Appropriate Bible Verse


1 Lorca's lower

5 Kind of sheet

9 Come quickly

13 Rupert Everett's " ___ Life"

14 2012 Ben Affleck movie

15 Penetrating reed

16 Verdi slave girl

17 One with a long tongue

18 Cutlass or 98, for short

19 Feeling of hitting rock bottom

20 Start of a movie in which actor Will played gay but did not feel free to do a film kiss

22 Where Hamlet told Ophelia to get herself

24 "___ Spartacus!"

25 It comes before sex and marriage

26 "Jailhouse Rock" singers?

30 Mary's little pet

32 Since, to J. M. Barrie

34 Asian cuisine

35 Will Smith title role

36 More of the movie

37 Suffix for southeast

38 Guitarist Townshend

40 "A time to embrace and a time to refrain ___ embracing" (Ecclesiastes 3:5)

42 Stare at

43 Dickhead

45 Hathaway of "Brokeback Mountain"

47 Heston in a chariot

48 "War Requiem" composer Benjamin

51 End of the movie

55 Dr. of the rap world

56 Straight

57 Words in many disco names

58 Brought forth fruit

59 Undercover crack investigator

60 Alfred Douglas' school

61 Got a little behind

62 You, to the Amish

63 Groups of games, to Navratilova

64 "Showboat" cap'n


1 Beefcake muscles

2 Scrabble quintet of one-pointers

3 Actor son of Will

4 Chicken-king link

5 Poems of Samuel Butler, e.g.

6 Official substitute

7 "Omigosh!"

8 Cough med that can coldcock you

9 Where a welcome is trampled

10 Type of seaman

11 Straddled a stallion

12 Madonna's "Dick Tracy" character

20 Sch. for Rev. Spahr

21 Looker's leg

23 Snatch

26 The skinny

27 TV series in which 3-Down has done a film kiss

28 Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye ___"

29 Triangle ratio

30 Drinks like a pussycat

31 "Losing My Religion" extra Mapa

33 Dick of "Bewitched"

39 Use Cialis, e.g.

40 Over a very long time

41 Leaves behind

42 Neighbor of Minn.

44 Wilder's " ___ Town"

46 Anais who went both ways

48 Homophobe, for one

49 Screwed up

50 Hard up

51 Tickled pink

52 Cole Porter's "Well, Did You ___"

53 Debussy's daddy

54 Haul around

58 Drag queen's stole, often

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