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Michigan A Dog Whistle Is a Dog Whistle Is a Dog Whistle

We started penning this week's op-ed last Thursday when the sad and horrific arson attack on a Jackson LGBT couple took their home and five dear pets. Since then the spectacle of hate has gripped the nation with the events in Charlottesville, Virginia tearing at our hearts and minds. READ MORE.

A New Rainbow in the Sky

A beacon of light and hope for over three decades, Rev. Delores Berry made her transition Aug. 8 after being in ill health for quite some time. She was 66. READ MORE.

Viewpoints Conversion Therapy & Ex Gay Ministry: A Republican Revival?

LGBT issues have always been a part of political battles in some form. READ MORE.

Positive Thoughts: Connected Action

Laurel Sprague, PhD, is the executive director of GNP+ (The Global Network of People Living with HIV). The Amsterdam-based organization works to improve the quality of life for all people living with HIV through global advocacy, community strengthening and knowledge management. READ MORE.

Transmissions: Transition the Battlefield

No matter how I put this, it feels like an understatement: we are living in increasingly frightening and dangerous times. This is especially true for those of us who are transgender. READ MORE.

Mombian: New Guide Offers Advice for and from LGBTQ Parents

As an LGBTQ parent, I sometimes feel like I've had to make things up as I go along. But "Pride and Joy: A Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Parents," gives queer parents and parents-to-be a handy way to tap into the collective wisdom of many who have gone before. READ MORE.

Transmissions; Uniformly Bad

Since prior to the last election, many have warned of the precarious position transgender law was on the federal level. READ MORE.

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Photographer Creates Snapshot of LGBTQ Living

Home means different things to different people which photographer Tom Atwood captures in his new book, "Kings & Queens in Their Castles." The book offers a window into the lives and homes of some of America's most intriguing and eccentric LGBTQ personalities.

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