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Viewpoints Needed Now: Sustained, Patient, and Persistent Protests and Political Engagement

Elections have consequences. If the last eight months have not proven this adage to be true, nothing ever could. READ MORE.

Trump's DOJ Tells SCOTUS There's a Constitutional Right to Discriminate Against LGBTQ People

Freedom of religion is one of our most fundamental rights as Americans. It is strongly protected by the First Amendment. But that freedom does not give any of us the right to harm other people, to impose our beliefs on others, or to discriminate. READ MORE.

Michigan Positive Thoughts

In my current configuration of relationships and adventure (including reborn appreciation for "female" condoms and deep delight that HIV undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U)), I'm not putting this PrEP to much use these days. READ MORE.

Transmissions: Photographic Memory

Indeed, the "truth" isn't in the name we've chosen or the visage we present, but in a name stamped on a decades-old birth certificate in a county office, or a pile of snapshots stashed away in a dusty, cardboard box. READ MORE.

Mombian: Back-to-School Time in the Trump Era

Last year, we headed into school time with the assumption that progress towards LGBTQ equality and inclusion in education would continue with little hindrance. This year, however, the pall of federal actions against LGBTQ students, particularly transgender ones, hangs heavy over all of us. READ MORE.

Viewpoints Democratic Diversity: Upgrading The Race for Attorney General

One of the greatest hallmarks of the Democratic Party is our embrace of diversity. As the Democratic field of candidates widen for Michigan Attorney General, it's important that we ensure Democratic leaders are pushing for all kinds of diversity, including sexual orientation and gender identity, on the top of the ticket. READ MORE.

Special Section: Pets
Before You Take That Next Bite: Can We Love Our Pets But Ignore Other Animal Rights?

Despite our obvious love for all things pet, are we still guilty of species-ism?

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