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National GOP Religious Conservatives Channeling Anger Toward Victory

Religious activists in the Republican Party, bolstered by House Speaker John Boehner's sudden exit, say the next GOP presidential nominee must share their uncompromising stance on abortion rights, gay marriage and other priorities to get to the White House. READ MORE.

Bethel Drafts LGBT Anti-Discrimination Laws

Bethel city employees could soon be protected from sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination under changes to the city's municipal code. READ MORE.

Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Beating Of Gay Man

A judge has sentenced a man to life in prison plus 25 years in the fatal beating of a gay man as part of a gang initiation. READ MORE.

Obama: Religious Freedom No Excuse To Deny Rights To Others

Freedom of religion isn't reason enough to deny any American their constitutional rights, President Barack Obama said Sept. 27 as he addressed members of the LGBT community, one of his major sources of political and financial support. READ MORE.

Storied Global LGBTIQ Organization Chooses New Name

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, marking its 25th anniversary, announced at its annual gala on Sept. 28 a new name -- OutRight Action International. READ MORE.

Pope Francis In Town, New Guide For LGBT Catholics Seeking Renewed Relationship With Their Faith Released

Just hours after Pope Francis began his historic trip to the U.S., the HRC released a guide to help LGBT Catholics who are seeking to reconnect with their faith and build more inclusive church communities. READ MORE.

Fiorina Shines, Bush 'Contorts' To Right, Walker And Perry Gone

People posting on the Log Cabin Republican's Facebook timeline last Wednesday night overwhelmingly agreed that business executive Carly Fiorina was the winner. READ MORE.

Lawmakers: Make Stonewall Inn A National Park

Two New York legislators are leading a campaign to designate Stonewall Inn as the first national park honoring LGBT history. READ MORE.

Obama Pick For Army Would Be First Openly Gay Service Chief

President Barack Obama said Sept. 18 that he will nominate longtime Pentagon official Eric Fanning to be the Army's new secretary. READ MORE.

Report: Unique Challenges Faced By Older Gay Residents

Aging lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents in Massachusetts face unique challenges, according to a report released Sept. 17 by a special legislative commission. READ MORE.

HIV Pill-Lawsuit: Man Claims Bias Over Use Of HIV-Blocking Drug

As a gay man, the Boston attorney thought he was doing the responsible thing when he asked his doctor to prescribe Truvada, a drug hailed as a way to halt the spread of AIDS. But when he tried to get long-term care insurance, Mutual of Omaha turned him down, saying it does not offer coverage to anyone who takes the drug. READ MORE.

Poll Shows Clear Public Opposition To Allowing Employees To Discriminate Against LGBT Couples

Amidst the constant media coverage of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis and her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses citing religious freedom, a recent poll conducted by the Human Rights Campaign shows that a majority of Americans do not support allowing government officials or public employees to discriminate against LGBT couples on religious grounds. READ MORE.

Study Finds Romidepsin Can Reverse HIV Latency In Long Term Antioretroviral Therapy

A cure for HIV requires the eradication of latent (i.e., dormant and therefore hidden) virus from reservoirs in immune cells throughout the body. HIV latency depends on the activity of proteins from the human host called histone deacetylases (HDAC), and previous work has shown that HDAC inhibitors (HDACi) can disrupt HIV latency. READ MORE.

Jail To House Transgender Inmates Based On Identity

The San Francisco jail is taking steps to house female transgender inmates based on their gender identity, but there are still critics that say the plan doesn't go far enough, officials said this week. READ MORE.

Attorneys Seek $1.1 Million-Plus In Gay Marriage Legal Fees

Attorneys who brought the Ohio lawsuit that led to a Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage want a judge to approve their request for more than $1 million in legal fees and expenses from the state. READ MORE.

Some North Carolina Magistrates Say No To Same-Sex Marriages

A supervising judge says magistrates in a northwestern North Carolina county are refusing to perform same-sex marriages, citing the state's religious exemption law. READ MORE.

Huckabee: Arkansas Clerks Could Deny Gay Couple Unions

Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Thursday that since Arkansas hasn't changed its laws to accommodate same-sex marriages, county clerks could rightfully withhold licenses from gay couples. READ MORE.

Kentucky Clerk Won't Interfere With Gay Marriage Licenses

Clerk Kim Davis returned to work Sept. 14 for the first time since being jailed for disobeying a federal judge and said she was faced with a "seemingly impossible choice" between following her conscience and losing her freedom over denying marriage licenses to gay couples. READ MORE.

Feds Propose Expansion Of Insurance Rule To Require Trans Related Care

Federal health officials have taken the first step in creating federal rules which would require all insurance plans to cover medically necessary transition related care for transgender people. READ MORE.

Kentucky Clerk Who Refused To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Released From Jail

After five days behind bars that helped make her a hero to the religious right, county clerk Kim Davis was ordered released from jail Tuesday by the federal judge who locked her up for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. READ MORE.

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