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Features The Queering of Tegan and Sara: Duo Talks Rising Above the Underground, Defying Labels and Being Anti-Marriage

"The world has changed a lot," Tegan Quin says, knowingly speaking to the queer choir. And who can argue? In the last five years alone, the LGBT community has made considerable strides in being seen as equals. But the effect doesn't just mean more same-sex weddings and the prospect of mixed-gender bathrooms. The world changing means Tegan and Sara can change too. "We love the support of the queer community," says Sara, "but we also needed to set our heights to be included in other places too. We shouldn't just be the 'gay band' - that's not who we are." Tegan and Sara, then, let the sound of their collective youth - the flamboyancy of David Bowie, the heartfelt resonance of Annie Lennox - guide them beyond the indie-rock fringe they'd inhabited since they formed out of Calgary, their birthplace, in the mid-'90s. Because they could. Because why not? READ MORE.

Music The Healing Power of Beyonce's 'Lemonade'

Everyone has their own theory about Beyonce's "Lemonade." Is it about her marriage to Jay Z? Her dad's infidelity? America's pervasive racism and its wrenching consequence: the slaughtering of innocent blacks? Is it about Orlando now? READ MORE.

Theater 'Spin' Into A Seat For Play On LGBT Homelessness and Brown Boy Love

ANN ARBOR - Emilio Rodriguez is a a playwright, actor, director and teaching artist who moved to Detroit after receiving his Drama degree from UC Irvine in southern California. READ MORE.

Sports The OutField: Cheering on #EveryFan

Separated by only 11 miles - and both proudly sporting the color blue - Duke University and the University of North Carolina enjoy perhaps the most intense college athletic rivalry in the country. READ MORE.

Bars All Hail The Drag Queen

As each season of "Drag Race" crowned a new queen, a phenomenon took hold of gay bars and nightclubs all over the U.S. These queens had become gay royalty, and the scene, to some extent, had been revived. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day Event Calendar

Commemorate World AIDS Day Dec. 1 with these events in the Metro Detroit and Ann ArborYpsilanti areas.

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