PrideSource - front Your Michigan LGBT Directory and News Source en Copyright 2009, Pride Source Media Group 28 Jan 2015 06:28 EST 28 Jan 2015 06:28 EST Same-Sex Marriage Goes To The Supreme Court <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>WASHINGTON D.C. - The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has granted review of four petitions from each state from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals requesting the court to decide if same-sex marriage is recognized and protected under the U.S Constitution. U.S. Syphilis Rates Increased By 10 Percent In 2013 The final numbers for syphilis infections in the U.S. during 2013 were released in December 2014, and they aren't good news -- particularly for men who have sex with men. Controversy Over UMS Award To Russian Orchestra ANN ARBOR - Internationally known Russian conductor Valery Gergiev returns to Ann Arbor for two performances with the Mariinsky Orchestra and to receive, in collaboration with the Orchestra, the 2015 UMS Distinguished Artist Award. But his visit comes with much controversy. Equality Michigan Accepting Applications For Internships DETROIT - The statewide advocacy and anti-violence organization serving the LGBT community is looking to fill internship positions. Ferndale Pride Seeks Sponsors And Vendors Ferndale Pride has just released a press release announcing their plans for this year's event. Attention Michigan LGBT Career Seekers <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>DEARBORN - The University of Michigan-Dearborn, in collaboration with various LGBT sponsors, is hosting an upcoming LGBTQ Career Fair to help connect young LGBT professionals with businesses from around the state. Filmmaker To Speak On LGBT, Black Intersectionality <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Award-winning documentary filmmaker and scholar, Yoruba Richen, will be speaking in Ann Arbor as part of an event co-sponsored by the University of Michigan's College of Literature, Science and the Arts (LSA). Warren To Speak At Upcoming ELCRA Panel YPSILANTI - As part of an upcoming event for Eastern Michigan University's Equality Research Center, State Senator Rebekah Warren (D-Ann Arbor) will speak about pending legislation in the Michigan Legislature that will amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) to include protections for sexuality, gender identity and gender expression. Become A Vendor At LGBT Wedding Expo SOUTHFIELD - It's not too late to reserve a table for the the fifth annual Ultimate LGBT Wedding and Anniversary Expo taking place March 21, hosted by the publishers of Between The Lines. SCOTUS To Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases In Historic Decision <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has decided to hear arguments from four states arguing against states' bans on same-sex marriage. Marriage Of 300 Same-Sex Couples Ruled Valid In Michigan <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>A Federal District court judge ruled on Jan. 15 that Michigan must respect the marriages of over 300 same-sex couples that were married in March 2014. Fostering Children Only Temporary Bandage To Same-Sex Adoption Restrictions In Michigan <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>MICHIGAN - Three years ago, when the plaintiffs in the Michigan same-sex marriage case decided to petition the state's law on second-parent adoption, they had no idea that their story would travel as it did. April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse's case moved from the local court system, through the Federal and Appellate courts, to then be considered by the Supreme Court of the United States, all potentially to set a precedent for the entire nation. Lesbian Fights For Custody Rights Of Children <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>MICHIGAN - A custody case filed against a local lesbian woman will soon be presented before a Wayne County Judge, as the children's biological father seeks full custody. From Selma To Detroit And The Importance Of Intersectionality <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The 12th annual MLK Day Freedom Rally and March comes to Detroit Jan. 19 to recognize the contributions Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others brought that paved way for the Civil Rights movement during the '60s and '70s. Local Jewish Author Highlights Dangers Of Police Discrimination <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Suspenseful literature, like that of writers such as Dan Brown, brings intense scenes and a fast trajectory to the narrative. "Assault with a Deadly Lie" is one such work of fiction sure to catch and keep the attention of readers. Federal Judge Stays Alabama Gay Marriage Ruling For 2 Weeks <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>A federal judge has put a temporary hold on her decision that overturned Alabama's gay marriage ban, but indicated she will soon answer a key question: Must state probate judges issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples when the stay is lifted? Transgender Youth At High Risk For Negative Mental Health Outcomes <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>A recent study from The Fenway Institute has suggested that primary care clinicians routinely screen transgender youth for mental health concerns. Gay Marriage Ban Ends As Couples Wed Throughout Florida <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Florida's ban on same-sex marriage ended statewide at the stroke of midnight Monday, and court clerks in some counties wasted no time, issuing marriage licenses and performing weddings for same-sex couples in the early morning hours. LGBT-Owned Businesses Get Diversity Boost SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Businesses owned by LGBT entrepreneurs are getting a boost from new programs