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Parting Glances Parting Glances: Outing the Stonewall Inn

Back in the days when closets were leased for a lifetime, it was Standard Operating Protection to go by a nickname. Some SOPs I recall are Little Bobby, Little Pat, Estralita, Marshmallow, T.D. (Tall Dick), Savoy, B.J. (Butch Jimmy), Miss Bruce, and, among Dykes Anonymous: Big Red, Skye, Petey, Speedy, Rusty, Drano, Big Birdie. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Fog, Er, Log Cabin Redux

A concerned group of Log Cabin gay men -- presumably all tie-dyed-in-the-Woolite Republicans -- who voted for Donald Trump -- are very worried that their presidential choice has doomed their collective chance of obtaining Heaven and eternal salvation. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Glen Flexit gets fixed!

I rarely write about straight guys. I find them to be, well, rather flighty. But in the interest of LGBT civility to all God's web-footed creatures, let me tell you about my oddball neighbor Glen Flexit. A piece of work. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Three Arfs. Six Purrs. A Suggestion!

A federally funded study by People Friends of Cats and Dogs (P-FCD) reports that "persons of rainbow personality make the best dog owners, but have little influence on cats, although this should not be misconstrued as homophobia on the part of America's feline population." READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Low Down on the Down Low

I've been out of the LGBT lovebird loop-the-loop for so long that it rarely occurs to me that dating can be hazardous to ones mental and physical well being. Can occasionally require subterfuge, quick costume change, 911 calls. Bedroom fisticuffs. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: What's Prologue Is Past

At 19, I went to my first gay bar, The Silver Slipper, a dyke bar on Grand River, near downtown Detroit. I used borrowed ID, was escorted authoritatively by two lesbian regulars, Speedy and Draino. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
Unconditional Love Trumps Prejudice

Jason Karoumy will never forget the day he came out to his parents. His text message read, "I'm gay. I'm engaged to the person you thought was my friend and I'm getting married this year."

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