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Features Through the 'Looking' Glass of HBO's Groundbreaking Show: Is This Really Just the Beginning?

It was goodbye for now as the cast and crew of HBO's modern-queer dramedy, "Looking," stood in the rising San Francisco sun tearfully hugging. Just like in the film's final scene, Daniel Franzese, who plays Eddie, reminisces, "we broke night." Of course they did. "Looking" was, after all, extraordinarily ordinary, a time-capsule of contemporary queerness revolves around a chummy, could-be-your-own friend group navigating love and life in the Mission-Castro district. That final diner scene wasn't just {ITAL our} last time with Patrick and Dom and Agustin, along with the others, like Eddie, who became part of our own lives during these last few years - for the actors, it was, provisionally, their last time too. "It was like the last two of weeks of high school, like the weekend after everyone graduates from college," Franzese muses. READ MORE.

Forever Fabulous! 'Ab Fab' Stars Talk Gay Darlings, Drag Queens, Queer 'Crash Entrance' & 'Genderless' Characters

How to be a free spirit, why a wallet, not a toaster, is better suited to carry cash, the power of a heavy pour - since 1992, fictional besties Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, played by Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, respectively, have guided legions of outsiders into the light. (And not just after a late-night Stolichnaya vodka binge blackout.) As the "Absolutely Fabulous" duo cheerfully imbibe from London, it's a classic case of life imitating art - everyone wants to get these iconic ladies smashed as they "work" the promo for their long-awaited return to the screen with "Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie." Oh yes, sweetie darlings, it's a real thing now. Thank god; thank vodka. READ MORE.

Deep Inside Hollywood

The Trans List, Lean on Pete, Vita and Virginia READ MORE.

Common Language Bookstore Book Launch

ANN ARBOR - Petra Kuppers will be appearing at Common Language Bookstore for a book launch party on July 20 at 6 p.m. The aut BAR will provide wine, beverages and light hors d'ouevres. Kuppers will read from and discuss her new book of poems, "Pearl Stitch." READ MORE.

Deep Inside Hollywood

New Tales of the City, Wanda Sykes, Jim Parsons and more READ MORE.

The Queering of Tegan and Sara: Duo Talks Rising Above the Underground, Defying Labels and Being Anti-Marriage

"The world has changed a lot," Tegan Quin says, knowingly speaking to the queer choir. And who can argue? In the last five years alone, the LGBT community has made considerable strides in being seen as equals. But the effect doesn't just mean more same-sex weddings and the prospect of mixed-gender bathrooms. The world changing means Tegan and Sara can change too. "We love the support of the queer community," says Sara, "but we also needed to set our heights to be included in other places too. We shouldn't just be the 'gay band' - that's not who we are." Tegan and Sara, then, let the sound of their collective youth - the flamboyancy of David Bowie, the heartfelt resonance of Annie Lennox - guide them beyond the indie-rock fringe they'd inhabited since they formed out of Calgary, their birthplace, in the mid-'90s. Because they could. Because why not? READ MORE.

Q&A: Alexander Skarsgard on Gay Sex Scenes & How Playing Tarzan Was 'Nothing Compared to That Night in Drag'

Alexander Skarsgard sure knows how to offset the uproar over his missing loincloth in "The Legend of Tarzan." "I'm actually wearing it right now," teases Skarsgard, joking about the brouhaha regarding this Tarzan's more civilized article of clothing as he portrays the jungle warrior in Warner Bros.' new take on a classic tale. "I do all my phoners in a loincloth." READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
Busted at the Seams In Detroit

"I have a commitment to humans. They come in all different shapes or sizes or whatever and if you want to wear a bra, who am I to say you can't wear a bra?" says Lee Padgett, owner of LGBT-friendly Busted Bra Shop.

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