In So Mandy Words


1 Scottish head covers

5 "The Wizard of Oz" dropout Buddy

10 BenGay target

14 Sinead O'Connor's country

15 Frida known for self-portraits

16 Fruit ___ (gay district)

17 Plot unit

18 Big name in fairy tales

19 "___ want is a room somewhere ..."

20 "Mandy" singer Manilow

22 Start of a quote from 20-Across made at the 2016 Ella Awards

24 Battery terminals

26 "Diff'rent Strokes" actress Charlotte

27 Sgt. or corp.

28 M. Hirschfeld's land

29 PAC of seniors

32 Performed wrongly

34 Experiencing REM, maybe

36 Guitarist Townshend

37 More of the quote

41 Head for the hills

42 Syracuse setting

43 15-Across, for one

46 Dorothy's dog

47 Von Trapp rank in "The Sound of Music" (abbr.)

50 Join the Kneelers

51 Sch. for Rev. Spahr

53 Win the favor of

55 End of the quote

59 Manager Kief, husband of 20-Across

60 Just one of those things

61 Not erect

63 Women on top, at times

64 Green stones material

65 "Over my dead body!"

66 "Hold your horses!"

67 Nonheterosexual conception

68 "SNL"'s Cheri

69 Inn inventory


1 Dip it in your cup

2 Hard to know

3 "Snow White" fairness judge

4 Mortimer, with a wooden head

5 Heart test

6 Adriatic seaport

7 Tough guy penetrator

8 Recipient of Bugs' kisses

9 Negative to a dominatrix

10 What there oughta be

11 Strainer in Feniger's kitchen

12 Jeremy Irons' Rome, in "The Borgias"

13 "Modern Family" installment

21 It helps a baker get it up

23 Island necklace

25 Barneys event

30 Cincinnati team

31 Itty-bitty, to Baudelaire

33 Able to bend over

34 Start to climax

35 A little, to Leonard Bernstein

37 Male prostitute's discharge?

38 Cockpit reading

39 Trifling amount

40 "___ Comes Mary" (The Association)

41 Barkless pooch

44 Digits used to "render unto Caesar"

45 Selena's music style

47 Some like it hot

48 Early release

49 No-tell motel meetings

52 Choral work

54 Country house, to Nureyev

56 Top draft level

57 Center of activity

58 Glenn Burke, formerly

62 Bi plus one

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