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International Australian Opposition Decides to Sink Gay Marriage Vote

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) - The Australian opposition on Oct. 11 decided to block government plans for a public but non-binding vote on recognizing gay marriage, arguing it would better if the issue was decided in Parliament. READ MORE.

Tens of Thousands March in Paris Against Same-Sex Marriage

PARIS (AP) - Tens of thousands of people have marched in Paris to call for the repeal of a law allowing gay marriage, six months before France's next presidential election. READ MORE.

'I Am Arrested by Ugandan Police' -@FrankMugisha

Last Thursday, Aug. 4, in the midst of the "Mr. and Ms. Pride" event of Pride Uganda 2016, police raided Venom nightclub and arrested at least 15 attendees, including two prominent international Ugandan LGBTI rights activists: Frank Mugisha, executive director, and Pepe Julian Onziema, program and advocacy director, of Sexual Minorities Uganda. READ MORE.

Uganda's Government Vows to 'Suppress' Gay Pride Activities

Ugandan police last week arrested about 20 people attending a gay pride event at a nightclub in the capital, Kampala. They were questioned and released hours later, although some said they had been assaulted by police officers. READ MORE.

UN Creates Envoy Position Dedicated to Worldwide LGBTQ Safety and Equality

The United Nations Human Rights Council announced the creation of the first-ever UN position dedicated to combating violence and discrimination against LGBTQ people worldwide today. The effort to establish the independent expert post was led by the council's Latin American member countries, and supported by more than 620 non-governmental organizations from 151 countries around the world. READ MORE.

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Former Chrysler Executive Talks Workplace Inclusivity

As an openly gay man, Fred Hoffman said, "I really didn't know if there would be an issue." And while he wasn't waving rainbow flags when he was recruited by Chrysler in 1988, he was told being gay wasn't a problem.

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