PrideSource - front Your Michigan LGBT Directory and News Source en Copyright 2009, Pride Source Media Group 20 Apr 2015 17:20 EST 20 Apr 2015 17:20 EST Q&A: Reba Talks 'Very Important' LGBT Rights, Her First Gay Wedding & Feeling 'Sad' For Closeted Country Stars <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Even by phone, Reba McEntire makes you feel right at home. "Thanks for the visit; I've enjoyed visitin' with you!" the singer drawls, wrapping up our conversation as if I'd just stopped by for buttered grits and a cup of hot coffee. 8 Free Ways to Bond With Mom This Mother's Day <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Q&A: Marina and the Diamonds Talks Lesbian Rumors & 'Shit' Interviews, Says Pop Phase Made Her Feel 'Uncomfortable' <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"This line is so sketchy!" says Marina Lambrini Diamandis (better known by her stage name, Marina and the Diamonds). But despite the fallible international phone connection, the Welsh indie-pop artist's refreshing truthfulness is not impeded as she promotes her latest album, "FROOT." Marina can be heard loud and clear while serving major dish on a variety of hot topics: lesbian rumors, Katy Perry parties, interviews she calls "complete shit" and what she thinks of artists who pander to the gay community (Hint: "It's insulting"). Q&A: Scott Eastwood Endorses Father's Gay Marriage Mantra, Talks Sex Scenes ('I Was Turned On') & Mel Gibson's Advice <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Scott Eastwood has already provided a generous hunk of swoon-worthy shirtlessness, but the model-turned-actor is just getting started. In his first lead role as Luke Collins in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' "The Longest Ride," out April 10, Clint's sexy son makes you feel all the feels as a bull rider pursuing a hard-won girl (and, for good measure, flashing his now-famous abs). During our recent interview, the 29-year-old talked about winning over the gay world as a full-time hunk, identifying with his father's Libertarian beliefs on LGBT equality, his Martin Luther King man crush, and keeping his thoughts (and other stuff) in check during sex scenes. Gay-Owned Ferndale Business Wins Big At 2015 Great Lakes Floral Expo <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Congratulations are in order for LGBT-owned Blumz, which received several award at this year's Great Lakes Floral Expo in March. The longtime vendor at Between the Lines' Same-Sex Wedding Expo is a full-service florist and a wedding and event planning store with locations in Detroit, Ferndale and Ann Arbor. Josh Groban Q&A: His Queer Bear Fans, Failing The Ryan Gosling 'Gay Test' & Why He Worships RuPaul <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>It all began with the bears. "I'm like, 'Are you a baseball team?'" says Josh Groban, recalling an early-career encounter with a man who informed the crooner about his growing number of gay bear fans. Deep Inside Hollywood <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>HBO's "Battle of the Sexes," Meryl Carey and Helena go to Suffragette City, Chuck Palahniuk and Daniel Franzese Q&A: Mo'Nique Talks Recent Media Slams, Race In Hollywood, Isaiah Washington ('He Never Had A Problem With Gays') & LGBT Integration <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Mo'Nique isn't one to hold back. Take her ongoing clash with Lee Daniels, who directed her Oscar-winning performance in 2009's "Precious." Daniels said the 47-year-old's behavior got her "blackballed"; she, on the other hand, says Hollywood isn't "playing fairly." As the actress' latest film "Blackbird" hits theaters, Mo'Nique discussed how the back-and-forth feud wouldn't stop her from working with Daniels again; her belief that if she doesn't have to come out as straight, nor should LGBT people; and the childhood mantra that brings her comfort when the media is on her back. Q&A: Olly Murs Talks Handsy Fans, Gay-Baiting & Sharing A Sweater With Sam Smith ('It Was A Beautiful Thing') <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> A veteran of nakedness, Olly Murs was fueling our straight-boy fantasies long before Nick Jonas. Stripping at London's prestigious G-A-Y club, frequent underwear-only selfies, a leather jacket-clad cover photo in December's Attitude magazine - we're as addicted to Murs' sex appeal as we are his pop confections. Anti-Gay Company Has Lapsed Michigan Mechanic's License <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Brian Klawiter, the Grandville business owner at the center of a firestorm of controversy because of his Facebook post that he would deny service to openly gay people, has not been a legally licensed mechanic in Michigan since Oct. 12, 2014. Controversial Anti-LGBT Mechanic Has Checkered Past <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Grandville, Michigan mechanic making controversial waves has a checkered past. Pro-Gay Protestors at Dieseltec - GALLERY Supporters of DieselTec - GALLERY Policing Gender And Sexuality In 2015 <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The LGBT community has a long and often very violent track record with law enforcement. Dievendorf Leaves