Coming Out, Of Sorts


1 Ron Howard film with Ellen DeGeneres

5 Pie fight sound

10 Little fairies

14 Petty of "A League of Their Own"

15 Taking it lying down

16 He cruised for forty days straight

17 Electronic synthesizer

18 Roundup rope

19 Two tablets, maybe

20 Golden Globes honoree

23 Pirates

25 Lesbians in training, e.g.

28 Kofi of the UN

29 "C'est Moi," to King Arthur

30 Hosp. honchos

31 More like a metrosexual

37 Pink, for example

38 "Coming out" statement by 20-Across

40 Baldwin's "The ___ Corner"

43 Fruit in "There Is Nothing Like a Dame"

44 What Sam twitched on "Bewitched"

48 Knot type

50 In general

52 Pears, to Britten

53 Stop on the road

54 With 68-Across, honor won by 20-Across

60 Brazilian soccer great

61 Shelley Duvall role in "Popeye"

62 Puckered pair

64 At once, to queens of old

65 Carpenter's tool

66 Villain's work

67 Cried a river

68 See 54-Across

69 Say "She's just a friend" to a jealous lover, e.g.


1 It spreads its limbs

2 Toon canine Scooby-___

3 Protection for tight ends at Southern Cal?

4 Abe of "Barney Miller"

5 Shoot, off a larger branch

6 Sticks one's nose into things

7 Shaped meat dish

8 Playwright Chekhov

9 Give a hard time to

10 Behind with the bucks

11 Like Shakespeare's Othello

12 Swan Lake step

13 Cho's "Pink as the Day ___ Was Born"

21 Journalist Minkowitz

22 Work the baton

23 America's Uncle

24 Drop the curtain on

26 Meat source Down Under

27 Cole Porter's "___ America First"

32 BB's, e.g.

33 Peter I, for one

34 Sardine container

35 "Cunt" author Muscio

36 The I's have 'em

38 Still changing, perhaps

39 On the roster

40 Punching tool

41 Geological epoch when mastodons appeared

42 Completely surround

45 Emulate "I Will Survive" singer Gaynor?

46 Catch some extra Z's

47 Phallic fish

49 Lanka head

51 Mate in Montreal

55 Marlene's role in "Blue Angel"

56 Pleasured orally

57 Opera figure

58 At any point

59 Longtime lesbian couples often do this

60 Fondle clumsily

63 Crazy like a fox

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