GOAL Helps Gays Get Active

by Crystal A. Proxmire

"Get Out and Live." That is the rallying cry behind GOAL, a networking site for LGBT people and their allies to find other people to do activities with.

The website, http://www.getoutandlive.me, was started last February by Linda Brincat and Gia Cilento because they wanted to find a way to bring people together and to stay active. Brincat spent many years doing advertising sales, including for Between The Lines. "I've always sold advertising. My true love is getting out in the community and talking to people. I wanted to figure out a business where I could do that. I also wanted to find a way to bring men and women together for events. Too often it's the women doing their own thing and the men doing theirs, but we should all stay connected."

She explained that she got the idea for GOAL from a group of women in Southern California who had started Meet Up groups to do bicycling. "Biking is my favorite activity," Brincat said. "How I got the idea was from this group of women. They were doctors and lawyers and other professionals who were lesbians and wanted to find other women to go biking with."

The GOAL website regularly lists Get Out and Bike opportunities, which will continue as long as weather is permitting. There are also Get Out Dog Hikes which go all year round. "I want GOAL to be a place for all kinds of activities. If someone wants to have an activity and get people together, we can set it up and hopefully get people out. We've got over 9,000 people on our list so far. We want to find everyone who is interested in being active and give them a place to get information and organize events."

Activities on GOAL are organized through http://www.MeetUp.com, an interface where members can post events and others can sign up.

It's not just for physically-centered activities either. GOAL has a weekly discussion group where members meet for dinner and conversation. There is also a regular writer's group, a dinner club, a theatre club, and special events. On Oct.27, for example, a group will be visiting Wizard's Cider Mill in Ypsilanti Township.

Brincat says running GOAL and staying involved in bicycling and other activities keeps her energized and busy. "Find something you like to do and make it happen," she said. "That's what makes me happy." Learn more at http://www.getoutandlive.me.

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