Equality Michigan <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>For the fifth time in less than a decade, Equality Michigan is without an executive director. An 'Enchanted' Evening Presents Affirmations' New Prince Charming <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>In a sold out Spring Bash fundraising event on April 11, Affirmations presented their new "Prince Charming" and executive director, Darrious Hilmon, to the local LGBT community. Pride Night At Detroit Tigers Planned <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Ann Arbor Musician Releases LGBT-Themed Video When native Hoosier and Ann Arbor singer-songwriter Chris Good scheduled to release his music video "Beautiful" at the end of March, he had no idea the media storm over his home state of Indiana's new controversial Religious Freedom law was about to hit, or that similar efforts were underway to pass a similar law in Michigan. Michigan Clergy Prepare For LGBT Weddings In Upcoming Workshop In preparation for the U.S. Supreme Court decision this June on same-sex marriage, clergy in Michigan will gather in East Lansing April 27, the day before the case is heard by SCOTUS, in a discussion that will build clergy and faith-based wedding officiant skills in support of a possible affirmative decision from the courts. Local LGBT-Supportive Catholic Group Conducts Survey On Marriage, Sexuality <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Two years ago, Pope Francis called for a two-year consultation on the family. As part of that consultation, an extraordinary Synod of Bishops met last October and an ordinary Synod of Bishops will meet this fall at the Vatican. The theme of the synod, or assembly, is "The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World." Snyder: 'I Would Veto RFRA Legislation' <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>In a rare moment of political frankness, Michigan's Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has announced he would veto religious freedom legislation if it does not have companion legislation to protect the LGBT community from discrimination. The 2016 Presidential Campaign Shapes Up As Exciting One For LGBT People <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The 2016 presidential campaign is shaping up to be a particularly exciting and meaningful one for LGBT people. Here are just a few reasons why... Executive Order Protecting LGBT In Workplace Now In Effect <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>President Obama's Executive Order, signed July 21, 2014, on LGBT Workplace Discrimination went into effect April 8. Indiana Success Emboldens Gay Rights Advocates In U.S. INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Gay rights advocates are hoping to parlay the momentum from their big legislative victories in Indiana and Arkansas this week into further expanding legal protections for gays and lesbians in states around the U.S. Reuters Poll Shows RFRA Holds Minority Support <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> A new poll conducted by Reuters between April 6 and 8 has found that 52 percent of the American population supports allowing same-sex couples to marry. Support For Same-Sex Marriage Rising In 50 States, Study Finds Public support for same-sex marriage has increased in all 50 states since 2004, especially in states that have legalized same-sex marriage, according to a report released April 14 by researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law and Drexel University. Candlewick Relaunches LGBT-Inclusive Modern Classic <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>MASSACHUSETTS - Twenty-five years ago, 50 publishers received a copy of "Heather Has Two Mommies," a picture book by Leslea Newman. The book walked through a 5-year-old's first day of kindergarden, but publishers didn't jump on the chance to place Heather in the hands of American households. Depressive Symptoms Tied to LGB Identities In Early Adulthood WASHINGTON D.C. -- People whose same-sex attraction surfaced in early adulthood reported more symptoms of depression in a nationwide survey than those whose sexual orientations did not change or changed in the opposite direction, according to a new study by a University of Illinois at Chicago sociologist. The OutField: Hoosier Hullabaloo <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Why Kacey Musgraves Is Changing Country Music One Pissed Off Pun At A Time <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Country music hasn't been fair to its underappreciated female populace, especially lately, as dudes increasingly dominate airplay with their beer-guzzling, truck-revving, bro-y ways. And even if Kacey Musgraves doesn't change that - and let's hope she does - she'll at least have something to say about it. Why Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' Is Her Best Album In A Decade <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Like a virgin, Madonna is pure again. Cleansed of the unbecoming trend grabs that marred the icon's erratic predecessors - namely the sinfully juvenile "Hard Candy" and "MDNA," better but still pastiche - our Blessed Goddess steps back into her ray of light and applies