PrideSource - front Your Michigan LGBT Directory and News Source en Copyright 2009, Pride Source Media Group 03 Sep 2014 02:03 EST 03 Sep 2014 02:03 EST UPDATE: LGBT Murder Suspect In Metro Detroit Caught <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Detroit Police have arrested the suspected shooter involved in the violent crimes near Palmer Park in August. Two of the victims are transgender. The gender identity of the individual who lost their life has yet to be released. It is believed the victim may have been the killer's partner, Equality Michigan reports. Upper Peninsula Celebrates First LGBT Pride Fest <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>MARQUETTE - For the first time in Michigan LGBT history, the UP will be celebrating a pride festival. Discussions about putting together the event started in 2013 when the board of now eight members started meeting. One year later, performances are scheduled, vendors are ready to set up and the Marquette area is ready to celebrate the end of summer on Sept. 6. Schauer Leaves His Mark On Michigan Pride <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>LANSING - There were hundreds of people who gathered at the Capitol Steps Aug. 23rd for a rally celebrating the 25th Annual Michigan Pride in Lansing. GAGG And LGBT: Gearing Up For November <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>LANSING - The big Michigan Democratic names on this year's upcoming ballot were decided in Lansing this weekend at the Michigan Democratic Nominating Convention. Like every election, there are many issues that will swing a vote in favor of one nominee or another in November. And this year, many state Democrats have LGBT rights at the front of their running platform, most notably U.S. Rep and State Sen. Mark Schauer running for governor with Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown for lieutenant governor and Kalamazoo attorney Mark Totten for attorney general. Affirmations Resumes Search For New Executive Director Metro Detroit's community center for LGBT people and allies, Affirmations, will resume its search for a new director. In January, the center created a search committee which partnered with an outside search firm in a blind process of selection. All potential candidates were directed to an out of state search firm, resumes were filtered through a vetting and interview process and candidates were ranked based on a list of pre-determined criteria. The highest-ranking potentials were given further consideration through additional interviews with the committee, board and staff. From this pool of individuals, no candidate was deemed suitable for the position. Michigan Education Groups Call For LGBT Rights <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>A coalition of representatives from Michigan colleges, universities and institutions have called on state lawmakers to pass protections for LGBT people. GALLERY: Mark Schauer Joins Equality Rally In Lansing On the eve of historic hearings at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on the issue of marriage equality, supporters rallied in Lansing. Democratic candidate for governor, Mark Schauer attended the event. He was greeted with applause and cheers. Shortly after, the crowd began to chant "Schauer! Schauer!" However, the candidate redirected the enthusiasm to a chant of "Equality! Equality!" Arguments For Right To Stay Married Heard In Caspar v Snyder <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"We just want to be treated equally," DeJong started. "I truly don't understand people's rabid resistance to treating each other equally and with respect. We waited 27 years to get married, not by choice, but by exclusion-we simply weren't allowed to marry." Michigan: A Brief Timeline of LGBT Milestones In the Capital City Mental Health Providers Access Latest Training On LGBT Clinical Issues Local Residents Sign-On For Right To Discriminate <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Opponents of the ordinance have questioned the necessity of singling out the LGBT community believing that it could impede some people, such as business owners, from freely practicing their religion but also add that they are a group of concerned residents who "believe that all residents should have equal rights," Elias said. Extending Marriage To Same-Sex Couples Could Bring Millions To State <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Extending marriage to same-sex couples in Michigan would generate an estimated $53.2 million in spending to the state economy, according to a new study. Key findings include revenue generated from wedding arrangements, tourism and sales tax revenue. John Lithgow Talks Gays In Film, His 'Defiance Of Prejudice' & Robin Williams <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>There's a beautiful moment in Ira Sachs' indie hit "Love Is Strange" involving two older men - a New York couple forced to live apart after one of them loses his job, tearfully embracing. Life-changing? No. But that's the point: Its simplicity is a revelation. Detroit Through A New Lens <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Celebrated fashion photographer Boswell Hardwick has always been a few steps ahead of the game. His understanding of aesthetics, the fashion press and his experience in multiple creative mediums has given him the necessary edge to become successful in a notoriously difficult and fickle industry. Arts, Beats, Eats... & The Village People?! Labor Day Weekend's premier event, Ford's Arts, Beats Eats, presented by FirstMerit Bank, celebrates its 17th year in downtown Royal Oak this weekend. The festival will entertain thousands of visitors from across the region with its music line-up, stellar arts programming, mouthwatering selection of food and a number of new attractions. Art, Music & More Blows Through Michigan <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Cinema Detroit: Inclusion & Faygo Under The Same Roof <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>When co-owners Paula Guthat and her husband Tim put together