Hobby Lobby Backlash

People Sound Off Online

By BTL Staff

The June 30 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the "Hobby Lobby" case has resulted in controversy. The 5 to 4 decision found that commercial employers may have religious exemptions from covering contraception in company health insurance plans.

Many sounded off on Facebook about the case:

"This isn't a war on women it, it is about Christian rights, men go buy their protection, insurance does not pay for it, women can do the very same thing!"

"We the people are not LAWYERS why should WE read between the LINES what's right is RIGHT and what's WRONG is WRONG and this is all WRONG the JUDGES that settle this are GOD WHAT DO YOU THINK!"

"What is the big deal! If a men want to have sex 24/7 why can't women protect themselves from getting pregnant? Why are companies and government getting into our private lives? Leave us women alone. If the good old boys want their sex toys let us have ours."

"What other procedures will a corporation deem not accommodating its religious/moral belief system? Will corporations in the future look to deny hiring employees whose actions, beliefs, don't match a corporate's 'religious beliefs?"

The Hobby Lobby Facebook page has been innundated with varying views, including:

"You never actually lost your religious freedom. You've deprived your employees of a benefit that you don't have to administer yourselves, and that they can get from any one of your competitors. Your beliefs were never threatened, just your ability to impose those beliefs on your employees to their detriment. Here's wishing you reap the whirlwind of your misguided views."

"You have my full support Hobby Lobby. I loved your store before but now you will be my primary Hobby store. Keep the faith."

"Hobby Lobby, I have two daughters with health conditions that require them to take specific forms of birth control. You are not physicians. You are not a church. You have no business dictating what medications AND doctor's appointments women should have access to. I will never again shop at a business that presumes that it's 'corporate' religion is more important than a woman's right to access her healthcare. While my daughters are not Hobby Lobby employees, that Supreme Court ruling applies to any 'closely held' corporation and affects all women. I have lost all respect for you, Hobby Lobby and will never support your quest to force your religious beliefs on your employees and through your lawsuit, all American women."

"Why is Hobby Lobby blocking the free speech of people they disagree with on their FB page. I've had two friends now unable to post on this site. Bad enough HL wants to take away medical choices from women, impose their brand of so-called 'christianity,' NOW they want to prohibit free speech. Disgusting!"

"Hobby Lobby, I will not buy any of your products again. Please be aware that you have lost another customer."

Have you let your voice be heard on the decision?
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