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Theater All In The Dysfunctional Family

'Tis the season for houses of horror to appear all over Metro Detroit, but who would have expected that one of the goriest would be the Detroit Opera House? Given the venue, however, we are once again reminded that horror implied is more visceral than horror depicted. READ MORE.

Edge 'Alice' Stands Convention On Its Head

Some theatrical experiences defy description. But a few adjectives come to mind that are applicable to "Alice," the performance organization Nerve's immersive journey through Wonderland. "Unconventional?" Without a doubt. "Unique" - that too. Unsettling? More than a little. READ MORE.

Connections Made On Thursday Nights

Go Comedy! continues on Thursdays with an assortment of scripted experiences with more on-the-edge improv. Despite its billing as a filmmaking experience, the early evening show "Missed Connections: The Movie (Live on Stage)" is mostly a series of live vignettes (yes, there's a term someone could do an entire sketch about). READ MORE.

Script Carries 'Birth' As Performances Labor To Match

Throughout its history, Planet Ant Theatre has proudly straddled the improvisational comedy and scripted theater worlds, and that partnership is at peak visibility during the company's Colony FestLate-Night Series crossovers. For each of the biannual Colony Fest competitions, the winning improv troupe is given its very own late-night time slot to script and star in a one-act play. The latest in this tradition is "The Birth of Chad," written by the cast and director Michael Hovitch in a months-long process. READ MORE.

World-Premiere Parody Puts The Horror In Puberty

In 1970, an emerging writer published a seminal young-adult novel of a preteen girl figuring out school, fitting in, boys, religious faith, and her developing body. The book was groundbreaking for its forthright discussion of sexual development, particularly the topic of menstruation. In 1974 came another writer's first published novel, which told the story of a different schoolgirl grappling with some bloody similar religious, social, and pubertal troubles. Although thematically comparable, that book was notable for...different reasons. Then in 2014, a pair of Michigan playwrights decided these two just had to get together. READ MORE.

A Spirited Romp At Go!

Thursday nights in October at Go Comedy! Improv Theater end with the two-person improv, "The Die Centennial." A duo of jovial, off-the-wall spirits are celebrating 100 years of death with a look back at some of the highlights, lowlights and lowlifes they have observed from their incorporeal state. READ MORE.

Special Section: Pride Source Votes
Revealing Bigotry: Taking On Gary Glenn

In a Sept. 27 op-ed in the Detroit News, conservative Republican columnist Nolan Finley raised serious concerns about three Republican candidates running for the state house Nov. 4. Todd Courser of Lapeer, Cindy Gamrat of Plainwell and Gary Glenn of Midland -- all correctly identified by Finley as a "trio (who) seeks tea party tyranny." Nolan describes Glenn and Courser as "extremely anti-gay (who) would turn the Republican Party into a fundamentalist denomination of the Christian Church if given the chance." Finley warned that the trio's narrow views on the Legislature could cripple the government and its ability to work across the aisle to move the state forward. Their agenda also includes killing any expansion of the Elliot-Larsen act to include LGBT protections.

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