their weekly movie line-up, it's like a mix tape from a good friend - the one who dabbles in a little of everything. Paula says it's important all voices are seen and heard, which is why the line-up goes beyond eclectic and ventures into inclusive. "Part of our mission is to present quality films outside of mainstream Hollywood," she explains. "Films that are by or about minorities, women and the LGBTQ community." Fall Into DIA's New Exhibitions As temperatures cool at a steady rate, Michiganders move from kayaking and picnicking to museums, bars and other indoor activities. And this fall, the DIA has something for everyone. Designer Gives A Shirt About Detroit <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>There is an art to delivering Christopher Gorski's signature phrase, "Bitch, please. I'm from Detroit." You've got to wait for the perfect moment, he explains. "I would travel to different places around the country, including L.A., New York, Miami... you know, big cities. And I would always want to go to the gay bars when I had some free time," says Gorski, 44, a former advertising executive for 15 years. "So I would say, 'Hey, how do I get to this location?' And of course they put the gay bars in the worst (neighborhoods) every time. So they would always be like, 'Oh my god, be careful if you go there.' And I would be like, 'Bitch, please. I'm from Detroit." California Bans 'Gay Panic' Defense <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>{BOLD CALIFORNIA -} California legislature passed a bill that will remove &quot;{URL gay panic}&quot; as reason to reduce charges from homicide or manslaughter. Utah Plaintiffs Ask SCOTUS To Review Case <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>{BOLD SALT LAKE CITY -} Three couples challenging the State of Utah&#39;s ban on same-sex marriage asked SCOTUS to accept the request of Utah state officials to review the case. Plaintiffs argue that Supreme Court review is required because same-sex couples in the state and across the country &quot;urgently&quot; need to have the security of marriage wherever they work or travel to fully protect themselves sand their families. First-Of-Its-Kind LGBT Jewish Curriculum <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>{BOLD WASHINGTON D.C. -} The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Institute for Welcoming Resources, Keshet, COLAGE and Family Equity Council released a curriculum designed to help Jewish congregations support and embrace LGBT members of their families. EqualityMaine Advances Trans Healthcare Coverage <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Florida Supreme Court Asked To Rule On Same-Sex Marriage <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Womyn Born Womyn House Staffer Edits Trans Identity Wikipedia Pages <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> 7th Circuit Court Of Appeals Hears Marriage Equality Cases <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> When A Lesbian Becomes A Man TLC Star Says Transgender People Are Child Predators ARKANSAS - The City Council of Fayetteville, Ark. will consider a new non-discrimination ordinance protecting the rights of the LGBT against discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic background, marital status or veteran status. Florida Federal Judge Rules For Same-Sex Marriage <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Landmark Bookstore In Philly To Reopen <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Couple Wins Wedding Venue Dispute <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Virginia Family Foundation Protests Gay Marriage With Fake Fast <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Boy Killed By Mother For Playing With Dolls <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> SCOTUS Blocks Virginia Same-Sex Marriages <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Open Letter On Michael Brown #HandsUpDon'tShoot <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"When communities experience fear, harassment and brutality simply because of who they are or how they look, we are failing as a nation. In light of the recent events in Missouri, it is clearer than ever that there is something profoundly wrong in our country. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community cannot be silent at this moment..." Will & Grace Featured In The Smithsonian Collection <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Cyber Bullying Higher For LGBT Youth <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> reports that a new Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network study found that LGBT youth faced three times as much cyber bullying than their non-LGBT peers. The findings, which note that LGBT adolescents living in rural areas experience an elevated level of online harassment, show that 42 percent of LGBT youth face more online bullying as compared to 15 percent of straight, cisgender youth. Text message harassment was also included in the study, which found LGBT youth twice as likely to report the intimidation. Oregon Medicaid To Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Bryan Fisher Blames Lesbian Attorney For Perry's Indictment <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Welcoming First Trans Man To U.S. House of Reps <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"Ben Panico brings a wealth of experiences to this position, and as Capitol Hill's only openly transgender staff member, he brings a much needed voice to the table," Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute said. Facebook Donated $10k To Attorney General Appealing Marriage Equality In Utah <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>QSaltLake reported on Aug. 13 that Facebook made a $10,000 donation to Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes' reelection campaign last May. News You Should Know August 29, 2014 News You Should Know August 28, 2014 News You Should Know August 27, 2014 News You Should Know August 19, 2014 News You Should Know August 18, 2014 News You Should Know August 15, 2014 