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Features Q&A: Hilary Duff Talks Grindr & Giving Too Many F*cks, Geeks Out For Marriage Equality (and Miley Cyrus!)

During an insightful and surprisingly candid conversation, Duff spoke about her career as a whole just hours following June 26's landmark Supreme Court ruling, which granted full marriage rights to LGBT Americans. The child star-turned-music maker also talked about her latest album, "Breathe In. Breathe Out.," eight years in the making; the long break she took to find her true self; and not knowing how to be a "totally normal girl who doesn't give a fuck." READ MORE.

Q&A: Matt Bomer Talks Channing Flattery ('I Blushed'), Explaining 'Magic Mike' To His Kids & Indecent Gyrations

Matt Bomer is not buying all the buzz about Matt Bomer. Channeling his trademark charm, the actor calls it "sheer fallacy" that anyone - let alone heterosexual men - could possibly find his piercing baby-blue eyes swoon-worthy. And then there's his body. On display in all its near-nakedness in "Magic Mike XXL," Bomer is modest about his sculpted physique. You expect it, of course. The 37-year-old dreamboat - just ask Channing Tatum - was born in Missouri and raised in Texas, and he hasn't strayed from his humble Southern roots despite scorching screen after screen. Not just with a striptease, either. READ MORE.

Adam Lambert Reveals He Dressed 'Outlandishly' Because He Was 'Overcompensating,' Talks Lack Of Gay Artists

In our recent interview, the 2006 "Idol" alum comes clean about how a long period of "overcompensation" - yes, the outfits - led him to the latest chapter in his life. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
LGBT Wedding Expo Embodies Hope

SOUTHFIELD - This year the BTL Ultimate LGBT Wedding and Anniversary Expo was held on the anniversary weekend of Judge Friedman's decision in DeBoer v. Snyder. That decision struck down Michigan's same-sex marriage ban, for less than 24 hours, allowing 323 couples to become legally married in the state.

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