a new shine to an old sound. Hear Me Out: Kelly Clarkson, Brandi Carlile <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> All Hail Fifth Harmony! Plus: Michelle Chamuel, B-52s' Kate Pierson Fifth Harmony, Michelle Chamuel, Kate Pierson, and Night Terrors of 1927 Hear Me Out: Meghan Trainor, Belle and Sebastian Meghan Trainor, Belle an dSebastian, D'Angelo and the Vanguard, Ella Henderson Hear Me Out: Best Of 2014 Hear Me Out: Mary J. Blige, Carrie Underwood Mary J. Blige, Carrie Underwood, Calvin Harris, Haerts Is GoFundMe The New Welfare For Anti-Gay Corporations? <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>From the community that gave us the delightful ignorance of Dave Agema, the former state representative and current GOP national committeeman from Michigan, now we have a mechanic who has announced he won't provide service to "openly gay people." Gary Glenn Apologizes For Agenda Alert Bristow, White Nationalist Defender Of 'Traditional Marriage,' Getting Divorce Schuette Shifts Legal Arguments In Marriage Case Glenn 'Agenda Alert' Slammed By Mt. Pleasant Newspaper Gov. Mike Pence Defends Against 'Avalanche' Of Criticisms Rep. Gary Glenn Issues 'Agenda Alert' Because News Editor Is Gay Planet Fitness Sued Over Transgender Support The folks at {URL Planet Fitness http:www.pridesource.comarticle.html?article=70569}, who have weathered a blistering national campaign to denigrate their pro-transgender rights stance in Midland, Michigan are now facing a lawsuit over that stance. Creep of the Week: Pat Robertson Extra, extra! Read all about it: Pat Robertson will come to your Big Gay Wedding! There's one condition: you're gonna have to show him a baby conceived through butt sex. Now, I know what you're thinking: "That's not how babies are made and why would I want Pat Robertson at my wedding? He's a hateful old man." Parting Glances: Render Unto Caesar's Pizza Following an unexpected backlash -- best described as a concerned public whiplash -- Fools for Christ, Inc. announced on Easter Sunday its cancellation of their scheduled "Hate Someone Special for Jesus Week." Transmissions: Meanness And Meaning We are living in very mean times. The news is filled with police assaults and murders of people of color. Congress is continuing to try and gut health care and other social safety nets. Certain elements of the media continue to blame women, immigrants, the poor, religious minorities and people of color -- amongst others -- for all of societies' ills. SCOTUS To Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases In Historic Decision <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has decided to hear arguments from four states arguing against states' bans on same-sex marriage. Extending Marriage To Same-Sex Couples Could Bring Millions To State <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Extending marriage to same-sex couples in Michigan would generate an estimated $53.2 million in spending to the state economy, according to a new study. Key findings include revenue generated from wedding arrangements, tourism and sales tax revenue. Nagging Questions Behind 6th Circuit Marriage Cases There is at least one small nagging question looming over the happy news that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the appeals of same-sex couples challenging laws in four states that refuse to license or recognize their marriages. Snyder: Michigan Will Recognize 300 Same-Sex Marriages <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Facing a deadline, Governor Snyder announced February 4 that the state would not appeal the court decision made by Judge Goldsmith on January 15, ordering Michigan to recognize the marriages of more than 300 same-sex couples that were married March 22, 2014. Looming Dilemma For Upcoming Historic Marriage Case <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Just beyond the Feb. 27 deadline for filing their briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court to lay out their arguments against state bans on marriage for same-sex couples, the 36 attorneys signed onto those briefs have another looming task. They must choose who will go before the nine justices in April to deliver the arguments orally. Gay Marriage Case May Affect Discrimination, Religion Bills LANSING (AP) - Gov. Rick Snyder hopes to resuscitate legislation that would protect gay and transgender residents from discrimination, while LGBT advocates explore asking voters to pass the bill since it's unlikely to clear the GOP-led Legislature. Snyder: Michigan Will Recognize 300 Same-Sex Marriages <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Facing a deadline, Governor Snyder announced February 4 that the state would not appeal the court decision made by Judge Goldsmith on January 15, ordering Michigan to recognize the marriages of more than 300 same-sex couples that were married March 22, 2014. Marriage Of 300 Same-Sex Couples Ruled Valid In Michigan <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>A Federal District court judge ruled on Jan. 15 that Michigan must respect the marriages of over 300 same-sex couples that were married in March 2014. States In 6th Circuit Request SCOTUS Review <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Petitions to The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) have been filed in all four states in the 6th Circuit, which recently issued its ruling on marriage equality for the Midwest states. State Civil Rights Amendment Dead, Says Speaker <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>House Speaker Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) says legislation to amend Michigan's civil rights act to include protections for the LGBT community is dead. "The Speaker and I have both been quoted saying the Elliott-Larsen amendment bill will not be voted on this year because there isn't enough support to get the bill out of committee," says Bolger's spokesman Ari Adler. Michigan's Marriage Ban Draws Strong Reaction <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Adding months, perhaps years, for same-sex couples to receive recognition from the state of Michigan for their marriages, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals late Thursday afternoon ruled that Michigan's ban on same-sex marriages was legal. Upcoming Community Michigan LGBT Marriage Conversations <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>In the next few weeks, Michigan For Marriage will host two community conversations to talk about the current state of the DeBoer v Snyder trial as well as what we can expect for the upcoming months. Marriage Ban Upheld By 6th Circuit <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>At 4:40 p.m. Nov. 6 the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati became the first federal appellate court in over a year to rule against the freedom to marry. The ruling overturned lower court decisions out of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan, all of which found that denying marriage to gay couples is unconstitutional. The 6th Circuit's decision is in conflict with favorable marriage rulings in virtually every court to this point, including the 4th, 7th, 9th and 10th Circuits and a strong majority of the American people. All Eyes On Michigan As SCOTUS Refuses To Hear Marriage Equality Cases <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court Monday (Oct. 6) to decline to hear multiple cases regarding marriage equality, will soon result in 30 states and the District of Columbia offering legal same-sex marriage. Michigan, however, remains a state where same-sex marriages are not yet legal. Marriage Ban Upheld By 6th Circuit Michigan For Marriage Announces New Co-Chairs <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Any day now, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will release their decision that will determine marriage equality for four U.S. states. In the midst of the anticipation, a bipartisan group of respected state leaders has stepped forward to be Co-Chairs of Michigan for Marriage, the state's marriage equality campaign. Arguments For Right To Stay Married Heard In Caspar v Snyder <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"We just want to be treated equally," DeJong started. "I truly don't understand people's rabid resistance to treating each other equally and with respect. We waited 27 years to get married, not by choice, but by exclusion-we simply weren't allowed to marry." Federal Court To Hear Arguments In Michigan Marriage Recognition Lawsuit, Rally Preceding Hearing <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Gov. Ted Strickland Rallies With 6th Circuit Court <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>An estimated 700 LGBT and allied individuals came out in support of a Marriage Equality Rally on Aug. 5, one day before the 6th Circuit Court hearing that will have testimony from each same-sex marriage case from Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan. GALLERY: Hundreds Gather At Cincinnati Courthouse Rally for Equality With the 6th Circuit Court hearing of DeBoer V. Snyder just a day away, over four hundred LGBT people and their allies have gathered in front of the Cincinnati courthouse in support of marriage equality. 'A Turning Point In History' Heralded At Interfaith Marriage Equality Celebration In Warren On the eve of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals hearing arguments in the case of DeBoer V. Snyder, more than 100 people came out to Renaissance Unity church in Warren for an interfaith marriage equality celebration. Kent County Clerk Makes Deal With Gay Couple To Avoid Suit <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Diverse Support For Same-Sex Couples In Michigan's Marriage Ban Challenge The Stay Delayed Allows 315 Couples To Wed In State <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Michigan Same Sex Couples Demand Respect And Equal Treatment <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>DETROIT - The discriminatory consequences of Gov. Rick Snyder's actions were recounted through the lives of eight Michigan same-sex couples during an emotional press conference Monday. The ACLU of Michigan filed a lawsuit, Caspar v Snyder, on behalf of the couples, who where legally married on March 22, after U.S. District Court Judge Bernard Friedman ruled the ban prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying was unconstitutional. The opportunity to marry was short-lived and took place in just four Michigan counties that opened on a Saturday, before a stay pursued by Attorney General Bill Schuette was issued preventing more same sex couples from marrying. ACLU Of Michigan Asks Court To Order State to Recognize LGBT Marriages DETROIT - On May 22 the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan filed a motion for preliminary injunction asking the federal district court to require the State of Michigan to recognize the 300 LGBT marriages performed March 22. The couples were legally married after the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in DeBoer V. Snyder declaring the Michigan Marriage Amendment was unconstitutional. Duggan Signs On In Support Of Marriage Equality <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Mayor Mike Duggan joins with many other Michigan and national mayors in support of Marriage Equality, becoming the 19th Michigan mayor to sign up with Mayors for the Freedom To Marry. Joined by over 419 mayors from 38 states across the country, Duggan signs on as a Mayor for the Freedom to Marry, an initiative by Freedom to Marry, a national organization founded in 2003 with the goal of getting equal marriage nationwide. Michigan For Marriage Launches Public Education Effort <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Michigan Leaders React To Feds Recognition Of Marriages <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>"We applaud U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement that the United States government will recognize the marriages that were performed on Saturday," said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. "Rather than trying to play both sides of the fence, Gov. Snyder should have stood on the side of equality and we hope this announcement will push him to follow the federal government's lead on the issue. Gov. Snyder should not be wasting taxpayer money by continuing to deny equal rights to loving families." MI Marriage: Schuette Asks For Full Appeals Court Review Gay Marriage Defines Schuette's Reelection Campaign Bill Schuette launched his campaign for another four-year term as Michigan's Attorney General March 22 at press conferences in several locations across the state. Although he gamely tried to stay focused on his campaign, reporters questions were almost exclusively about gay marriage and Schuette's opposition to it. Snyder Says Schuette Going Against Trend Politico reported today that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said he will follow however a federal judge rules on the legality of same-sex marriages in his state. Snyder made the comments at a Bloomberg View forum with reporters in Manhattan, as same-sex couples who married March 22 await clarity after a federal judge put a temporary hold on a ruling overturning Michigan's ban on gay marriage."If a federal judge changes the law...then I'm going to follow what's been redefined as the law," Snyder said. "So I am not spending time on the issue itself...hopefully the Court of Appeals and their stay or something can clarify the status of weddings that took place in the interim. Those couples are in a tough spot. So I want to get some clarity," Snyder told Politico. Sixth Circuit Continues Stay Michigan Marriage Ban Struck Down <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>DETROIT - U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman's ruling was unequivocal. In the strongest possible terms, he struck down Michigan's marriage ban as unconstitutional just before 5 p.m. on March 21, writing that the state's objections to marriage equality did not reach even the bare minimum legal threshold - they weren't even rational. The opinion repudiated each of the state's key witnesses, describing some of them as "entirely unbelievable and not worthy of serious consideration," and described all the plaintiffs' witnesses as "highly credible." Michigan Makes History With First Marriages As soon as U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman declared the ban on same sex marriage in Michigan unconstitutional at 4:50 p.m. Friday and it was clear no stay was attached to his sweeping decision, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette immediately requested an emergency stay. The stay would come, but not before 4 counties in the state married 315 same sex couples Saturday morning. Elected Officials, Advocates Petition Schuette To Drop Marriage Aappeal A group of marriage-equality advocates and elected officials today delivered 14,000 signatures and an album of wedding photos from Saturday urging Attorney General Bill Schuette to drop his appeal of a federal court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Michigan."We need to remember this isn't about any one of us, it's about all of us and that we need to see the faces of the happy couples that were so excited to get married on Saturday," Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer said today at a press conference at the Capitol. Pictures from Ingham County - Getting Married Pictures from Oakland County Clerk's Office - Part 1 Pictures from the Oakland County Clerk's office - Part 2 Pictures from