PrideSource - front Your Michigan LGBT Directory and News Source en Copyright 2009, Pride Source Media Group 17 Nov 2017 17:17 EST 17 Nov 2017 17:17 EST SAGE Metro Detroit Takes Trainings on Improving Care for LGBT Older Adults Outstate <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>SAGE (Services Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders) Metro Detroit was recently awarded a $400,000 grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund. Grooming Future LGBTQ Leaders <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Nicole Derusha-Mackey is on a mission to build a farm team full of LGBTQ people who will best serve their community and represent their city, and state. FCA US Achieves Top Score For LGBTQ Workplace Policies and Benefits <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>FCA US LLC is one of a select group of leading employers to achieve a 100 percent ratin on the Human Rights Campaign's 2018 Corporate Equality Index. LGBT Detroit Welcomes New Staff Member Jacqulyn Hippe A new counselor and community advocate, Jacqulyn Hippe, LLMSW, will join the LGBT Detroit staff on Dec 1. She will be responsible for client-centered counseling, support group facilitation and community outreach. JIGSAW Hosts Charity Drive for Ruth Ellis Center <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>This winter, Wayne State University's JIGSAW is hosting a charity drive for the Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park. Help Trans Women of Color This Holiday Season Julisa Abad, director of transgender outreach for the Fair Michigan Justice Project, seeks support from the community to help her trans sisters who are experiencing homelessness. VegBash Coming to Metro Detroit's East Side MI Green Team recently announced a partnership with The Quintessential Event Company to bring its popular vegetarianvegan event series, VegBash, to metro Detroit's east side. The East Michigan VegBash will be held on Nov. 24 from 3-8 p.m. at the historic Packard Proving Grounds, 49965 Van Dyke Rd. in Shelby Township. Sen. Bieda, Prosecutor Renew Calls for Hate Crime Protections <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Sen. Steve Bieda (D-Warren) and Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson have renewed calls for legislative action on Senate Bill 121, which would add gender identification and sexual orientation to the list of protections under the Ethnic Intimidation Act. 35th House District Rep. Jeremy Moss Announces 2018 Run for Senate <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>State representative Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield) announced his candidacy for the 2018 Senate election in Michigan's 11th District on Tuesday in a video posted across his personal website and social media accounts. Record Breaking Cats Lost in Fire, Donations to Cat Shelter Encouraged <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Although their home was completely destroyed by fire Sunday, a Farmington Hills couple is asking for donations to go not to themselves but to the Ferndale Cat Shelter in honor of the two Guinness Record-breaking cats that were lost in the fire. MI Civil Rights Commission Tables Request Again to Take Action on Anti-LGBT Discrimination <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Michigan Civil Rights Commission voted this afternoon to table the Equality Michigan request to issue an interpretive statement on whether "sex" in the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act includes Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Michigan Communities Observe Transgender Day of Remembrance <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Transgender Day of Remembrance is an annual observance on Nov. 20 that honors the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. Meet Char Davenport: Trans in the Military <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Each year on Nov. 11 we celebrate Veterans Day honoring and thanking them for their service. Halloween Birthday Bash Celebrates TGMI's 20-Year Anniversary <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>More than 80 people came together at Affirmations in Ferndale on Nov. 3 for what Rachel Crandall-Crocker called the "greatest night of my life." Obituary: Paul Espenschied, former Menjo's owner Paul Espenschied, a long time business owner and supporter of the gay community, passed away Sept. 6. He was 89. PNC Proud Helps to Connect Metro Detroit's Business Community On Nov. 15, members of the community will have the opportunity to network with local nonprofit organizations, employee resource groups and PNC leaders during the "Celebrating Diversity" event which seeks to connect the community through the arts. WSU Announces Innovative Collaboration with Corktown Health Center Wayne State University and the Wayne State University Physician Group are pleased to announce an agreement with Health Emergency Lifeline Programs (HELP) to collaborate with Corktown Health Center. Join the HTJ Planning Committee <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>LGBT Detroit is looking for members of the community who are interested in joining the Hotter Than July planning committee. Affirmations Offers Seminar Series <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>This winter, join Children Services Network at Affirmations for a seminar series about taking special considerations with serving diverse populations. Q&A: Reba McEntire on Gays at Xmas, Struggles with Religion & Why It's 'Ridiculous' to Think Her Faith Music Has Anything to Do with Donald Trump <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>In