designed to help them compete for contracts. Beyond Marriage, Challenges Ahead For Gay Rights Groups NEW YORK (AP) - Even as same-sex marriage edges closer to becoming legal nationwide, gay rights advocates face other challenges in 2015 that may not bring quick victories. Study: Only 16 Percent Of Men Who Have Sex With Men Report Using Condoms 'Always' A new study by CDC researcher Dawn Smith has found that only 16 percent of men who have sex with men reported consistent condom use during the study period. New Data Shows U.S. Benefiting From Same-Sex Marriage LOS ANGELES - The Williams Institute, in partnership with Credit Suisse, has released a new, interactive resource exploring the amount of money state economies have to gain by allowing same-sex couples to marry. EXCLUSIVE! Gwen Stefani On Why She Paints Her Boys' Nails, Meeting Gays 'Late In Life' & Her (Lack Of) Girl Crushes <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>From bed in her Los Angeles home, Gwen Stefani insists she doesn't mind doing her first gay press interview in a decade on her day off. "I love talking about myself," the No Doubt frontwoman says, giggling. Set to release her third solo album this spring, Stefani rang to open up about her "late in life" introduction to the gay community, the lesson she's teaching her boys when she paints their nails and how hubby Gavin Rossdale has broadened her worldview. Famed Cartoonist Alison Bechdel Chats Ahead Of Ann Arbor Talk <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Alison Bechdel has raised the bar rather significantly. She's expanded her craft well beyond simple cartooning to become a graphic memoirist. She's also a gay pioneer, having created the groundbreaking strip "Dykes to Watch Out For," which ran in LGBT publications throughout the country for 25 years and cemented her role as a satirist spokeswoman for the community. Kathy Griffin Speaks Out On Bill Cosby: 'Allegedly Probably Guilty' <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>{BOLD Bill Cosby}: "Umm... I'm gonna go with probably guilty because he's probably guilty. I don't have a story, but I'm just saying, those types of stories have been circulating as long as I've been in comedy, so frankly I just wish this stuff would've been exposed decades earlier, because I'm gonna go with allegedly probably guilty." Q&A: Kathy Griffin Reveals Death-Related Talk With Joan Rivers, Plans To Get Fired From 'Fashion Police' & Cher's Health <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Kathy Griffin isn't kidding when she says, "If I can get serious for one second..." Putting aside her usual biting assault against all things celebrity, the comedian gets candid about her dear friend and idol Joan Rivers in our latest interview: Griffin's frequent death-related conversations with the late comedy legend, "literally" getting Joan's permission to supersede her on "Fashion Police" (premiering Jan. 12 on E!), and how Joan taught Kathy "not to give a fuck." Q&A: Harvey Fierstein Opens Up On The Success Of 'Kinky Boots,' His 'Legendary Disaster' & 'Insulting' Double Standards <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>On the heels of a national "Kinky Boots" tour, Fierstein reflects on the past - sticking up for the "sissies," what he calls his "legendary disaster," and how his own "12 steps to happiness" inspired his latest Broadway smash - but, still, the 62-year-old's very much living in the present, and for the future. Beat The Winter 'Blues' In Ferndale <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>In protest of the ever-bitter Michigan cold, The Magic Bag hosts the "Anti-Freeze Blues Festival" this month in Ferndale. The two-day long festival features a variety of local and national blues talent, including yet-to-be-named "special guests." The Movement, Martin And Marriage Movement is about change. Sometimes the causes change, the tactics change -- even the leadership changes -- but the constant in all of our movements is our quest to become more human: to change our communities and our societies to treat all of humanity fairly, justly and equally. Out Of Touch I doubt she'd be the one to admit it, but my mother enjoys celebrity gossip. When I was growing up, it was quite common to see her toss a tabloid in the shopping cart so she could keep up with the latest rumors. C.B. Embry Jr. <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>I don't like public restrooms. There's just something really, well, icky about sharing a space with strangers where everybody does their grossest business. I don't want to hear the woman in the next stall evacuate her gaseous bowels or have random children poke their heads under the door while I'm trying to pee. Michigan Court Of Appeals Smacks Former Anti-gay Assistant Attorney General Down For Homophobic Bullying <img src=' HorsD_SHIRVELL_1944.jpg' style='width:250px'><br/> Agema Censured By National GOP, Refuses To Resign Embattled GOP National Committeeman from Michigan Dave Agema is under fire from his own party -- again. Michigan 'Religious Freedom' Bill Returns <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Snyder took the opportunity in the state of the state address to call for "more dialogue" about amending the law at the same time Shirkey was creating a special rights bill to allow religious discrimination. The Long Shot Move To Pass Inclusive Civil Rights Amendment <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"The latest indication is that they do not want to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity," Greimel said in a phone interview. He said he also believed the Republicans would include a broad religious exemption which would effectively gut the bill. