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Creep of the Week Creep of the Week: Wes Goodman

Something totally unprecedented has happened and I am not sure how to break this news to you, my loyal readers. In fact, I doubt that you will even believe what I am about to tell you, it is so rare and unheard of. It's basically the unicorn of conservative politics, so prepare to be shocked: READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Roy Moore

As of this writing, five women have accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual assault against them when they were as young as 14 years old. Newsflash: A 14 year old is a child. An 8th grader. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Franklin Graham

Wonder Woman made me gay. At least, that's what I like to tell people. Since I am old I'm, of course, talking about the TV show starring Linda Carter, not the movie starring Gal Gadot (though I did see the movie and, if anything, it just made me more gay). READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Donald Trump

When the Trump era is written about in history books, assuming we survive that long, if there are any heroes in this sordid story those heroes will be federal judges. You may recall that in July Trump Tweeted out that "the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military," without even consulting the Defense Department. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Rick Wiles

A partial list of things LGBTQ people have been blamed for: Making people gay Making themselves gay READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Donald Trump & Mike Pence

The Trump Presidency has truly redefined "breaking news" in the most literal way. Every day there is a new harm, a new insult, a new degradation heaped onto the American people. If you feel exhausted, disgusted, and helpless, well then, know that they're getting to you. All is working as planned. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Rising Above

Activist Cleve Jones has lived an extraordinary life, filled with world-changing friends and figureheads from Harvey Milk to Dustin Lance Black.

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