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Theater Variety Is The Spice Of 'Caroled!'

Gather 'round, children, for a bit of Christmas candor. In short, the parallels are scant between the world-premiere musical revue "Christmas Caroled!" (conceived and written by Daniel C. Cooney and Dayle Ann Hunt) and the classic Charles Dickens holiday tale. By this reviewer's count, there's an unpleasant grump agitated by seasonal cheer, a magical jump back in time, and a guy named Tim. READ MORE.

Go Comedy! Extends Season's Greetings #Hohoho

The Critic has no social media presence on the Internet curmudgeon. In fact, I'm waiting for an anti-social media site to open so I can dislike everybody at once and save time and gas bahhumbug. But we're well into the season to be jolly deckthemalls, so a trip to Ferndale fabulous for GO Comedy!'s gocomedy annual romp xmaspar-tay is in order. READ MORE.

A Show Not Written By Monkeys With Typewriters

So, Hilberry, it's pretty smart putting a sketch about a notorious contemporary composer in front of a reviewer who was a professional musician. READ MORE.

Comedy Explores The Broad Meaning Of Feminism

Matrix Theatre has invested in some magnificently comfortable seating. Although the company has gone with chairs rather than conventional theater seats (thus preserving the potential flexibility of the venue), they are wide and generously upholstered. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Tainted Love: How HIV Stigma Is Damaging The Gay Community...

Stigma: a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person. Hearing the words "I'm HIV-positive" made Bryan (names and some details have been changed) freeze.

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