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Viewpoints Don't Forget To Vote The Whole Ballot

While voting, don't forget the names at the bottom of the ballot. While at your local polling location, do vote for the top spots of Governor, Attorney General, U.S. Senate, Michigan Supreme Court... and then vote the ENTIRE ballot, all the way down to your local school board candidates. READ MORE.

Our Time for Action: Countdown to November Vote

The one, and probably only, gubernatorial debate is over. The campaign ads are increasing as the days to the November 2014 midterm elections dwindle down. READ MORE.

Coming Out With Self And With Michigan

Those racing thoughts from the gay teenage character contemplating coming out to his parents in Michael Thomas Ford's novel Suicide Notes still stick with me after first reading them nearly six years ago when I was struggling with my own sexual orientation. READ MORE.

Civil Rights For All Means Including Trans

If you are a transgender resident of Michigan, if you are a friend of the transgender community, if someone in your family is a transgender person or if you believe all residents of our state, including gay and transgender people, deserve the same rights - you need to know that those of us who are transgender in Michigan are, at this moment, in a fight for our lives. Proposed amendments to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act would prevent discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. That is a good thing. READ MORE.

From Dreams to Action: Economic Empowerment As A Social Justice Tool

During the week of Sept. 24-27, I attended the National Black Justice Coalition's "Annual Black LGBT Leadership Summit: Out on the Hill" in Washington D.C. This year's summit was themed, "Emancipation Campaign: What does freedom mean to you?" During the week, we explored economic empowerment, lobbied around our issues on Capitol Hill and attended a nation town hall about the Pan-African Progressive Movement for "LGBTI Dignity, Inclusion and Justice." READ MORE.

'Known Homosexuals' I Love

A picture of the late Barbara Gittings has been in my collection of top five favorite photos for decades. You can find a snap of it in this issue of BTL on page 14 - it still brings tears to my eyes when I look at it. Gittings and several dozen pioneers of the modern U.S. LGBT civil rights movement - including John James in the same story - bravely took to the streets to demonstrate four years before Stonewall took place. They did so in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, some willing to be 'known homosexuals'. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Low-Income State Residents Will Have Coverage For PrEP

"This is literally a drug that you can take to reduce your risk of contracting HIV. Why isn't this available to everyone, everywhere?" - Katelyn Tonge, an Albion College student leader

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