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Features Q&A: Joe Jonas On Gay Clubbin' With Nick, Flattering Advances & How a Jonas Brothers Reunion Could 'Easily Happen'

We caught up with the band's frontman, Joe Jonas, to discuss his mission to "encourage people to be themselves," recent talks with Nick regarding a Jonas Brothers reunion and how he's "accidentally" wandered into gay clubs. READ MORE.

The Authentic Life: Sarah Paulson Talks 'Carol,' Pressure To Be An LGBT Activist & Why She Misses Jessica Lange

What does Sarah Paulson remember about the first time she kissed a girl? "Nothing that I'm going to tell you!" she teases, laughing as if to say "nice try." Not that the actress' entire life is a secret. It hasn't been. READ MORE.

Allie X Marks The Spot

Born Alexandra Ashley Hughes in Toronto, the singer crafted the Allie X persona prior to her new found fame, creating a persona separate from a past that included schooling at Michigan's prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy where the likes of Betty Who, Josh Groban and other artists have studied. Allie X spoke to BTL from Los Angeles prior to her upcoming tour stop in Detroit Nov. 18 and was quick to separate "Allie X" from Hughes. READ MORE.

MCCD Pastor And BTL Sales Rep Tie The Knot

After many years together, Indiana farm girl Ann Cox and Deb Dysert, also known as Reverend Dysert from the Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit, tied the knot and married before 220 of their most beloved friends and family. READ MORE.

The Queen Of Mean Goes Serene

Between talking about her extremely amicable divorce with "Jimmy Big-Balls" - a long-running gag in her stand-up - and her dip into theater with a show about eating issues, comedian Lisa Lampanelli has turned the corner on being angry. Now, the "Queen of Mean" funnels that former rage into creativity that's leaving her with "tons of energy" and making her question if she even has any hate left in her. READ MORE.

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World AIDS Day Event Calendar

Commemorate World AIDS Day Dec. 1 with these events in the Metro Detroit and Ann ArborYpsilanti areas.

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