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Features Q&A: Andrew Scott Gets Candid About 'Unnecessary' Gay Questions, (Almost) Kissing Benedict Cumberbatch

It's hard to ignore the fact that Andrew Scott came out publicly just last year while watching him in "Pride." A British dramedy based on the alliance between striking miners and gay activists in the mid-'80s, the inspiring romp finds the 37-year-old Irishman putting those puppy eyes on full display. As Gethin, a fella dealing with the aftermath of coming out, the actor's sincerity makes you forget Moriarty, who Scott plays on the BBC's "Sherlock," and the shade he throws Benedict Cumberbatch. READ MORE.

Theater Edge 'Alice' Stands Convention On Its Head

Some theatrical experiences defy description. But a few adjectives come to mind that are applicable to "Alice," the performance organization Nerve's immersive journey through Wonderland. "Unconventional?" Without a doubt. "Unique" - that too. Unsettling? More than a little. READ MORE.

Advice Stylish Subscription Services To Wake Up Your Fall Wardrobe

There's more to autumn than apple pie this and pumpkin spice that. One of the best things about fall, in fact, is that we get to unpack the sweaters, scarves and other cool-weather clothing (most of us anyway), which provide many more outfit options than we have during summer. Sure, there's plenty to be said about the lack of layers when the mercury is at its peak, but the latter months of the year have their own perks - like dapper dudes in button-downs, blazers and kick-ass boots. Now you can join the club - quite literally - and step up your own style this fall with these subscription services that bring fresh perspective to your wardrobe, delivered direct to your door. READ MORE.

Bars All Hail The Drag Queen

As each season of "Drag Race" crowned a new queen, a phenomenon took hold of gay bars and nightclubs all over the U.S. These queens had become gay royalty, and the scene, to some extent, had been revived. READ MORE.

Special Section: Automotive
A Driving Force

Travis Parman predicted the future. As the current director of Corporate Communications at Nissan, Parman oversees all sorts of relationships within the automotive industry. But it wasn't that long ago that he wrote a 333-page thesis for his master's degree that specifically examined the relationship between corporations, their media marketing strategies and the LGBT community at large.

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