Flag. The legacy of the flag is that different thoughts and ideas united and made something beautiful. This legacy of solidarity felt somewhat lost this past week at the Creating Change conference. READ MORE.

Affirmations: It's Time to Bring the Community Back to the Center

Affirmations announced the termination of the program that essentially started the organization, its Helpline, near the end of 2015, offering reasons such as: "Affirmations is not a crisis agency," "running a helpline can be fairly costly," because the monthly calls dropped from over 100 to 80-100 calls, and because they suffered from prank calls. I'm confounded and disappointed by this decision for several reasons. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
LGBT Wedding Expo Embodies Hope

SOUTHFIELD - This year the BTL Ultimate LGBT Wedding and Anniversary Expo was held on the anniversary weekend of Judge Friedman's decision in DeBoer v. Snyder. That decision struck down Michigan's same-sex marriage ban, for less than 24 hours, allowing 323 couples to become legally married in the state.

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