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Advice 15 TV Shows with LGBT Characters That You Should Be Watching

While summer 2014 is cooling down, the fall TV season is just starting to heat up. Bittersweet, ain't it? At least there's a silver lining to trading in lazing in the sand for lounging on the sofa: There are plenty of programs with LGBT characters to tune into right now. Which returning shows and series premieres should be on your gaydar? Peep this shortlist of inclusive shows that run the gamut of genres to make your picks. READ MORE.

Hot In Herre

When the mercury rises, so should your creativity. Consider these nine ways to beat the heat - and add a little sexy time to your life while you're at it. READ MORE.

Should We Say "I Do"?

"When there's someone whose job it is to take care of someone else, that's good for the two of them, obviously. But it's also good for their neighbors...The things that make them healthier and happier at home also make them more productive members of society. It's a win-win: good for the married couple and good for those around them." John Corvino, Ph.D., "Debating Same-Sex Marriage" READ MORE.

Throwin' Shade

After a brutal winter that left most of us begging for mercy, it's finally time to enjoy some fun in the sun. To help you step out in take-that-snow-and-shove-it style this season, peep these top 10 sunglass picks for scopin' babes and throwin' shade in summer 2014. READ MORE.

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Nearing Agricultural Nirvana With Dolly The Llama

CHELSEA - Following a path that has taken her from working in civil rights in the big metropolis of New York City to owning dozens of sheep, chickens, pigs and other rowdy farm animals, Angie Martell seeks a full life of balance and tranquility.

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