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Features Q&A: Reba McEntire on Gays at Xmas, Struggles with Religion & Why It's 'Ridiculous' to Think Her Faith Music Has Anything to Do with Donald Trump

In addition to talking about her personal struggles with religion and being true to her musical roots, McEntire told me she looks to God for guidance on addressing the world's affairs. Strikingly, she did clarify that her track "Back to God," featured as an acoustic version on "My Kind of Christmas," is purely a faith song despite various sites and social-media memes associating the song with President Donald Trump. READ MORE.

Q&A: Kelly Clarkson on Why She Won't Stop Speaking Her Mind, Bullying & Confronting Anti-LGBT Parents Because Her Dad Was a 'Shitty Guy'

Due, in part, to her simply being so damn cool, Clarkson - who drowned the world in their own tears right along with her own as she was crowned the inaugural winner - tells me she feels so compelled to stick up for her LGBT besties she literally wants to go door-to-door and talk some sense into her friends' homophobic parents. READ MORE.

The Frivolist: 10 Reasons I'm Thankful I'm Gay

Like many of you, I was once confused about my sexual orientation. There were times as a teenager that I would stand in front of my bathroom mirror, staring into my own eyes, and cry - trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why did I feel so different? Why wasn't I like the other boys? Even after I came out in my early 20s, despite having mostly come to terms with being gay, I sometimes wished I were straight. READ MORE.

Q&A: Mila Kunis & Kristen Bell Talk Gay Bars, 'Frozen' Drag, Embracing the 'Bitch' Moniker & Marrying Only When Their LGBT Friends Could Too

"Are there gays in Michigan? They made it all the way there?" deadpans Mila Kunis to native Michigander Kristen Bell, as if to jokingly say all the world's queers migrated from her hometown of West Hollywood. Seated next to Kunis, 34, at a hotel conference room in The Peninsula Chicago, Bell, 37, replies plainly: "Well, yes." "I grew up with them in my theater community," Bell, who was raised in suburban Detroit, adds. "When I was there it wasn't talked about, which, when I left, I felt very conflicted about. I hope that it's a thriving community now." READ MORE.

7 Award-Worthy LGBT Films (That You Probably Haven't Seen) to Cozy Up to This Fall

Over network TV? Tired of Hulu? Seen everything on Netflix? Dig a little deeper to find meaningful and surprisingly well-executed LGBT films making the festival rounds this fall. READ MORE.

How Did Chucky Get So Gay? LGBT Icon Jennifer Tilly Dishes on Horror Saga's Queerness & Warner Bros.'s Resistance to the Lesbian Love In 'Bound'

Doubling as Tiffany and herself is lesbian fave and voice of the plastic assassin Jennifer Tilly, who returns for the Good Guy doll's seventh film, "Cult of Chucky," to wreak havoc on the patients and staff at a mental institution, among them a gay nurse named Carlos (Zak Santiago). Chucky is scary again, as "Cult" begins where his reentry into straight-up, decamped horror via 2013's "Curse of Chucky" left off. Tilly, gay-adored star of screen and stage (and also an Oscar nominee for her memorable role in Woody Allen's 1994 black comedy "Bullets Over Broadway"), spoke with her trademark kid-like cadence about the extreme gayness of the Chucky movie and the latest film's clever homages to her groundbreaking lesbian classic "Bound." READ MORE.

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Voice of Volunteer Lawrence Pennymon

For those who are wondering what it's like to volunteer, Lawrence Pennymon says, "It's beautiful work."

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