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Features The Butch Beneath Our Wings: Lea DeLaria Talks Historical Almost-Canceled Arsenio Stint, Making Tough Chicks Cry & Why 'LGBT' Needs To Go

First the screwdriver, then the peanut butter. But Lea DeLaria's love for "Orange Is the New Black" goes beyond the craftiness of her shenanigans with both a hand tool and a classic sandwich spread as a regular on TV's Emmy-winning prison drama. Sure, Netflix has afforded the veteran actress a deep cargo-pocket of outrageous antics, but "Orange" isn't only here for your amusement. More importantly, the show, and DeLaria's riotous, randy character, Big Boo, are part of the show's heralded inclusivity. READ MORE.

Theater 'Rent': A Life

Inhabited by heroin users, drag queens, the homeless and performance artists -- welcome to the world of Jonathon Larson's 1996 musical vision of the struggle to live in New York City at the height of the AIDS epidemic, and the general economic collapse of the Reagan and Bush years. Welcome to Riverwalk Theater's production of "Rent." READ MORE.

Sports The OutField: Cheering on #EveryFan

Separated by only 11 miles - and both proudly sporting the color blue - Duke University and the University of North Carolina enjoy perhaps the most intense college athletic rivalry in the country. READ MORE.

Bars All Hail The Drag Queen

As each season of "Drag Race" crowned a new queen, a phenomenon took hold of gay bars and nightclubs all over the U.S. These queens had become gay royalty, and the scene, to some extent, had been revived. READ MORE.

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