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National LGBT Mud 5k Brings In Over 650 Runners

The sporting event featured obstacles such as the "Cherry Picker," "Is that Mud in Your Pants?" and "Hello Sailor." READ MORE.

Sports The OutField: Gay Games Come To Cleveland - And Akron Too

Gay Games 9 took Cleveland by storm this month. Oh, and Akron too. Hold your snickers. Cleveland (and Akron) may not be San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, Chicago or Cologne - previous hosts of what would have been called the "Gay Olympics" had the Straight Olympics not gotten their panties in a bunch three decades ago. So "Gay Olympics" was out, even though the Straight Olympics folks had no problem with other Olympics names, like the Rat Olympics. READ MORE.

The OutField: Gay Games 9 builds on the past

The past year marked a watershed for LGBT sports. Athletes at every level - professional, college, high school and amateur - at first ventured, then flooded out of the closet. Media attention no longer treats gay athletes as exotic creatures, all but unheard of in the real world; stories now focus on more nuanced aspects of their lives. Homophobes are increasingly marginalized, banished from the sidelines to the back row of the bleachers. In some ways (though we're still waiting for that first huge-name pro male team-sport athlete to come out), LGBT athletics has reached the point we've long waited for: normalcy. READ MORE.

Health and Wellness Friends & Field Goals

From the sidelines, the Michigan Panthers flag football players appear to be an identical group, indistinguishable in their fluorescent orange jerseys. But out on the turf, in the thick of game, the athletes are anchored to the sport by a shared competitive spirit and love for their teammates, as each of them, for varying reasons, call the league "home." For Otiz Porter, 37, a psychology professor at Wayne County Community College, it's also "being a part of something larger than yourself, where there are vast types of gay men represented. Gay, straight, transsexual - whatever box you like to put yourself in, it's represented (in the Metro Detroit Flag Football League). And you are considered an athlete." READ MORE.

Sports The OutField: The Ultimate Game

So how gay is frisbee? Pretty gay. It's a sport - which is actually called "Ultimate" and played with a "disc," because "Frisbee" is a registered trademark - that has traditionally attracted "outsiders." Some are good athletes who have been turned off by the rigid rules and militaristic manner of mainstream sports. Others are people who always considered themselves non-athletes, but finally realized the joy that can be found running, throwing and catching. READ MORE.

The OutField: Chris Kluwe Does Not Punt On Marriage Equality

When Chris Kluwe began working for same-sex marriage in Minnesota - and then wrote a powerful letter in support of the same issue in Maryland - the reason was simple: It was the right thing to do. What made his voice particularly important is that he was a professional football player. And although not many athletes are outspoken on issues like LGBT rights, Kluwe found surprising support among his teammates. The stereotype of pro athletes as conservative, insensitive brutes unconcerned with social issues is wrong, the former Minnesota Viking kicker claims. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
Wedding Expo Returns During Pivotal Year For Marriage Equality

Dancing, music, delicious food and a party atmosphere will greet the hundreds of people coming out to the 2015 Ultimate LGBT Wedding and Anniversary Expo March 21.

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