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Creep of the Week Creep of the Week: Ted Cruz's Face

Ted Cruz is creepy. That's not only a widely held opinion, it's scientific fact. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Louie Gohmert

Now Target is the target of the anti-trans right because Target did something pretty radical. Something few companies have dared to do because it's just so fringe, so wild, so unheard of. And no, it has nothing to do with Isaac Mizrahi. This time. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Ryan Anderson

Hello gay and lesbian readers. I'd like to talk to you about your pathetic lives devoid of friends or family. It's hard when the only way you know how to connect with other humans is to mash your identical genitals together. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Tom Casperson

An anti-LGBTQ law like the ones passed in states like North Carolina and Mississippi could be coming to Michigan. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Dan Forest

Did you hear the one about how North Carolina is a great place for women and girls?Because North Carolina just passed HB2, the most discriminatory anti-LGBT legislation in the country. To protect the ladies! Duh. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Michael Brown

Backlash. That's what we're seeing here in the flurry of anti-LGBT (and heavy on the T) legislation that's been proposed and passed across the nation (or, in the case of Georgia, vetoed. Thank you, Gov. Deal). READ MORE.

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Commemorate World AIDS Day Dec. 1 with these events in the Metro Detroit and Ann ArborYpsilanti areas.

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