the Oakland County Clerk's Office - Part 3 Pictures from Washtenaw County White Nationalist Group Files Brief Supporting AG's Appeal In Marriage Ruling The Traditionalist Youth Network - a group listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group - has filed an amicus curiae brief with the 6th District Court of Appeals supporting Attorney General Bill Schuette's appeal of a federal district court decision that found the state's marriage ban unconstitutional. "It is simply unfathomable to postulate that the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents states from banning same-sex marriages when the totality of the history of the Western and American legal traditions demonstrates quite clearly that same-sex conduct can be penalized. Lawrence is radically wrong, but legalizing same-sex marriage through judicial opinion is offensively absurd," the group's attorneys write in the conclusion of their brief. "It is high time for the mockery of our ancient and traditional European institutions and customs to end."The 28-page friend of the court brief spends several pages highlighting laws from ancient European cultures that enacted severe punishments - most often execution - for homosexual conduct. Discredited Witness Part Of Right-Wing Cabal DETROIT - U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman found the testimony of the state's key witness sociologist Mark Regnerus "entirely unbelievable and not worthy of serious consideration," and that it was contrived by a cabal of right-wing ideologues who created the "research" to shore up their objections to marriage equality. Schauer Celebrates Overturn Of Michigan Marriage Ban <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>LANSING - Democratic candidate for governor Mark Schauer was excited Friday evening. In a phone call conversation with BTL minutes after the ruling was issued, he hailed U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman's ruling that strikes down Michigan's marriage amendment. "I think this is a major victory," Schauer said. "Loving, committed couples across the state can now be married. They can finally be a family like any other Michigan family. " Schauer said he has been an advocate for LGBT equality for many years. Equality Michigan Circulating Petition to Drop Appeal Why Are Governor Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette Wasting Michigan Taxpayer Dollars On A Costly Appeal? Michigan Marriage Ban Co-Author Goes 'Moral' the electorate cannot order a violation of the Due Process or Equal Protection Clauses by referendum or otherwise, just as the state may not avoid their application by deferring to the wishes or objections of its citizens.' - U.S. Federal District Court Judge Bernard Friedman in his ruling striking down the Michigan Marriage Amendment declaring it unconstitutional BTL's Wedding Expo: Like Pride in April <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Snyder Says Marriages Not Recognized <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Michigan won't recognize more than 300 same-sex marriages performed last weekend before a court halted a decision that opened the door to gay nuptials, Gov. Rick Snyder just announced. Elected Officials, Advocates Petition Schuette To Drop Marriage Appeal <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>A group of marriage-equality advocates and elected officials today delivered 14,000 signatures and an album of wedding photos from Saturday urging Attorney General Bill Schuette to drop his appeal of a federal court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Michigan."We need to remember this isn't about any one of us, it's about all of us and that we need to see the faces of the happy couples that were so excited to get married on Saturday," Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer said today at a press conference at the Capitol. Things Get Hairy In East Lansing <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> Prize-Winning Musical Packs Emotional Punch <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>ROYAL OAK - Set to a thrilling pop-rock score, Pulitzer Prize-winning "Next to Normal" offers an intimate portrait of a family dealing with bipolar disorder that is at once devastating, honest, heartbreaking - and unexpectedly humorous. The musical runs April 17 through May 3 on the 2nd Stage at the Baldwin Theatre, 415 S. Lafayette, in downtown Royal Oak. Performance Network To Host Ann Arbor Film Festival For Two Nights <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The Ann Arbor Film Festival will present two nights of its Cinema and Music Performance series at 11:30 p.m. Thursday, March 26 and Saturday, March 28 at the Performance Network Theatre. Performances on March 26 are "A Home Inside," a live presentation with three 16mm projectors by Berlinbased artists OJOBOCA (Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzalez Monroy) and a performance by Warsawbased artist and musician Wojciech Bakowski. Ann Arbor Theater Performs Classic Children's Tale <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>ANN ARBOR -- Award-winning Wild Swan Theater continues its 35th season of bringing the finest professional theater