Don't Panic. Get Out the Vote on Nov. 8 Instead


I admit it: I'm worried. Although I'd like to think Americans are smart enough not to vote for someone like Donald Trump, I'm seeing polls that show he might actually win Michigan. And if he could win Michigan, he could win other states. If he wins enough states, Donald Trump could be our next President.

That's a terrifying thought.

Then there are other reports out there - like this Michigan State University survey -- that reassure me that Americans have enough sense to vote for a candidate who is not only enormously qualified, but who actually cares about the best interests of America and its people: Hillary Clinton.

Whether or not I feel panicked or reassured isn't actually the point. We all feel anxious right now, but there's only one cure for that: Voting on Election Day, November 8, and making sure every Democrat and Progressive does the same.

We are at a pivotal moment in our country's history. The choice we face on November 8 is whether we will elect a qualified candidate who has devoted her life to public service and is prepared to do the hard work of continuing to move our country forward, or a crass, incompetent demagogue whose interest in this election seems to be less about running the country and more about winning some sort of twisted wager to prove he can get anything he wants.

I have faith in our democracy and in the American people. But I see too many Trump lawn signs and close polling to think Hillary Clinton has this election wrapped up. And that's what terrifies me.

But instead of panicking, we all need to take action. We can't be complacent. We must continue to work toward victory for Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ballot to ensure that Donald Trump - and anyone who shares his hateful views -- isn't elected to office.

If you have even a couple of hours to spare, volunteer for a campaign to help get out the vote. We must make sure every Democrat and Progressive casts a ballot in this election. Because when we vote, we win.

But if you do nothing else, you must vote on Nov. 8. You can use our Progressive Voter Guide -- created in conjunction with Progressive partners across Michigan - to help you identify the candidates in your area who share your values.

Let's make it a landslide victory for Democratic and Progressive candidates up and down the ballot. Then we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

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