GALLERY: Mark Schauer Joins Equality Rally In Lansing

On the eve of historic hearings at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on the issue of marriage equality, supporters rallied in Lansing. Democratic candidate for governor, Mark Schauer attended the event. He was greeted with applause and cheers. Shortly after, the crowd began to chant "Schauer! Schauer!" However, the candidate redirected the enthusiasm to a chant of "Equality! Equality!"

Rev. Stanley Jenkins, who runs First Presbyterian Church in downtown Lansing welcomed the crowd.

"To lend this sacred space for the sacred cause of love is an honor," he told about 200 people gathered in the church. Attendees were from places such as Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and Lansing.

"They told us marriage was about families," Schauer told the crowd. "It is about families. It is about children - about our children. This is about family values, that is, valuing families."

He told the crowd the Wastenaw, Oakland and Ingham county clerks were "heroes" for opening their offices in March and conducting over 300 marriage ceremonies for couples.

"I am certain - whether it's the courts, or we the citizens - we will become a marriage equality state," Schauer told the crowd.

Schauer was not the only politician in the room. Susan Grettenberger and Eric Schertizing, both vying for the democratic nomination for the 8th Congressional district were present. State Rep. Sam Singh and East Lansing Mayor Nathan Triplett were in attendance as well.

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