Girl Groups Of The Sixties


1 Problem for a drag queen's hosiery

5 Rock Hudson's "A Farewell to ___ "

9 Dirt clump

13 Jason Lee TV role

14 Lincoln's Johnson

15 Folk history

16 Pink Triangle Press publication

17 Willa Cather novel

19 "Be My Baby" singers

21 Made easier to bear

22 Gets to second base, perhaps

26 Alternative to HBO

27 "Brothers & Sisters" producer Ken

31 Sound of a sudden, involuntary discharge

32 They wave their sticks in Atlanta

34 Dance club speakers

35 "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" singers

38 Environs

39 Show and tell

40 Back biter?

42 Belgrade resident

43 Strong joe

46 Nicosia's island

48 Too big for your britches

50 "Stop! In the Name of Love" singers

54 Public lavatories, e.g.

57 Collette of "United States of Tara"

58 Party after a Hawaiian wedding, perhaps

59 "Snail-mail" org.

60 Supporter of two plastic brides

61 Role for Bela

62 Gave the slip to

63 Art Deco design name


1 Three couples in bed?

2 Lane of _The Birdcage_

3 Put the collar on

4 Blinding light

5 Shakespearean stream

6 Director Norman of _Prelude to a Kiss_

7 Come together

8 Dice markings

9 Phone message from Glenn?

10 Mary's TV boss

11 Bruin Bobby

12 Some NFL linemen

18 Salty, white stuff from the Greeks

20 Ban targets

23 Quaint sigh

24 Does a birth rite

25 Signal that goes either way

28 "If I Were King of the Forest" singer

29 High-tuition schools

30 Cheek

32 She played Maude Findlay

33 One who looks into crystal balls

35 Reverend Perry

36 Fab Four flick

37 David Marshall Grant's " ___ of Love"

38 Where to see a Sharon Stone movie, perhaps

41 Essen's river

43 "Rita Will," for one

44 Collection of on-line discussion groups

45 Handle on a streetcar, for Williams?

47 Asian capital

49 The Divine Miss M

51 Matching notes for Rorem?

52 Dave Pallone and others

53 "Hey, over here!"

54 Nellie in journalism

55 Mo. named after a Caesar

56 Benjamin Hoff's <The ___ of Pooh>

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