PrideSource - Michigan Your Michigan LGBT Directory and News Source en Copyright 2009, Pride Source Media Group 30 Sep 2014 19:30 EST 30 Sep 2014 19:30 EST School To Re-Examine Policy That Led To Dismissal Of Lesbian Teacher <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Congregation of Catholics nuns that operate Marian High School have signaled that they will re-examine school policies that led to the firing of Barb Webb, the former Chemistry teacher who says she was let go because of her nontraditional pregnancy. The LGBT&A Caucus Changes The Political Landscapes <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>MICHIGAN - Mark LaChey, chair of the LGBTA Caucus, recently spoke about the positive change the caucus is making within the Democratic Party and Michigan. LaChey, an attorney from Saugatuck, has an extensive political background consisting of 14 years as a City Commissioner for Pleasant Ridge, work with Triangle (now Equality Michigan), continual volunteering, service as policy director in 2010 and work as a precinct delegate of the Oakland City Democratic Party. He took over the caucus in February 2013 after the previous chair decided not to run for re-election. Pride Night At The Palace <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"We do so many of these nights [themed nights]," Abe Alcodray, account executive at Palace Sports and Entertainment said. "The sports world is coming around and society as a whole, too. San Francisco hosts a Pride Night, so does LA. Why not bring it to Detroit, which has a vibrant LGBT community?" Fifth Annual Transgender Health Fair <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"I started talking to a lot of people in my community who are afraid of going to their doctor whatsoever. And they hadn't been to the doctor in 20 years. Some of them were specifically told to get out of the doctor's office," Executive Director of Transgender Michigan Rachel Crandall explained. "One was told 'I'll give you five seconds to get out of my office or I am going to call the police.' So, that's a major problem within the trans community-its access to health care and its access to healthcare who is trained in trans issues. That's not really taught in medical school." HARC Introduces Virtual AIDS Walk <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The HIVAIDS Resource Center (HARC) will host the first ever "Virtual AIDS Walk." The fundraiser, which will contribute to the ongoing fight against HIVAIDS in Washtenaw, Jackson, Livingston and Lenawee counties, runs until the end of September. The virtual "walk" allows individuals to set personal fundraising goals that friends, family, co-workers and members of their social networks can contribute to, all without putting on walking shoes. Donations can be made online at URL Cash and check donations can also be collected. OUTFest Returns For 20th Annual Celebration <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>ANN ARBOR - The 20th Annual OUTFest comes to Braun Court in Ann Arbor's Kerrytown district this Saturday, Sept. 27 and will serve as a night of entertainment and joy for the Washtenaw LGBT community. State Republicans Question Need For LANSING - In the House and Senate, Michigan is once again looking at legislation that seeks to add sexual orientation and gender identity into a list of protected classes under Michigan's Civil Rights Bill, but some legislators have a difference of opinion. House Speaker Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) recently signaled that he will not allow the bill sponsored by all 50 Democrats to come up for a vote after the primary in November. He claims that the bill fails to establish "an important balance" between the LGBT community and religious exemptions. Sterling Heights City Council Rescinds Non-Discrimination Law <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>STERLING HEIGHTS - Sterling Heights City Council has repealed the non-discrimination ordinance passed earlier this year. In June, Sterling Heights passed a non-discrimination ordinance that would now include gender identity and sexual orientation. Since then, a local group - the Sterling Heights Referendum Petition - gathered signatures to ask the city clerk's office to put the ordinance on the upcoming November ballot.