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International Gay Men Sent to 'Concentration Camps' in Chechnya

A Russian LGBT advocacy group on Monday confirmed a report that gay men in Chechnya have been sent to secret prisons. Novaya Gazeta, a Russian newspaper, on April 4 reported gay men have been sent to the prisons -- which reports have described as "concentration camps" -- in the semi-autonomous Russian republic. It said one of them is located near Argun, a town that is roughly 12 miles east of the Chechen capital of Grozny. READ MORE.

'Pinkwashing' Populism: Gay Voters Embrace French Far-Right

A political party that would abolish same-sex marriage - one whose founder wanted AIDS patients rounded up and branded homosexuality "a biological and social anomaly" - is now winning LGBT votes in France...One factor that explains the new wave of LGBT support is that many Le Pen voters are millennials like Hopper who are too young to remember the National Front's neo-fascist roots or the acid anti-gay sentiments openly expressed by her father.Others, especially gay men, are in awe of the blond, blue-eyed, 48-year-old former lawyer's persona - they see an audacious, strong-willed woman writing the rules in a world of men. READ MORE.

UN LGBT Expert Vows Broad Investigations into Abuses

BANGKOK (AP) - The first-ever U.N. independent expert selected to examine violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people has vowed to forge ahead with wide-ranging investigations despite formidable opposition to his appointment in a U.N. vote. READ MORE.

Fidel Castro Leaves Legacy of Oppression, Say Many LGBT Cubans

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro's death has many LGBT activists reflecting on a history of repression under his regime. READ MORE.

New Delhi Pride Parade Marchers Call for End to Anti-LGBT Laws

LGBT rights activists marched in New Delhi's Pride parade Nov. 27, calling for the repeal of a law that criminalizes gay sex and for an end to other instances of discrimination in India. READ MORE.

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Unconditional Love Trumps Prejudice

Jason Karoumy will never forget the day he came out to his parents. His text message read, "I'm gay. I'm engaged to the person you thought was my friend and I'm getting married this year."

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