Schauer's Speech At Michigan Pride

BTL Staff

Mark Schauer is the democratic nominee for the 2014 Michigan Governor's race. Him and his running mate, Lisa Brown, have come out in support of the LGBT community and will fight for an amendment to the Elliot-Larsen Act.

Schauer has repeated many times that the day he takes office is the day that the appeal to the DeBoer v Snyder is dropped.

For the first time in many years a gubernatorial candidate addressed the participants of Michigan Pride held in Lansing every year.

"Now, Rick Snyder says he's a tough nerd," Schauer said in his speech. "But let me tell you: there is nothing tough about taking away benefits for committed same-sex couples. There's nothing tough about denying equal rights to the LGBT community. And there's nothing tough about defending a discriminatory ban on marriage equality. That's not tough. That's wrong."

See his Aug. 23 speech on the Lansing Capitol steps below.

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