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Michigan Anti-Gay Politicians To Be Investigated By State House For Affair And Cover-Up

Despite having introduced legislation to "protect traditional marriage," State Rep. Todd Courser, R-Lapeer, was also struggling to hide his own marital infidelity with Plainwell Republican lawmaker Cindy Gamrat, according to an explosive new report from The Detroit News. The revelations come from secret recordings made by former staffer Ben Graham. There are two recordings, the first with just Courser, the second with Courser and Gamrat. As a result of the report, House Speaker Kevin Cotter has asked the House Business Office to investigate the couple, and whether their actions violated state laws or House rules. READ MORE.

Updated: Pence Signs Indiana Religious Freedom Act

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed SB101 March 26, which was authored with the intent of ensuring that the government cannot force a citizen to violate their religious beliefs. In spite of overwhelming opposition from corporations, civil rights advocates and major convention organizers, Pence signed in to law a sweeping bill that will allow individuals to use religion as an excuse to discriminate against the LGBT community and minorities. READ MORE.

State Democratic Parties File Joint SCOTUS Brief

The Michigan Democratic Party and the Ohio Democratic Party have signed an amicus brief in the DeBoer v Snyder case that is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. READ MORE.

East Grand Rapids Adopts Non-Discrimination Ordinance

A city in western Michigan is adding sexual orientation and gender identity to an existing non-discrimination ordinance on housing and employment. The vote comes after East Grand Rapids leaders expressed disappointment that state lawmakers failed to pass legislation to do the same. READ MORE.

West Mich. Conversation On Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court of the United States is likely to make a decision on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage sometime in the middle of the year; however, continuing the conversation and outreach on marriage equality is key towards changing the community's hearts and minds. READ MORE.

Michigan Study Seeks LBT Women For Focus Group

Queer-identified women are being asked to participate in a discussion on identity, experiencing homophobia and the process of coming out, for a graduate thesis on gender roles. READ MORE.

SCOTUS To Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases In Historic Decision

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has decided to hear arguments from four states arguing against states' bans on same-sex marriage. READ MORE.

Affirmations Announces New Executive Director

After a year of searching, Affirmations, the LGBT community center for metro Detroit, will hire Darrious Hilmon to be the next executive director. READ MORE.

From Selma To Detroit And The Importance Of Intersectionality

The 12th annual MLK Day Freedom Rally and March comes to Detroit Jan. 19 to recognize the contributions Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others brought that paved way for the Civil Rights movement during the '60s and '70s. READ MORE.

Moss Named Democratic House Assistant Floor Leader

Newly elected House Rep. Jeremy Moss of the 35th District representing Southfield, Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin, has been named the assistant Democratic floor leader of the Michigan House. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Study Finds Significant Racial Disparities For HIV Infection Among Black And White MSM

A study published in the journal The Lancet HIV reports that there is a significant disparity in HIV prevalence between black and white men who have sex with men. The study was published on Nov. 18 and found a startling 32 percent prevalence rate for black men who have sex with men, compared with only eight percent for white men who have sex with men.

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