God's Gift To Men


1 Nuts and bolts

5 Cleis ___

10 "Sex and the City" creator Darren

14 Mel's role with Jodie in "Maverick"

15 Young girl of old comics

16 "La ___ aux Folles"

17 Oahu dance

18 It's always on top

19 Type of seaman

20 With 36-Across, what God gave to men, along with a penis and a brain

23 Alarm cock?

24 Audrey of "That Touch of Mink"

25 Lots of mins.

26 It swallows plastic and spits cash

27 Extremist

31 West African republic

36 See 20-Across

42 For-skin cream ingredient

43 Ars ___, vita brevis

44 It makes gelatin get hard

45 Broadway scenery chewer

46 Barber's partner

48 Med. care group

49 Lorca's mouth

51 Pinball Wizard foul

53 Source of this puzzle's quip

58 Chinese (prefix)

59 Gift recipient

60 Russian singing duo

62 Fox comedy with Jane Lynch

63 Billy Bean boo-boo

64 The Gay '90s, and more

65 Della's angel

66 Straps at Rita's stable

67 Warrior Princess


1 Can't bear

2 Bruce Willis, to pals

3 It goes between the knees

4 Chooses not to come

5 Smoothing tool

6 Helicopter features

7 Caesar's last question

8 Homosexuality, in many societies

9 Scented sack

10 Burn with hot liquid

11 Homophobia, in enlightened societies

12 Like a visibly happy face

13 Actor Robert and family

21 Hawke of "Hamlet"

22 Ritchie Valens hit, with "La"

27 Place for Young men?

28 Marlene's "Blue Angel" role

29 76 in a Broadway musical

30 Golden Girl McClanahan

32 JFK info

33 Bad experience in bed

34 Mosque leader

35 DVD software

37 Poisonous bush

38 No to Rimbaud

39 Brian who collaborated with Bowie

40 Guy under J. Edgar, for short?

41 Snitches

46 Long distance letters

47 Threesome for Caligula

50 You can blow them in the orchestra pit

52 Condom material

53 Rub the wrong way

54 Tested, to Marc Jacobs

55 Letters over Mary's son

56 Clinton aide Panetta

57 Gay-dog owner of "South Park"

58 Army NCO

61 Home o' the brave

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