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Viewpoints Pride On Our Terms

Although the causes change over time, the marches continue, bound by a common determination to walk proudly into a future that includes our full participation. READ MORE.

Timeline Of Landmarks In Ireland's Changing Attitude To Gays

DUBLIN (AP) - Gays in Ireland lived in the shadows for decades, lest they face ridicule, assault or even prison in Victorian times. Friday's referendum asking voters to approve gay marriage is the latest landmark in decades of struggle for Ireland's homosexual minority to gain greater rights and respect. READ MORE.

Legislature's Agenda Full Of Potholes

The possibility of full marriage equality may anger legislators who "hold deep religious objections," but that does not give them permission to abdicate their primary responsibility to govern the state. READ MORE.

Transmissions: Book 'Em

We are seeing our rights upheld, and we are gaining enough support to make a stand for our rights in the workplace, rather than simply taking the abuse we are handed. READ MORE.

Think The 'Personhood' Issue Is Over? Think Again

As we approach 2016, we can't downplay the attempts to push "personhood" measures. The anti-choice movement is on the road to ending access to legal abortion. They're just divided on how to do it. READ MORE.

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