I Dreamed A Dream


1 Bones partner

5 Second fruit eater

9 Go lickety-split

14 Give a hang

15 Vincent Lopez theme song

16 Word before "ho!"

17 End note

18 Rachel's TV show

19 Playful aquatic critter

20 Javert portrayer in 39-Across

23 Barely get by, with "out"

24 "Once Upon a Mattress" legume

25 Begin stomping grounds

29 They go into drives

31 "Funny Girl" holder

34 Skin moisturizer

35 Letters on the Internet

37 Org. for Bama and LSU

38 Mardi Gras follower

39 Gay fave movie of 2012

43 Vidal's Breckinridge

44 California has a big one

45 Maiden name preceder

46 Gaza Stripper, e.g.

47 Some like them hot

49 Come out in the long run

53 Howard of _Gone With the Wind_

55 D.C. lobby group

57 Collection suffix

58 Fantine portrayer in 39-Across

62 Begins, on Broadway

65 Somewhat, in music

66 "Bus Stop" playwright

67 "Amadeus" star

68 Countee Cullen work

69 Stag party?

70 Pie fight sound

71 "The ___ the limit!"

72 Says further


1 What Arlen did to "The Wizard of Oz"

2 Noh alternative

3 Murdoch and others

4 The L.A. Sparks strip them

5 Avoid going straight

6 Word after bottom

7 Mapa of "Desperate Housewives"

8 Editor Roshan

9 Comes in third

10 Hugh Jackman played him in "The Boy from Oz"

11 Enjoy orally

12 Wife without in-laws

13 Aachen article

21 Coarse salt in the tub

22 Tin Man slicker

26 Helm location

27 Seemingly forever

28 Rent or allow

30 Ted of gossip

32 Former NFL player Tuaolo

33 Musket attachment?

36 Prick up one's ears

39 Ancient harp

40 The Gay '90s, and more

41 Boy in a Johnny Cash song

42 Tree with triangular nuts

43 Grand ___ seizure

48 Kevin of "American Beauty"

50 Occurred to (with "on")

51 Like Dorian Gray

52 They might be charging

54 Map legend, usually

56 Water molecule threesome

59 Omar of "ER"

60 Pan foe

61 Elton John broadway musical

62 Satisfied cries, perhaps

63 Type of tent

64 Wing for Julia Morgan

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