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Creep of the Week Creep of the Week: Jeff Sessions

When the country's chief law enforcement officer meets with a group that toils daily to hurt LGBTQ people, that's deeply troubling. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Linda Harvey

Have you raped a rainbow today? No, that isn't from a Skittles advertisement gone wrong. It's just what LGBTQ people do. Take things away from good Christians and rape them out of spite. READ MORE.

Michigan Creep of the Week: Vicky Hartzler

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) really doesn't like transgender people and she really, really doesn't want them serving in the military. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week Creep of the Week: Karen Handel

Another day another truly terrible person elected to Congress. America is on a roll when it comes to voting for people who are the worst. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Betsy DeVos

If you're a school administrator, a teacher, or even a whole school district and you want to assert your right to discriminate against some of your students FOR REASONS, you're in luck! The Education Department under Betsy DeVos ain't gonna stop you. (Unless you're against white Christians probably.) READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Julio Severo

Julio Severo, a Brazilian writer and blogger, is super mad that America taught Brazil to be gay. In a June 12 piece on Barbwire, a website named for its unique ability to make a thinking person's brain bleed, Severo writes, "The homosexual movement became active in Brazil by direct cultural effect from America, including her politics and Hollywood." READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Rising Above

Activist Cleve Jones has lived an extraordinary life, filled with world-changing friends and figureheads from Harvey Milk to Dustin Lance Black.

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