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Viewpoints Courts Decision Harms Kids of LGBT Parents

Last week's decision in the ACLU's equitable parent case, Lake v Putnam, was definitely a step backward for LGBT rights in Michigan. A panel of three Michigan Court of Appeal judges issued an opinion denying legal standing to our plaintiff, Michelle Lake, to see her son, whom she had co-parented since birth with former partner Kerri Putnam. Putnam, the biological mother and the only legal parent recognized by Michigan, denied Michelle all contact with their son after their relationship ended. READ MORE.

Atty Gen. Bill Schuette's Lawsuit Ignores the Facts: Transgender Students Thrive in Safe, Affirming Schools

At some point during the typical school day, virtually every teacher is going to give at least one student a pass to use the bathroom. When students visit the bathroom they want privacy, safety and respect. It's what every student deserves and what parents trust their schools will provide for their children. READ MORE.

Transmissions: Running The Numbers

Roughly twenty years ago, in the mid 1990s, I was managing the first public transgender community space on the then-nascent Internet. While the service we were located on, America Online, was just them ramping up its onslaught of free hours compact disks that led to their astonishing growth by the end of that decade, our little corner of the service was all but unknown. READ MORE.

Viewpoint: After Orlando

Just before Pride in 2004, I received a phone call from Between The Lines, telling me that I had been selected as a rising star for being an ally to the LGBT community. READ MORE.

Viewpoint: Fluidity for All

The dichotomy of eitheror, male this, female that, is so built into our society we readily assume it a natural course, a categorical imperative designed expressly, therefore, immutable. READ MORE.

After Orlando, The Fight For Equality Goes On

But as we come to the end of this year's Pride Month, the events in Orlando serve as a stark reminder that the fight for equality in this nation for LGBT Americans must not end with marriage equality. We still live in a nation where Americans face discrimination - and can be bullied, fired, evicted, denied credit or services and even killed - simply because of their sexuality or gender identity. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
Busted at the Seams In Detroit

"I have a commitment to humans. They come in all different shapes or sizes or whatever and if you want to wear a bra, who am I to say you can't wear a bra?" says Lee Padgett, owner of LGBT-friendly Busted Bra Shop.

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