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National Freedom To Marry Launches National TV AD

"The ad underscores the human costs of prolonging marriage discrimination," said Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry. "Every day of denial is a day of real and needless injury, indignity, and injustice for too many families across the country -- and time matters. America is ready for the freedom to marry, 40 lower court rulings have affirmed the freedom to marry, even opponents are saying it's time to bring the country to national resolution -- and it is, indeed, time." READ MORE.

US Reps. And 23 Organizations Urge FCC To End Discriminatory Blocking Of LGBT

Local schools and libraries are required to block material that is either "obscene; child pornography; or harmful to minors." In the letter Congressman Honda, the Founder and Chair of the Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus, notes, "Filtering software also can be used to block much more. Regrettably, Internet content filtering software can--intentionally or unintentionally--be used to block access to particular viewpoints in a discriminatory manner." READ MORE.

Michigan Pride Night At The Palace

"We do so many of these nights [themed nights]," Abe Alcodray, account executive at Palace Sports and Entertainment said. "The sports world is coming around and society as a whole, too. San Francisco hosts a Pride Night, so does LA. Why not bring it to Detroit, which has a vibrant LGBT community?" READ MORE.

School To Re-Examine Policy That Led To Dismissal Of Lesbian Teacher

The Congregation of Catholics nuns that operate Marian High School have signaled that they will re-examine school policies that led to the firing of Barb Webb, the former Chemistry teacher who says she was let go because of her nontraditional pregnancy. READ MORE.

National State Senator Comes Out As Gay

Sen. Jim Ferlo of Pittsburgh casually came out this week while supporting an LGBT bill. READ MORE.

Michigan New Website for Trans Empowerment

The site is divided into four developmental areas: it serves as an informational portal, promotes services by and for trans people with economic needs, maintains a platform for empowering grassroots economic development initiatives starting in Metro Detroit and is a space to promote trans people's earned income enterprises in a shared space. READ MORE.

National New CDC Campaign Encourages HIV Treatment And Maintenance

"It wasn't easy finding out I had HIV, but deciding to start and stick to my treatment has helped me live a happier, healthier life," said Aaron Laxton, who appears in the campaign ads. "The idea of starting treatment can be daunting, but it's important to remember you aren't alone - and that by taking HIV medication every day and seeing your doctor regularly, you can stay healthy and keep doing the things you love." READ MORE.

Coalition Asks Capitol To Create LGBT Position

"As the scourge of state-sanctioned discrimination and violence against LGBT people spreads, it is imperative that the United States take a strong diplomatic stand in demanding the equal enforcement of human rights," said Ruth Messinger, president of AJWS, the leading Jewish international development and human rights organization. READ MORE.

Ginsburg: 6th Circuit Likely To Determine SCOTUS Urgency

Same-sex couples can legally wed in 19 states and the District of Columbia. Bans that have been overturned in some other states continue to make their way through the courts. "Having people close to us who say who they are - that made the attitude change in this country," Ginsburg said at the University of Minnesota Law School. READ MORE.

The Scoop On Ben & Jerry's LGBT Support

Ben & Jerry's joins the ranks of other retailers, food or otherwise, professing strong support for same-sex marriage. READ MORE.

News You Should Know Third Circuit Court Upholds Conversion Therapy Ban

Lower courts had defined ex-gay therapy as "conduct" instead of speech, even though the therapy practice primarily consists of talk therapy. The Appellate court ruled that speech is speech and not conduct and therefore not protected by the First Amendment. READ MORE.

National Women's Colleges Address Transgender Applicants

"What it means to be a woman isn't static," said Mount Holyoke President Lynn Pasquerella, who the AP reports announced the admissions policy change at the college's convocation ceremony. "Early feminists argued that reducing women to their biological functions was a foundation of women's oppression. We don't want to fall back on that." READ MORE.

Special Section: Pride Source Votes
Schauer Says LGBTs Valued, Needed In His Administration

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and running mate Lisa Brown sat down with BTL publishers Jan Stevenson and Susan Horowitz prior to the Michigan Democratic Convention for a wide-ranging conversation about their campaign, what a SchauerBrown administration would be like for the LGBT community and who would be included. They addressed LGBT civil rights, health issues, senior care, marriage equality and how both of them have come to be such vocal allies of the LGBT community. Here is a recap of Schauer's words on these concerns.

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