addition to talking about her personal struggles with religion and being true to her musical roots, McEntire told me she looks to God for guidance on addressing the world's affairs. Strikingly, she did clarify that her track "Back to God," featured as an acoustic version on "My Kind of Christmas," is purely a faith song despite various sites and social-media memes associating the song with President Donald Trump. Q&A: Kelly Clarkson on Why She Won't Stop Speaking Her Mind, Bullying & Confronting Anti-LGBT Parents Because Her Dad Was a 'Shitty Guy' <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Due, in part, to her simply being so damn cool, Clarkson - who drowned the world in their own tears right along with her own as she was crowned the inaugural winner - tells me she feels so compelled to stick up for her LGBT besties she literally wants to go door-to-door and talk some sense into her friends' homophobic parents. The Frivolist: 10 Reasons I'm Thankful I'm Gay Like many of you, I was once confused about my sexual orientation. There were times as a teenager that I would stand in front of my bathroom mirror, staring into my own eyes, and cry - trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why did I feel so different? Why wasn't I like the other boys? Even after I came out in my early 20s, despite having mostly come to terms with being gay, I sometimes wished I were straight. Deep Inside Hollywood <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Q&A: Mila Kunis & Kristen Bell Talk Gay Bars, 'Frozen' Drag, Embracing the 'Bitch' Moniker & Marrying Only When Their LGBT Friends Could Too <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"Are there gays in Michigan? They made it all the way there?" deadpans Mila Kunis to native Michigander Kristen Bell, as if to jokingly say all the world's queers migrated from her hometown of West Hollywood. Seated next to Kunis, 34, at a hotel conference room in The Peninsula Chicago, Bell, 37, replies plainly: "Well, yes." "I grew up with them in my theater community," Bell, who was raised in suburban Detroit, adds. "When I was there it wasn't talked about, which, when I left, I felt very conflicted about. I hope that it's a thriving community now." 7 Award-Worthy LGBT Films (That You Probably Haven't Seen) to Cozy Up to This Fall <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Over network TV? Tired of Hulu? Seen everything on Netflix? Dig a little deeper to find meaningful and surprisingly well-executed LGBT films making the festival rounds this fall. How Did Chucky Get So Gay? LGBT Icon Jennifer Tilly Dishes on Horror Saga's Queerness & Warner Bros.'s Resistance to the Lesbian Love In 'Bound' <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Doubling as Tiffany and herself is lesbian fave and voice of the plastic assassin Jennifer Tilly, who returns for the Good Guy doll's seventh film, "Cult of Chucky," to wreak havoc on the patients and staff at a mental institution, among them a gay nurse named Carlos (Zak Santiago). Chucky is scary again, as "Cult" begins where his reentry into straight-up, decamped horror via 2013's "Curse of Chucky" left off. Tilly, gay-adored star of screen and stage (and also an Oscar nominee for her memorable role in Woody Allen's 1994 black comedy "Bullets Over Broadway"), spoke with her trademark kid-like cadence about the extreme gayness of the Chucky movie and the latest film's clever homages to her groundbreaking lesbian classic "Bound." Canadian Group Resettles LGBT Refugees from Chechnya <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Kimahli Powell hopes that with international eyes on the crisis of LGBT people fleeing Chechnya, a light can be shed on the plight of LGBT refugees around the world. U.S. Diplomat Speaks at Costa Rica Same-Sex Marriage Conference <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>An official with the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica on Thursday stressed the U.S. continues to support the rights of LGBT and intersex people around the world. U.S. Blocks Removal of Discrimination Reference from UN Olympics Resolution <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The U.N. General Assembly on Nov. 13 is expected to adopt an "Olympic Truce Resolution" that calls for peace around the world during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The resolution also calls for global peace during the week before and after the Olympics, which will take place from Feb. 9-25.Egypt and Russia sought to remove a reference to Principle 6 -- the Olympic Charter's nondiscrimination clause -- from the resolution because it specifically includes sexual orientation along with religion, gender and other factors. Senate Unanimously Approves Chechnya Resolution <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The U.S. Senate on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution that condemns the ongoing crackdown against LGBT people in Chechnya. Report: Panama Supreme Court Judge Rules Against Same-Sex Marriage <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>A judge on the Panama Supreme Court has reportedly issued a draft ruling on whether to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples.La Estrella, a Panamanian newspaper, on Oct. 20 reported Justice Luis Ramon Fabrega has concluded the two portions of the country's family code that prevent gays and lesbians from marrying in the Central American country are not unconstitutional. La Estrella also reported the draft ruling "leaves the door open for members of the National Assembly" to "legislate on civil unions between people of the same sex." New