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Parting Glances Parting Glances: Chance and Dr. J Go Drag

It's reassuring to find proven once more -- hundreds of miles from home, and in a small hamlet like Gatorade -- that the profession of choice among good looking gay men is waiter. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Hare Today, Gonads Tomorrow

Reginald Rabbit wiggled his cottony tail, crinkled his pinky nose, and hummed softly, "I trust you, Barney. Barney, I do." READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Were You Ever 'Known' or 'Alleged'?

Just a few generations ago, the term homosexual was often qualified by adjectives. Alleged. Avowed. Rumored. Known! The descriptions were used by cautious media, police enforcement agencies and courtroom attorneys. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Heil Trump! And the 23 LGBT Per Centers!

As far-fetched as it may seem, a big lie that Christian fundamentalists are lip-syncing is that homosexuals have a secret global agenda. READ MORE.

PARTING GLANCES: You May Say I'm a Dreamer

About a dozen days ago tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow -- at my age how can I be sure? -- I was gifted with a pair of John Lennon enchantment glasses. Gold rimmed. Sunset orange. Autumn tinted. Pre-Donald Trump, to be sure. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Five Arfs & a Who Cares? Purr

A federally funded study by People Friends of Cats and Dogs (P-FCD) reports that "persons of rainbow personality make the best dog owners, but have little influence on cats, although this should not be misconstrued as homophobia on the part of America's feline population." READ MORE.

Special Section: Automotive
Former Chrysler Executive Talks Workplace Inclusivity

As an openly gay man, Fred Hoffman said, "I really didn't know if there would be an issue." And while he wasn't waving rainbow flags when he was recruited by Chrysler in 1988, he was told being gay wasn't a problem.

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