Michelle and April M. Anderson, recently married in New York, opened the bakery to bring joy and organic goods to the city.

LGBT-run Bakery Brings Organic Goodies to Detroit

By Shelby Clark Petkus

Honoring the recent health trend of organic and vegan foods, Good Cakes and Bakes, LLC brings a variety of animal-free, locally sourced products to the "Avenue of Fashion" in Detroit. Michelle and April M. Anderson, recently married in New York, opened the bakery to bring joy and organic goods to the city.

April, who holds a MBA, attended Macomb Community College for Pastry Arts to expand on her love of baking. She left her previous job in social work to focus on baking for Good Cakes and Bakes, which she co-owns with Michelle.

Michelle currently works part-time at the bakery while serving as the Ruth Ellis Center's director of residential and health services.

April decided to make the career change when she realized baking brought her more joy than her previous job. "There is nothing better to me than turning flour, sugar and a few other ingredients into delicious treats to share," says April.

The couple's personal joy with the business venture has only been furthered by the city's enjoyment of their products. Having faced no struggles in opening the bakery, the couple have been thrilled by the warm reception from the city.

April notes, "The future is bright for LGBT businesses in the metro Detroit area; we hope to inspire and offer encouragement to LGBT business owners."

Providing both baked goods and catering, the bakery plays host to cupcakes, cookies and other wholesome treats. The couple is open to requests and willing to bake anything from s'mores to cake pops.

For those hesitant to delve into the vegan/organic food market, April suggests trying their Gooey Butter Cake or their Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake: "Most people are pleasantly surprised and shocked to taste such a wonderful dairy free baked good!"

Good Cakes and Bakes, LLC is located at 19363 Livernois Ave., Detroit. For more information on the bakery, call 313-468-9915 or visit http://www.goodcakesandbakes.com.

To find other LGBT-run businesses, check out BTL's Yellow Pages at www.pridesource.com/directory.
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