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National Sarah McBride takes convention stage as 'proud transgender American'

History was made Thursday when an openly transgender person spoke for the first time ever at a major U.S. party convention and declared she was a "proud transgender American." Sarah McBride, a transgender activist now affiliated with the Human Rights Campaign, enjoyed the historic distinction on the final day of the Democratic National Convention. READ MORE.

Openly Lesbian Dallas Sheriff Addresses DNC

Lupe Valdez, the openly gay sheriff of Dallas County, called community outreach paramount for her deputies when she took the stage Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention. READ MORE.

Democrats Ratify Most Pro-LGBT Platform Ever

Democrats ratified a party platform late Monday called the most LGBT-inclusive in history and a unifying document after a bitter primary.As convention chair Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) presided, delegates at the Democratic National Convention approved the platform by voice vote. Although loud "nays" were heard, the overwhelming "yays" in favor of the platform carried the day. READ MORE.

Dem VEEP Tim Kaine Has Strong LGBT Record

Many political observers have described U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine as a moderate, but his record on equal rights for LGBT citizens could hardly make that case.After signaling her intent through a Twitter post Friday night, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Saturday afternoon, formally announced Kaine as her vice presidential running mate. READ MORE.

Cleveland Mayor Signs Transgender Rights Bill

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson on Friday signed a bill that expands his city's nondiscrimination law. READ MORE.

Study Finds LGBT Adults Experience Food Insecurity and Participate in SNAP at Higher Levels Than Non-LGBT Adults

LOS ANGELES - A new study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law has found that 27 percent of LGBT adults experienced a time in the last year when they did not have enough money for the food that they or their families needed. READ MORE.

Stark DNC/RNC Platform Differences for LGBT Community, GOP Would Reverse Marriage Equality

PHILADELPHIA - There are stark differences between the 2016 Democratic and Republican platforms. The GOP platform has been described by Log Cabin Republican President Gregory Angelo to have the most anti-LGBT language in history. Meanwhile, former candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders described the Democratic platform as "the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party." READ MORE.

Democratic Convention Preview

At the Democratic convention, which opens next Monday, the party will approve a platform that is, once again, deemed more LGBT friendly than the one previous. Its numerous speakers will include openly LGBT people and will commit the party to seeking equality and respect for LGBT citizens. And a large contingent of LGBT delegates will be visible on the convention floor. In fact, Earl Fowlkes Jr., chairman of the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic National Committee, predicts the Democratic convention in Philadelphia will be the "gayest ever." READ MORE.

Day 3: Pence Omits 'Religious Freedom' Law In Acceptance Speech

The third night of the Republican National Convention featured unprecedented LGBT inclusion from speakers on stage, but that embrace was undercut by omission of anti-LGBT histories and hints of support for anti-LGBT policy. READ MORE.

LGBT History Lessons Heading for California Classrooms

In second grade, California students will learn about families with two moms or two dads. Two years later, while studying how immigrants have shaped the Golden State, they will hear how New York native Harvey Milk became a pioneering gay politician in San Francisco. The State Board of Education unanimously approved those changes in classroom instruction July 14 to comply with the nation's first law requiring public schools to include prominent gay Americans and LGBT rights milestones in history classes. READ MORE.

Ethics Panel Wants Alabama Chief Justice Removed from Office

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore should be swiftly removed from office for a second time because he urged the state's probate judges to defy federal courts on gay marriage, a state ethics commission argued Friday. READ MORE.

Jenner Denounces Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills At 'Big Tent' Event

Transgender personality and Olympic decathlete Cailtyn Jenner denounced anti-trans state bathroom measures on Wednesday during an event seeking to promote a "big tent" within the GOP. READ MORE.

Republican lawmakers attend Family Research Council luncheon

The co-chair of the Republican Party's platform committee was among those who spoke at a Family Research Council luncheon that took place in Cleveland on Wednesday. READ MORE.

Day 2: GOP Subtly Seeks LGBT Support Through Orlando, Gun Rights

} Amid attacks impugning Hillary Clinton's character and calls for her incarceration, Republicans on the second night of the GOP national convention subtly sought to obtain LGBT support to further their goals. READ MORE.

Rachel Hoff Won't 'Leave' GOP Over Anti-LGBT Platform

The first openly gay member of the Republican Party's platform committee on Tuesday said she does not "plan to leave" the GOP. READ MORE.

Trump, Pence Don't Agree on Key Social, Economic Policies

WASHINGTON (AP) - When presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump was "pro-choice in every respect," Indiana Gov. Mike Pence compared abortion to the tragedy of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. READ MORE.

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