to families with "The Ugly Duckling." Make A Move With East Lansing's 'Chess - A Staged Concert' <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>East Lansing's Wharton Center will host the inaugural "imaGen project" production this month: "Chess - A Staged Concert." Jen Werner, the associate director of "The Book of Mormon," has been hired to direct the work. Annual Shakespeare Festival In Royal Oak Announces Auditions <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>ROYAL OAK -- Water Works Theatre Company announces that auditions for its 15th season of Shakespeare Royal Oak in Starr Jaycee Park will take place March 23 and 24. Women's Rights Explored In Slipstream Theatre Production <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> The OutField: Hoosier Hullabaloo <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/> The OutField: The Fight For Rights For Female Coaches The story is current, but you can be forgiven for thinking it's from 10 years ago. Or 50. Shannon Miller was one of the most successful coaches in college athletics - any sport, both genders. LGBT Mud 5k Brings In Over 650 Runners <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The sporting event featured obstacles such as the "Cherry Picker," "Is that Mud in Your Pants?" and "Hello Sailor." The OutField: Gay Games Come To Cleveland - And Akron Too <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Gay Games 9 took Cleveland by storm this month. Oh, and Akron too. Hold your snickers. Cleveland (and Akron) may not be San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, Chicago or Cologne - previous hosts of what would have been called the "Gay Olympics" had the Straight Olympics not gotten their panties in a bunch three decades ago. So "Gay Olympics" was out, even though the Straight Olympics folks had no problem with other Olympics names, like the Rat Olympics. The OutField: Gay Games 9 builds on the past <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>The past year marked a watershed for LGBT sports. Athletes at every level - professional, college, high school and amateur - at first ventured, then flooded out of the closet. Media attention no longer treats gay athletes as exotic creatures, all but unheard of in the real world; stories now focus on more nuanced aspects of their lives. Homophobes are increasingly marginalized, banished from the sidelines to the back row of the bleachers. In some ways (though we're still waiting for that first huge-name pro male team-sport athlete to come out), LGBT athletics has reached the point we've long waited for: normalcy. Friends & Field Goals <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>From the sidelines, the Michigan Panthers flag football players appear to be an identical group, indistinguishable in their fluorescent orange jerseys. But out on the turf, in the thick of game, the athletes are anchored to the sport by a shared competitive spirit and love for their teammates, as each of them, for varying reasons, call the league "home." For Otiz Porter, 37, a psychology professor at Wayne County Community College, it's also "being a part of something larger than yourself, where there are vast types of gay men represented. Gay, straight, transsexual - whatever box you like to put yourself in, it's represented (in the Metro Detroit Flag Football League). And you are considered an athlete." The OutField: The Ultimate Game <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>So how gay is frisbee? Pretty gay. It's a sport - which is actually called "Ultimate" and played with a "disc," because "Frisbee" is a registered trademark - that has traditionally attracted "outsiders." Some are good athletes who have been turned off by the rigid rules and militaristic manner of mainstream sports. Others are people who always considered themselves non-athletes, but finally realized the joy that can be found running, throwing and catching. BTL Editorial: Crisis Of Leadership At Equality Michigan <img src='' style='width:250px'><br/>Equality Michigan is a mess. There. We said it. Discrimination In The Lord's Name In order to base service decisions on religious freedom, one would have to investigate each customer and determine if they've violated doctrine in any way. Anything short of this is cherry-picking, exercising selective rights-of-refusal. Transmissions: A Restroom, A Symbol Transgender and gender non-conforming Americans do indeed have the right to use whatever facilities they identify with. Transmissions: Meanness And Meaning We are living in very mean times. The news is filled with police assaults and murders of people of color. Congress is continuing to try and gut health care and other social safety nets. Certain elements of the media continue to blame women, immigrants, the poor, religious minorities and people of color -- amongst others -- for all of societies' ills. BTL Editorial: Gov. Snyder: The Time To Talk Is Over Gov. Snyder has been just as cautious when it comes to the so-called "religious freedom" bills. He wants to wait and approach the legislation and evaluate it after it passes. By then, it will be too late. The governor must do what he was elected to do - he must stand up and lead.