Study: Social Attitudes Toward Gays and Lesbians Rapidly Changing in Developing World <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> HRC to Partner with Four Overseas LGBT Groups <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Human Rights Campaign on Monday announced it will partner with four LGBT advocacy groups around the world. Voice of Volunteer Lawrence Pennymon <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>For those who are wondering what it's like to volunteer, Lawrence Pennymon says, "It's beautiful work." Parents Inspired By Gay Son, Give Back to LGBTQ Youth <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Madelyn and Jim Cosens are known for serving up some of the best mac 'n' cheese for dinner at the Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park every fourth Monday of the month. Affirmative Living In the spirit of the holiday season, it's important to think about ways to give back to the community, and helping local non-profits is often a great way to do that. The Ultimate Guide to Gay Gift Giving 2017 Gay ol' St. Nick delivers the goods to LGBT people of all ages and sensibilities with this comprehensive gift guide designed to please every persuasion. (And because it wouldn't be Christmas without dick cookies.) Stylists Beating Hunger Seek Donations for Thanksgiving Meal Lexie Washington, owner of Salon Kinki in Detroit, started the non-profit organization, Stylists Beating Hunger, to collect donations for less fortunate families and the elderly throughout the holiday season. EQMI Gives Thanks in the Month of Thanksgiving Tired of all the negativity in our country, our state and our community? It's enough to create a state of depression. Love Wears On <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Love loud and proud. That's the message Michigan-based clothing company Closets are for Clothes is sending with their custom T-shirt designs made to support the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. The Ultimate Guide to Gay Gift Giving 2016 <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Racking your brain this season on what to get the Gay who has everything? Consider these handpicked holiday gift ideas perfect for LGBT techies, music lovers, gym bunnies, and more. Local Organizations Emphasize Giving, Not Getting This Holiday Season <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Designing Below The Belt <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Jerome Fulton, 28, moved to NYC when he was just 19 to pursue his degree in fashion. He transfered to the Fashion Institute of Technology after just two years at Western Michigan University to harness his passion for fashion into skills that would be most marketable in the fashion industry. Detroit's AJ O'Neil Boldly Brews New Career Venture <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Members of the Metro Detroit community probably know AJ O'Neil, founder of Detroit Bold Coffee Co., as the owner and operator of AJ's Cafe in Ferndale which he closed down in spring of 2012. Fashionably Festive 2015 BTL sat down with BC Cabangbang to discuss some fun Holiday fashion suggestions for the queer individual that wants to look fashionably trendy. The Frivolist: 6 Ways To Lessen The Gut-Busting Effects Of Your Thanksgiving Binge <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Don We Now Our 'Gay' Apparel... And Other LGBT Gifts This Season It's that time again: time to either excitedly purchase gifts for your loved ones, or begrudgingly put off the holiday gift buying task until you're frantically panning through your closet to regift the snowman soap dispenser your great aunt gave you two years ago. Adding Those In Need To Holiday Shopping Lists <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The holidays can seem like a nonstop series of shopping and decorating, but there are always those less fortunate who get forgotten in the hustle and bustle. Add some of these area nonprofit and philanthropic organizations to your holiday list this year and give back to the community. Create Holiday Gifts That Keep On Giving Make this holiday season one filled with creating memories and gifts that keep giving throughout the year. AARP Study Has Suggestions For 2015 Holiday Shoppers A new AARP study of Michigan adults ages 18 and older has determined five areas where consumers should be alert during the holiday season. Bookmarks Books are very special gifts. Sharing a favorite book is sharing a piece of yourself. The Ultimate Guide To Gay Gift Giving <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>What do you get a gay who has everything? Take your pick from these ideas, perfect for LGBT foodies, techies, explorers and more. Screen Queen: The Gift Guide Her T is Not Silent: Andrea Jenkins Makes History <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Andrea Jenkins was a guest on &quot;Collections by Michelle Brown&quot; in March where she talked about her work as an artist, poet, trans oral historian and throwing her hat into the political ring. And now she is the first transgender woman of color elected to a major city council in the country. New FBI Data Shows Increased Reported Incidents of Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crimes in 2016 On Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) URL released hate crime statistics for 2016 https:ucr.fbi.govhate-crime2016hate-crime. This information, released at the start of Transgender Awareness Week, highlights the ongoing epidemic of anti-transgender violence Colorado Baker's Defense for Denying Service to Gay Couple 'Upends' First Amendment, Legal Experts Argue <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Top legal experts and scholars joined the ACLU in a teleconference today to discuss the exploitation of the First Amendment in the Supreme Court case, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Walmart's Score Suspended in Human Rights Campaign Rankings <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The retail giant Walmart, which has long been the subject of criticism over its employment practices, has found a new critic in the Human Rights Campaign's latest corporate scorecard. Gill Action Fund 'Shut Down': Sources <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Gill Action Fund, a prominent LGBT political organization founded by gay philanthropist Tim Gill, has effectively been "shut down" according to two knowledgable sources. Gay Candidate Loses Race for Mayor of Hoboken <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Gay City Council member Michael DeFusco of Hoboken, N.J., lost his race for mayor on Tuesday less than a week after someone altered one of his campaign flyers to make it appear that he was accusing his lead opponent of being a potential terrorist. LGBT Candidates Win 55 Percent of Races Nationwide <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Tuesday was a good night for LGBT candidates and an historic one for transgender candidates. Deja vu at Supreme Court "I remember the signs that said 'Whites Only' and 'Colored Only'," said U.S. Rep. John Lewis, a leader of the black civil rights movement and a strong ally of the LGBT civil rights movement. "I remember when, everywhere you looked, there was blatant discrimination against people based on the color of their skin. It's time you learn that the tactics may change, but the will remains the same. Each and every one of us has an obligation to speak up and speak out for the right of each and every person to be treated with dignity and with respect." Big Brothers Big Sisters Loses Funds Due to LGBTQ Training BECKLEY, W.Va. (AP) -- A Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter in West Virginia will suspend mentoring services for underprivileged children after donors pulled funding earlier this month in response to an LGBTQ-awareness training program. Tyler Clementi Foundation Appoints New Executive Director The Tyler Clementi Foundation announced on Oct. 24 the appointment of its new Executive Director, Jason Cianciotto, MPA. Hired as the result of an extensive nationwide search, Cianciotto brings over 15 years of progressive leadership at nonprofit advocacy, research, and direct service organizations. Court Affirms Ruling Against Pro-LGBT Louisiana Executive Order A state appeals court in Louisiana has affirmed Gov. John Bel Edwards' executive order barring anti-LGBT discrimination in the state government and among state contractors is unconstitutional. GSA Accused of Omitting LGBT People from Non-Discrimination Rules <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The U.S. General Services Administration is being accused of leaving out LGBT workers from its employment non-discrimination policy, which would contradict executive orders prohibiting such discrimination in the federal workforce, although the U.S. agency is pushing back on that claim. Live Proud Holidays Campaign Works to End LGBT Youth Homelessness <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Forty percent of America's 1.6 million youth experiencing homelessness are LGBT. In an effort to raise awareness about this issue AT&T has partnered with True Colors Fund to launch the Live Proud Holidays Sweepstakes. OutCasters Discuss LGBTQ Issues in Newly Released Audio Pieces <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>OutCasting, public radio's LGBTQ youth program, has three new audio pieces for listeners this month. Senate Confirms MI Justice Larsen, Three Other Conservative Judges to Lifetime Judicial Appointments "After reviewing the records of Justice Larsen, we have concluded that her views on civil rights issues are fundamentally at odds with the notion that LGBT people are entitled to equality, liberty, justice and dignity under the law," the joint letter read. "First and foremost, we continue to have serious concerns about Justice Larsen's willingness to comply fully with the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges," the 2015 decision granting marriage equality for all.In a written statement Peters defended his vote saying,"(I)reviewed Larsen's record on LGBT equality and raised it with her in person. She committed to upholding existing legal precedents and the hard fought protections the LGBT community has won." House Dems Take Stand Against Anti-Gay Baker Before Supreme Court <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>As the U.S. Supreme Court weighs a challenge to Colorado's non-discrimination law filed by a Christian baker who refuses to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples, House Democrats gathered outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to promote a bicameral friend-of-the-court brief against the anti-gay baker. Senate Dems Urge DOJ to Reinstate Trans Protections Under Title VII <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>A group of 44 Senate Democrats led by Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Al Franken (D-Minn.) urged the Justice Department on Thursday to reinstate its interpretation of existing civil rights law to prohibit anti-transgender discrimination. Out2Enroll Launches LGBT Coalition to Promote Obamacare Under Trump <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>With President Trump taking action seen to undermine Obamacare -- such as