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Viewpoints BTL Op-Ed: A Huge Win Towards Full Equality

One part of the history behind this remarkable moment goes back to 1958 when the very first gay rights case was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. In ONE Magazine v. The U.S. Post Office, SCOTUS ruled that a gay publication was not "inherently pornography" and could therefore be sent through the U.S. mail. From this seemingly small recognition giving voice to gay people and allowing us to communicate with one another, we have progressed to this historic day, where we celebrate our most intimate familial relationships in broad daylight under the full recognition of the law. READ MORE.

Transmissions: A Papal Confrontation

The pope needs to take a new look at transgender people if he expects to be as progressive as many claim him to be. READ MORE.

Analysis: Long Way To Go For Equality In Michigan

Last week the Detroit Free Press put out an editorial, rightfully shaming Gov. Snyder for signing into law a bill that permits state funded faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to deny services to families and refuse to place children in homes based on "sincerely held religious beliefs," even if such placements would be in the best interests of children. READ MORE.

BTL Op-Ed: Snyder's Betrayal Takes Michigan A Giant Step Backward

Snyder should have vetoed this bill with the swiftness with which he, instead, signed it. It is an attack on Michiganders and is no less vile than the Religious Freedom Restoration Act he has threatened to veto. In fact, we believe Snyder's signature on these bills is a promise broken. Snyder has sided with the bigots, not Michiganders, and certainly not the most vulnerable children among us. READ MORE.

Beyond Decision Day

Being able to marry is not enough. In Michigan, and in most other states as well, we can get married on Saturday and be fired on Monday. READ MORE.

Ask Lambda Legal: Pride (And Prejudice)

While these are all key reasons your city should host a Pride parade, there is also an important legal reason: equal protection. Your city is required to grant you access to the same city resources that are made available to other groups hosting similar public events. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
LGBT Wedding Expo Embodies Hope

SOUTHFIELD - This year the BTL Ultimate LGBT Wedding and Anniversary Expo was held on the anniversary weekend of Judge Friedman's decision in DeBoer v. Snyder. That decision struck down Michigan's same-sex marriage ban, for less than 24 hours, allowing 323 couples to become legally married in the state.

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