News You Should Know August 14, 2014 News You Should Know August 13, 2014 News You Should Know August 11, 2014 News You Should Know August 4, 2014 News You Should Know August 1, 2014 News You Should Know July 31, 2014 Transmissions: Where We Cross A few months back I found myself speaking at a Transgender Day of Remembrance event in Northern California. As the event was breaking up and folks started to head for their cars, a member of the local Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence came up to me. He - as he was male identified - was nearly my height, with a mustache and goatee, wearing the traditional makeup, habit, and wimple one might expect from a sister. Equality Michigan Stands With Allies: Seeking Full Inclusion Michfest Responds: We Have a Few Demands Of Our Own <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>If it is considered transphobic to talk about our pussies, our vaginas, or to even use the word female as specific to sex, our movement is dangerously close to using the same tactics as the far right, women hating, Michigan Republican leadership, who revoked the speaking privileges of two female legislators for saying the word vagina out loud on the Michigan State House floor. What has our movement come to when the mere articulation of your own experience in your own female body is denounced as an injury to another? It's time to examine the core issue here, which is our right to create an autonomous space focused on a female-defined experience...Equality Michigan and the organizations endorsing its petition including HRC, the Task Force, NCLR and the National Black Justice Coalition, are targeting Michfest with McCarthy-era blacklist tactics. It Doesn't Have To Be 'Michigan Versus LGBT People' <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Last week, two juxtaposed events starkly exposed the long-range impact of choices we make at the ballot box. The federal marriage equality trial in Cincinnati featured Michigan Gov. Snyder as a named defendant against the LGBT community, and Attorney General Bill Schuette had his minions vigorously fight in court to maintain second-class status for LGBT people in our state Viewpoint: No PrEP For Me! Awareness of the value of remaining HIV-negative and how to do so needs to be fully reconsidered as an economically feasible and socially desirable alternative to the cost of supplying expensive, toxic antiretroviral drugs to those most at-risk. Viewpoint: Boycott MichFest Till Trans Inclusion A Reality <img src=' Donaldson, Camp Trans organizers, and Yellow Armbands, 2006.jpg' style='width:250px'><br/>I'd love to simply ignore the largest women's gathering in the world, and not be reminded of my second-class status, or listen to misconceptions about my socialization or some projected "male energy." But as a queer, feminist, Michigander woman, it's here in my backyard, and I have to witness my friends speaking with reverence of a place that rejects me. Creep of the Week: Pam Bondi <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Ha ha ha. Just kidding. We are talking about Florida, after all. And that's why Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is going to fight for her right to say no to gay wedding parties. Creep of the Week: Brent Ellis <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Here's a little history lesson: Title IX passed 35 years ago and mandates that males and females be treated equally in education programs that get federal funding. And it solved sex discrimination across the land, the end, amen. Creep Of The Week: Rick Wiles <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Have you been feeling a bit under the weather lately? Maybe your head feels like it's been used as a soccer ball, your throat is sore, your back aches and you're all fevery. Maybe you're losing your lunch from both ends. It could be that leftover sushi you let sit in your car for too long. Or it could be the flu. Creep of the Week: Tim Dunkin <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>So how, exactly, is having two mommies or two daddies worse than being cooked to death in an SUV? Creep of the Week: Michele Bachmann <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Okay folks, let's get a couple of things out of the way here. First, Michele Bachmann (R- Minnesota) is still a member of the United States House of Representatives no matter how many times I close my eyes and wish she would go away. Second, she did not say that immigrant children should be forced into work camps. It's a story that originated on a poorly done satire website and progressive sites such as Think Progress got a little too excited and published it as fact. Creep of the Week: D.J. Dolce <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Did you hear the news? Just over two percent told the CDC that they're gay, lesbian or bisexual. And people are freaking out. Some people are arguing that the number is too low. After all, if we want to get technical about it, the survey really found that 2.3 percent of the people they surveyed were cool with coming out to a stranger doing a survey. Other people might argue that the number is too high because gays could just pray the gay away if they loved Jesus enough. Parting Glances: No Onan! Oh, No! Years ago there was a physique magazine, Tomorrow's Man, that for 50 cents newsstand purchase could be discreetly hidden in a hip pocket for private enjoyment. (Considered pornographic it was a federal offense to send copies through the mail.) Parting Glances: White House S/henanigans Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1965 historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., for Negro voter rights changed the South forever. (Or, did it?) Parting Glances: Band Tunes Remembered Mort Crowley's "Boys In the Band" opened Off-Broadway almost 50 years ago. I bought a copy of the play in Chicago in 1968 and read dialog aloud while driving back to Detroit with my then partner Larry Stetson. Parting Glances Septuagenarianly Speaking I just turned 70 something or other a couple of months ago, though