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Parting Glances Parting Glances: Time Flies! That's For Sure!

One of the pleasures for a writer or an artist is to come across an early composition or art piece and experience finding it with a sense of reading or seeing it for the first time. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: God Bless Our Tom Tom

Pitwool Tommy lives with his mommy, Wanda-Rose Pitwool. His daddy, Darnell Prince Pitwool. And a pit bull dog named Lazarus. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: From Patient Zero to Patient 'Oh'

Gaetan Dugas. Recognize the name? In case you may have forgotten, Gaeton is better known in AIDS infamy as Patient O. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: If You See Me, Please Honk

Back in the days when closets were leased for a lifetime, it was SOP to go by a nickname. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Lemon Merin(gay), Anyone?

It was totally unexpected. Shocking. Downright naughty, even. Yet so deliciously thrilling to the hundreds of angry gays who just happened to be watching a late Des Moines TV newscast 39 years ago. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Peg Me Once, Peg Me Twice

In 1953, a madam by the name of Polly Adler wrote a tell-all best seller about her 30 years in the brothel business, "A House is Not a Home." It created a sensation. READ MORE.

Special Section: Pets
Managing Pet Caregiver Fatigue

Dr. Courtney Graham, a practicing veterinarian for 16 years, works in in-home euthanasia and consultation and sees the effects of caregiver fatigue daily.

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