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Creep of the Week Creep of the Week: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

It's been a tough four years for Michiganders under Gov. Rick Snyder. Especially the gay and lesbian ones. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Ben Shapiro

I don't usually read Breitbart.com because Andrew Breitbart is dead, and I don't believe in ghosts. However, Media Matters steered me there to feast upon an impressive diatribe by Breitbart News Senior Editor Ben Shapiro titled, "SCOTUS Refuses Gay Marriage Cases, Effectively Makes Gay Marriage Law of the Land." READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Peter LaBarbera

Gay people. They're just like Nazis, amirite? What with their Pride parades and their drag queens and their wanting to get married and their Broadway musicals and their rainbow stickers plastered across their Subaru bumpers. I mean if that doesn't say, "Heil Hitler," I don't know what does! At least that's what Peter LaBarbera of Americans For "Truth" About Homosexuality thinks. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Sean Hannity

By now you've heard of Adrian Peterson, the professional footballer charged with child abuse. The case has ignited a national debate about spanking and what "counts" as abuse. The takeaway: Americans love to hit children. READ MORE.

Creep Of The Week: Monte Neil Stewart

Ah, money. Or, as we like to call it in America, "Free Speech." Somehow there just never seems to be enough to go around. This is especially true if you're poor. Sure, "speech" is "free," but only if you can afford it. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Martin Feldman

It's hard to be all alone. To find the courage to break away from the pack. To be a nonconformist. To be the cheese that stands alone. READ MORE.

Special Section: Automotive
A Driving Force

Travis Parman predicted the future. As the current director of Corporate Communications at Nissan, Parman oversees all sorts of relationships within the automotive industry. But it wasn't that long ago that he wrote a 333-page thesis for his master's degree that specifically examined the relationship between corporations, their media marketing strategies and the LGBT community at large.

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