Ali Forney Center For LGBT Youth Drop-In Center Destroyed By Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy has destroyed the interior of the Ali Forney Center for LGBT youth's drop-in center in Chelsea, Manhattan in New York City.

The Ali Forney Center is a non-profit agency committed to providing LGBTQ youth with a safe, dignified and nurturing environment where their needs can be met, and where they can begin to put their lives back together.

According to Executive Director of the AFC, Carl Siciliano, the water level reached four feet high, destroying phones, computers, refrigerators, food and supplies.

"Our worst fears (have been) realized," says Siciliano. "I do not see us being able to return (to the drop-in center), especially since our lease is finished at the end of January.

"This facility provided care to the most vulnerable youth served by AFC, those stranded out on the streets awaiting shelter. While our new 24-hour drop-in center will open as planned in a different location, it will not be ready for full service for several months."

Fortunately, according to Siciliano, the center's eight housing sites were undamaged and its residents were kept safe through the storm.

"We are pursuing every means possible to take care of our youth in the interim. The LGBT Community Center has graciously offered us the use of its space, and we are currently evaluating this option."

Donations to the AFC can be made at

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