I actually look much younger with the help of a portable scrim, a Sunset Boulevard screen, and a 60-watt bulb, with five year guarantee. Transporting same is problematic when making out. Some say I'm riding the down escalator of life, but I keep on two-stepping it back to the top. It's one way to get my exercise. I wave going up as well as going down. (No pun intended.) Parting Glances: JHVH's Door Bell Trade It's hard to say if it's a good thing or an alarming thing, a plus or a minus for the city of Detroit, but there are 90,000 Jehovah's Witnesses in town for a second convention go around in two months. Parting Glances: Bavel's Rolero Redux At my age, I fidget after five minutes exposure to certain quoteunquote cultural happenings. Harpsichord recitals. Accordion extravaganzas. Art song evenings. "Gilligan's Island" reruns. Lower body piercing demos. Televised Irish flaming feet of anything dancing. Christian Bullying <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Ice Bucket Challenge <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Birthin' no Babies <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Blame It On The Gays <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Do What I Say, Not As I Do <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Lawfully Wedded Spouse <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Card Games <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Meet Market <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Over It All <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Common Scents <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> The Parent Trip <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Goal Digger <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> It's Curtain Time For Theaters & Theatergoers Alike <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Applause will soon be busting out all over Southeast Michigan, as area theater groups are about to raise their curtains on what promises to be an exciting 2014-15 season. Theaters large and small - from community theaters to Broadway touring houses - have turned on the lights, fired up their box offices, and are ready to open their doors with their first shows of the season. And what a season it promises to be! A Season Of Excellence And Off-Stage Drama: The 2014 Wilde Awards <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Theater professionals from across Michigan will gather together Sept. 22 when The 2014 Wilde Awards are presented at The Berman Center for the Performing Arts in the Detroit suburb of West Bloomfield. Presented by, the most comprehensive resource for news and information about the state's professional theater industry, The Wilde Awards were established in 2002 to honor the excellent work produced by Michigan's professional theaters. Googly-eyed Ambitions Yield Fuzzy Returns <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>If Tommy LeRoy isn't already a local legend in metro Detroit theater, he should be. Seen the low-tech, high-impact blood and animatronic effects in the long-running "Evil Dead: The Musical"? That was Tommy LeRoy. Remember the larger-than-life ED-209 robot in "Robocop: The Musical"? Classic Tommy LeRoy. Point to anything that's ever been rigged to do an unexpected thing, any custom-built exactly-to-scale prop, or any visionary proportion-defying costume in an original production, and those in the know won't need many guesses to identify the source. Decade Of Changes Buzzes Through Music Revue <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"Beehive" at Mason Street Warehouse is buzzing with much more than the music of the '60s. It's a parade of fashions and hairstyles, a newsreel of sad and funny memories, and a showcase of six versatile singers. Hurray For Hollywood? <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Imagine the plight of the legendary soul who asked a Maine resident for directions, only to be told "Well, yah can't get theah from heah." The Critic found himself similarly unsettled as he tried to reach Go Comedy! in Ferndale on the weekend of the Woodward Dream Cruise. There sat the theater on Nine Mile, crouched behind protective barriers designed to prevent maniac theater critics from t-boning the beauties passing on The Strip. But the congruence of the two events set me to thinking about the makings of a classic car and classic comedy. Here's the break-down to my test drive of the wickedly satirical "Hollywood Positive." Comedy Falters At Tibbits <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Barbra Streisand's Duet With Gay Son Is Highlight Of New Album <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Barbra Streisand, Banks, Spoon and FKA Twigs Why Tori Amos' 'Sophie's Choice' Tour Is Pure Magic <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Tori Amos has so many babies - you know, those precious things, her songs, that she's seen change and grow throughout the years. Taking the stage on Wednesday night, Aug. 6, at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Amos acknowledged how passionate her ardent following has been about requests on this trek, the "Unrepentant Geraldines" tour, and how upset that following can get should those song pleas go unperformed (just so you know, she thinks your anger is "sexy"). REVIEW: Amy Grant Gays Up Sound On First Remix Album (Thank God!) <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>When you&#39;re grinding up against a shirtless prospect in the thick of a gay dance orgy, nothing sets the sexy-time mood quite like some Amy Grant, right? Hear Me Out: Jason Mraz, Weird Al Yankovic <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Singer/Actress Demi Lovato Releases Marriage Equality Video <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Disney-weaned actress and singer Demi Lovato has released a video supporting marriage equality. The singer is known for her outspoken work as an ally, both in the media and in her personal life. Hear Me Out: Best of 2014 ... So Far <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>