Worn out shoes for IRV

Dear BTL,

I'm walking to every single home in Ferndale to demonstrate my commitment to Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), which will be on Ferndale's ballot on Nov. 2 (please vote YES on Proposition B). So far, I've reached about eight of the roughly ten thousand homes - I've already worn out two pair of shoes!

Unless you have a particularly intimidating dog, you've probably seen our blue and white cards.

We are grateful to Ferndale for embracing IRV, and it's wonderful to see our lawn signs popping up around town. And I'm personally grateful for all the warm smiles with which you've greeted me.

IRV will be so good for Ferndale! It's one of those rare issues in politics where everyone wins. IRV guarantees the majority will always get what they want on election day - and it also helps ensure that minorities are represented. IRV eliminates spoiled elections, and it encourages more candidates to run. IRV also encourages more citizens to vote, and it reduces mudslinging. Finally, simply because it collects more useful data - IRV provides a much more accurate measure of what the voters really want!

We are so proud of our prestigious endorsers, including MAPP Executive Director and Ferndale Mayor Pro Tem Craig Covey, Sean Kosofsky of the Triangle Foundation and Triangle itself, Laura Kane-Witkowski of Affirmations, etc.

Please vote YES on Prop. B on Nov. 2.

And when I FINALLY get to that last door of the last home in Ferndale -- somebody please call an ambulance!

Stacie/Tom Trescott
Ferndale, MI


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