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National Trump Promises 'Forward Motion' On Gay Issues

The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination today promised "forward motion" on gay and lesbian equality if he is elected. READ MORE.

Clinton Narrowly Wins Iowa Caucus; Cruz Wins for GOP

There were some interesting LGBT moments in the days running up to Monday's Iowa caucuses. READ MORE.

Indiana, LGBT Organizations Wrestle with Senate Bill 344

On Jan. 27, the Indiana Senate Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee advanced Senate Bill 344; it will now go to the Senate floor for a vote. READ MORE.

Gay Rights Advocates Criticize 2 Dozen Oklahoma Bills

Gay rights advocates in Oklahoma are calling on Republican leaders to repudiate more than two dozen bills that they say unfairly target members of the LGBT community. READ MORE.

Bill Would Toss Adoption Preference for Heterosexual Couples

Democrats in the Arizona Legislature want a law that requires judges to give preferences to married heterosexual couples in adoption stricken from the books. READ MORE.

Ministers Seek to Invalidate State Law on Marriage Licenses

Three Williamson County ministers are seeking to invalidate portions of Tennessee's marriage statute. READ MORE.

Transgender Youth More Likely to Have Autism

Nearly a quarter of young persons diagnosed with gender dysphoria, or who are transgender, screened positive for Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, according to a new paper in the academic journal LGBT Health. READ MORE.

Protesters Shut Down Israel-focused Event at Creating Change

More than 200 protesters shut down a presentation organized by A Wider Bridge (AWB), an organization that fosters relationships between Israel and the LGBT community, on Jan. 22 during the National LGBTQ Task Force's Creating Change conference in Chicago. READ MORE.

Indiana Days Away from Possible 'Super RFRA'

The ACLU, Freedom Indiana and the HRC released statements about Indiana's "super RFRA" being considered this week. READ MORE.

LGBT-U Now Accepting Applications For 2016 Training Program

Freedom for All Americans is currently accepting applications through Feb. 7 for the second round of LGBT-U apprentices. READ MORE.

National Survey Calls for 1000 LGBT Older Adults

Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders has launched a survey that will help the organization develop strategic planning for future projects for LGBT older adults. READ MORE.

Obama on LGBT equality: 'Stay vigilant and Keep Working On It'

President Obama said Friday he thinks the LGBT movement will "keep moving in the right direction, as long as we stay vigilant and keep working on it." READ MORE.

Pence Backing Religious Freedom in LGBT Rights Debate

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said Jan. 12 he would prioritize religious freedom in the debate over civil rights protections for gay and transgender people, showing no retreat from his stance during last spring's national uproar over the state's religious objections law. READ MORE.

Business Leader Voices Concern Over Pence's LGBT Stance

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A prominent Indiana business leader is voicing concern that Gov. Mike Pence's newly revealed stance prioritizing religious freedoms over LGBT rights will not help "close the book" on a tumultuous period that thrust the state to the center of a culture war and threatened to harm its image. READ MORE.

New CDC Report Shows More People Identify as Bisexual

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows an uptick in the number of Americans who identify as bisexual. READ MORE.

Michigan BREAKING: Rep. Bob Dold Becomes First Republican to Co-Sponsor the Equality Act

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) hailed Illinois Rep. Bob Dold, who today became the first Republican member of Congress to co-sponsor the Equality Act landmark federal legislation that would guarantee explicit, permanent protections for LGBT people from discrimination in many of the most important aspects of their lives. READ MORE.

National New PrEP Studies Offer Hope, Caution

PrEP was approved by the FDA in 2012. It is the use of the drug Truvada. Taken daily, the anti-HIV drug was shown in early human studies to be, when taken daily, at least 92 percent effective in preventing someone from contracting HIV. Since then, some studies have placed that efficacy as high as 99 percent. READ MORE.

Strength and Longevity of Legal Gains May Change in 2016 Politics and Lawsuits

The federal Defense of Marriage Act is gone. Same-sex couples can obtain marriage licenses and recognition in all 50 states. LGBT people can serve in the military. LGBT people working for the federal government can file employment discrimination claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Those working for companies that contract with the federal government now have protection under a presidential executive order. Those visiting a same-sex spouse in the hospital are also protected by a presidential executive order. And, perhaps most importantly, the current presidential administration has made clear, through actions and words, that it will stand up for the civil rights of LGBT people. READ MORE.

LGBT-U Now Accepting Applications For 2016 Training Program

Freedom for All Americans is currently accepting applications through Feb. 7 for the second round of LGBT-U apprentices. READ MORE.

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LGBT Wedding Expo Embodies Hope

SOUTHFIELD - This year the BTL Ultimate LGBT Wedding and Anniversary Expo was held on the anniversary weekend of Judge Friedman's decision in DeBoer v. Snyder. That decision struck down Michigan's same-sex marriage ban, for less than 24 hours, allowing 323 couples to become legally married in the state.

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