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Of The 2014 Michigan Midterm Election <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The 2014 Midterm election results are in and Michigan remains a battleground for LGBT rights. State House Blocks HIV And Other Reproductive Health Websites From Staff <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Staff for state representatives may have discovered over the last week that they were unable to access certain sites related to HIV and reproductive health. A spokesperson for Speaker of the House Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) says a recent software update is to blame. Dave Agema: Arab Fighter Pilots Are 'Camel Jockeys' <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Oh there goes that Dave Agema again. The erstwhile National GOP Committeemen from West Michigan posted on his private Facebook page on Oct. 18 a screed against Arabs and their abilities to fly modern fighter jets. In the screed, he refers to them as "camel jockeys." Republican political activist Joe Munem released the private post and condemns Agema's actions. In an exclusive statement to Between The Lines, Munem went much further. Republican State House Candidate Has History Of Scandal <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Mike Webber, the Republican candidate for Michigan's 45th House District and current Rochester Hills vice president, left a history of scandal following his term as chair of Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU). Webber's leadership term from 1999-2000 was roiled with allegations he sexually harassed a female co-worker at the undergraduate student government, illegally refused to pay an employee for work she had done for the organization and that he used the ASMSU facilities and resources to launch an ill-fated bid as a write-in candidate for the East Lansing City Council. Anonymous Flier Lambasts Sam Singh East Lansing Democratic State Rep. Sam Singh and his Republican opponent are both being lambasted by anonymously distributed fliers for failing to respond to Public Advocate's "Family Values Survey." David Trott Faces Election 'Foreclosure' One time king of foreclosures in Michigan, David Trott, may be headed to defeat in Michigan's 11th Congressional district. Trott is vying to replace Rep. Kerry Bentivolio against Bentivolio, Democrat Bobby McKenzie and Libertarian John Tatar. Peppermint Creek Takes On LGBT Rights, Aging In Couple's Story <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>A lot can happen in 65 years - both in the life of a couple and in the world at large. Lansing's Peppermint Creek Theatre Company launches the U.S. premiere of a play by Neil Bartlett and the Handspring Puppet Company, the latter being the creators of the acclaimed "War Horse." 'The Boys' Are Back In Town <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Mart Crowley's landmark play "The Boys in the Band" will finally get its Ringwald Theatre debut, in association with Five15 of Royal Oak, beginning on Jan. 9. Promised last season, but the victim of scheduling changes, "The Boys in the Band" will play a four-week engagement at the Ringwald Theatre in downtown Ferndale. Gays Will, Indeed, Love Lucy <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Before the British Fab Four of the '60s, America had its own '50s-era fab four: Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel. Now you can experience "I Love Lucy" in person, and this time, in color. World Premiere At The Rep Explores Racial Dignity <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Curtain Goes Down On Curtain Calls <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Back in the summer of 2001 when co-publishers Jan Stevenson and Susan Horowitz placed a small ad in the newspaper seeking to hire someone to help expand their theater coverage, little did they anticipate that the middle-aged, bald and bespectacled gentleman who responded would still be there 13-and-a-half years later. 'Wicked' Still Casts A Powerful Spell <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"Wicked" has long been typecast as "a girl thing," but while watching the newest touring production of the Oz-inspired stage musical... Brooding about a Brood <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Straights From The Heart <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Ground Hog Day <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Art History Gets In Drag One of the most sensational art heists in history took place Aug. 11, 1911. It was spontaneous rather than planned. The theft -- the most famous picture in the world -- Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa," valued at over $100 million. A Spank-Spank In Time... A few years ago I was invited by one of BTL's many creative editorial associates to attend what might best be labeled as an exclusive "Kink Collective Party." It was being held during Good Friday week in a rental room at Detroit's Masonic Temple. My Imperfect Indicative Remembered It took me a while to get the hang of learning a foreign language. During my undergraduate study at Wayne State University, I tried Spanish, German and Italian, dropping out after half-hearted samplings of the sounds, vocabulary, nuances, richness of each seemingly unmanageable language. Parting Glances: When Fairy Tales Cross There are paths that by strange chances on Christmas Eve mix up in time, space, thought, crazy activation. Some fact. Some fantasy. Who knows? Parting Glances: Santa Comes Out 'Twas New Years Eve and Santa Closet - lavender quill pen in hand, Gucci trifocal sunglasses on his merry nose - was double checking his private list to see who's straight, and who's - hopefully, er, - gay. Parting Glances: Happy Arf! Merry Meow! A federally funded study by People Friends of Cats and Dogs (P-FCD) says that "persons of rainbow personality make the best dog owners, but have little influence on cats, although this should not be misconstrued as homophobia on the part of America's feline population."