In All the Right Circles


1 Strip in the locker room

5 Weight unit for your stones

10 Cry out for

14 Oodles

15 Emanation from Feniger's kitchen

16 " ___ Betty"

17 Women's suffrage leader Carrie

18 Toxic stuff

19 Part of a plane

20 At a rock-bottom price

22 Groups of manhunters

24 Lass in a Hardy tale

26 Baby's dusting

27 March cockily

30 Neighbor of Miss.

32 Day of many Hudson flicks

36 Graceful steeds

37 Eccentricity

38 "Dinah ___ Weekend"

39 Smith of "Dawson's Creek"

40 Ecclesiastical gathering

42 Shakespeare's stream

43 Twin to Jacob

44 Thick liqueur

45 " ___ It Like Beckham"

46 Retreat for D.H. Lawrence

48 Member of the opposition

50 ___ City in America (26-Down, per "The Advocate")

53 Uranus and others

57 Do an impression of

58 An end to sex?

60 Use of a homophone, perhaps

61 Lucy of _Charlie's Angels_

62 Broadway musical about unhappy guys?

66 NCAA home of the Bruins

67 Tickle pink

68 Lorca's mouth

69 Student woe

70 Sondheim's staff members

71 British carbine


1 Meaty Mexican dish

2 Ball of film and TV

3 Poker prizes

4 Caesar's question about a Russian singing duo?

5 Spelunkers' openings

6 "Diamonds ___ a Girl's Best Friend"

7 Dancer Reagan

8 First in a Latin threesome

9 Home of the Buccaneers

10 Comment about women living together in _Sister Act_?

11 Big ones in porn films, sometimes

12 Last word in a threat

13 Changes colors

21 Do-overs for Amelie Mauresmo

23 Pioneer automaker

25 Well-endowed old goats?

26 Put the letters in circles here

27 Drink from the land of the samurai

28 Very, to Verlaine

29 Cicero's singular

31 Dotterman's "Antonia's ___ "

33 Travel around

34 Something to pump

35 Put on cloud nine

40 Cumming and others

41 Old people may take them out for a blow job

47 Early AIDS play

49 Rocker Turner

50 Full range

51 Lickety-split

52 "Lesbians ignite!" and more

54 Pass out

55 Dorothy, to Em

56 Her name is Anthony

59 Dog in "The Mask"

60 Guitarist Townshend

63 Stop fasting

64 Posed for Herb Ritts

65 Tiny balls

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