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Features Evan Rachel Wood Talks Orlando Tragedy, Co-Star Ellen Page & Bisexual Label

Openly bisexual actress Evan Rachel Wood is fired up lately about the Orlando massacre, misconceptions about bisexuality, and her role in the post-apocalyptic indie, "Into The Forest." READ MORE.

Q&A: Hugh Grant Talks Gender-Bending Youth, Why Monogamy Doesn't Work & His Hope for a Gay Leading Man

For more than 20 years as a leading man, rom-com vet Hugh Grant has been the object of many actresses' (and, yes, even some actors') affection. But get this: He's also been an actress himself. As a kid, the actor's feminine features earned him numerous lady roles during plays he and his classmates performed at London's all-male Wetherby School. "This was a necessity," he says of his gender-bending days. "It was dictated that some of us had to become little actresses and, yes, I was particularly moving as Brigitta von Trapp, one of the von Trapp daughters, in "The Sound of Music."" READ MORE.

Revolutionary Change for Therapist Joe Kort

Therapist, coach and author Joe Kort, Ph.D., LMSW, helped many individuals cope and manage issues relating to sex addiction for over 20 years -- and now no longer believes in sex addiction. READ MORE.

Michigan EXCLUSIVE: A Candid Meryl Streep Opens Up About Being 'In Love' with Gay People & Her Iconic LGBT Roles

Meryl Streep is laughing her signature laugh. You know it: Sometimes light and airy, sometimes a surge of boisterous euphoria that carries well into the next question - but always unmistakably Meryl. READ MORE.

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Lesbian Sues Catholic School Over Firing

HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) - A woman is suing a Roman Catholic school in New Jersey, alleging the school violated the state's discrimination law when she was fired because she's married to a woman.

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