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State Theatre Launches New CineManga Film Series

This series features films drawn from the pages of popular Japanese manga (comics). READ MORE.

Q&A: Jillian Michaels on Her Madonna-Influenced Coming Out, LGBT Community's Pressure to Marry & Why She Uses the Word 'Fag'

The "shred" will put you through the sweat fires of hell, but despite her extreme workouts, Jillian Michaels wants you to know she is no monster. To set the record, ahem, straight, the out fitness guru is opening the doors to her very "normal," sometimes-emotional, not-at-all-what-you-thought life during E!'s "Just Jillian," where she laughs (you read that right) and... cries?! READ MORE.

Confessions of a Superfan: Why a Self-Proclaimed 'Front-Row Bitch' Wrote 581 Pages on Madonna

Matthew Rettenmund is only kidding, but his enduring commitment to Madonna isn't lost on him when he jokes, "She has me on speed {ITAL hang-up}." It's a statement that couldn't ring truer if it were, well, true. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
LGBT Wedding Expo Embodies Hope

SOUTHFIELD - This year the BTL Ultimate LGBT Wedding and Anniversary Expo was held on the anniversary weekend of Judge Friedman's decision in DeBoer v. Snyder. That decision struck down Michigan's same-sex marriage ban, for less than 24 hours, allowing 323 couples to become legally married in the state.

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