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Sports The OutField: Sports Leaders Stand Up to Mississippi

It was the conservative right's political version of a buzzer-beater. While real issues swirled around North Carolina - economic, educational, environmental - the state's General Assembly held a hurried special session to discuss ... bathrooms. Well, they did not actually discuss them. In just a couple of hours - and with virtually no public input - the legislators passed House Bill 2. It repealed an ordinance passed the previous month in Charlotte, which provided "public accommodation" protection to LGBT people (including allowing transgender folks to use the bathrooms of the gender with which they identify). READ MORE.

Michigan Motown Invitational Classic Throws Traditional Bowling Rules Out the Door at Cash-O-Rama Event

Take a break from the Easter weekend holiday festivities on Saturday, March 26 and put your bowling skills -- or lack of skills -- to good use and have a little fun, make new friends and win money. READ MORE.

The OutField: Rugby Tackles Homophobia

If you're looking for a stereotypical macho sport, you don't have to search further than rugby. A full-contact sport - without much protection - it's got everything: brutal tackling. Dirt and mud. Plenty of parties. READ MORE.

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Managing Pet Caregiver Fatigue

Dr. Courtney Graham, a practicing veterinarian for 16 years, works in in-home euthanasia and consultation and sees the effects of caregiver fatigue daily.

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