shortening the window of time for new insurance enrollments -- a new LGBT coalition of more than 60 groups is launching to promote insurance options under the law. White House Must 'Check Into' Egypt Anti-Gay Bill Before Condemning <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stopped short of condemning a proposal in Egypt that would criminalize homosexual acts in Egypt with up to five years in prison, saying she&#39;d have to &quot;check into&quot; the situation. Sanders made the remarks Oct. 27 in response to a question from the Washington Blade on whether she&#39;d condemn the measure, which Egypt lawmakers seem ready to pass amid a general anti-gay crackdown in the country. Key Supporters File Amicus Briefs in Masterpiece Cakeshop SCOTUS Case <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The ACLU held a teleconference Monday highlighting supporters of the same-sex couple who have filed amicus briefs with the Supreme Court in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case. Ferndale Mayoral, Council Candidates Unchallenged in 2017 Election <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Provisions Offers Craft Chocolate, Cheese and Charcuterie in Ferndale <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>They are retailers, but also storytellers who are excited to share their passion with the community. Zach Berg and William Werner, founders of Provisions, have opened a retail shop in Ferndale that specializes in cut-to-order cheese, craft chocolate and charcuterie. Vote Now for the 'Best of' in Ferndale The Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce is accepting votes not through Oct. 28 for their annual "Best of Ferndale" awards ceremony set to take place Nov. 2 at The Twisted Tavern, 22901 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale. Ferndale Pride Distributes $25,000 in Grants to LGBTQ Charities <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Ferndale Pride distributed $25,000 in grants - the most funding it ever has distributed in a single year - to five local LGBTQ charities at Monday night's Ferndale City Council meeting. Public Invited to Paint Inclusivity Mural <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Ferndale Arts and Cultural Commission has selected a design by local teen, Heaven Guty of Madison Heights, for this year's Inclusivity Mural. New Housing Development Planned in Ferndale <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Free Outdoor Movies are Back in Downtown Ferndale <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"Get Reel - Outdoor Movies on Vester Street" are hosted by the Downtown Development Authority in Ferndale. Purrlates with Miranda <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Ferndale Catfe Lounge presents Purrlates - Pilates with a twist - on Saturdays at 9 a.m. at the Catfe Lounge at 821 Livernois St in Ferndale. Affirmations Employee Makes USA TODAY 'Faces of Pride' List Artist's Works Celebrate 'Summer Pride' <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The struggles of the LGBTQ community through activism will be honored during Ferndale Pride, Motor City Pride, Hotter Than July and Transgender Pride through the "Summer of Pride" exhibit June 1-July 28 at Affirmations' Pittman-Puckett Gallery, 290 W. Nine Mile Road in Ferndale. Creep of the Week: Roy Moore As of this writing, five women have accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual assault against them when they were as young as 14 years old. Newsflash: A 14 year old is a child. An 8th grader. Who Gets Remembered The 20th of November is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. This year will be the 18th observance. It was my work with the Remembering Our Dead project that helped create the event way back when. Faith Matters: We Matter When the movie "The Color Purple" came out in 1985, I had a disturbing conversation with my mother. She had neither read Alice Walker's book nor known about Stephen Spielberg's ability to bring stark realism to the screen. Parting Glances: Memories of a Near-Forgotten Past Pt. 4 For five dynamic years -- 1940 to 1945 -- Detroit was America's Arsenal of Democracy, a vital source of war materials and weapons. First for England's defense. Later, for our own. Parting Glances: Memories of a Near-Forgotten Past Pt. 3 Detroit's imposing, massive, block-wide Masonic Temple was built in 1922, or, cornerstone dated 5022, following the Hebraic custom of noting the inception of ritual religious history. Parting Glances: Memories of a Near-Forgotten Past Pt.2 At 19, I went to my first gay bar on Halloween: the Silver Slipper, a dyke bar on Grand River, near downtown Detroit. I used borrowed ID, was escorted authoritatively by two stone butch regulars, Speedy and Draino. Parting Glances: Memories of a Near-Forgotten Past. Pt. 1 Detroit's ancient, seven-story Cass Technical High School was replaced with a new $127 million structure five years ago; and an era of excellence in education and art -- 21st Century post modern -- began. Parting Glances: Once Upon a Sleeping Beauty "I'm burning my candle at both ends. It will not last the night. But, oh, my foes, and, ah, my friends. It gives a lovely light!" Parting Glances: LGBT-Q Lining Memory Lane I was in the Sunday habit, a few years back, of taking a suburban bus to Birmingham. Riding with me were regulars, most of whom were off to church, or gave that halo'd impression by dress or demeanor. Kurt Response <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> The Ex Factor <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Moore-ality Play <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>