Jon Hoadley, State Rep 60th District

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Read about Jon Hoadley, State Rep 60th District

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As the President of Badlands Strategies, a public affairs strategy firm specializing in coalition management, Hoadley is no stranger to making plans and implementing them. He comes from a family of teachers and wants to see education support grow in Michigan. He has worked with labor and women's rights groups and was the Executive Director of National Stonewall Democrats.

"We are working hard so that folks understand that we are a campaign that invests in people, so that big corps don't play by a separate set of rules, where Michigan is a leader in environmental and SJ rules," Hoadley said.

The Primary race is neck-in-neck, Hoadley said. Many West Michigan folks are undecided, but Hoadley believes that the voices and support from family, friends and volunteers really helps the undecided understand that Hoadley is running for a Michigan that invests in people.

Hoadley says he is getting a lot of support in the neighborhoods, but he and his campaign are hoping that folks who care a lot about social justice, education and working families will turn out.

"Educators trust me to get the job done. I've been endorsed by middle class workers; they're really backing the campaign," Hoadley said. "I'm proud that we're racking up local support with progressive organizations."

Hoadley on the Issues: With his extensive education background, it's no shock that Hoadley is focusing on increasing education funding and strengthening the education system. Once in the MI House, Hoadley will work on adding an LGBT clause to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, repealing the 2014 "Rape Insurance" bill and ensuring that Michigan stays welcoming to everyone by passing marriage equality. He wants to see that corporations are held accountable for their environmental impact and wants to provide benefits to those companies that hew to a more sustainable bottom line. Hoadley will work hard to protect the state's environment from any further harm.

Hoadley Endorsements

Hoadley has been endorsed by the Michigan Education Association, Michigan Nurses Association, Western Michigan College Democrats, Democracy for America, Kalamazoo Alliance for Equality, Equality Michigan, Michigan Federation of College Democrats, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights and the Victory Fund. Hoadley has been endorsed by many community members, among that list: Cherie Seitz, Kalamazoo Township Trustee Mark Miller, Reverand Dr. Mary Beth Sarhatt, Kalamazoo City Commissioner Stephanie Moore, Pastor Strick Strickland and Tracy Hall.

Jon Hoadley's district

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