Reactons To Same-Sex Marriage Victories

"So what should you do? One possibility is to double down on trying to deprive people of their basic human rights. That might be good for Democrats, but it's bad for our country. If you want to stay relevant, at least stop obsessively fighting marriage equality. I'm not asking you to start supporting this basic human right, but maybe at least stop actively opposing it."

- Aaron Zelinsky, Huffington Post

Memo to Republicans: Give Up the Fight Against Marriage Equality

"We can argue whether the issue was ever 'winnable' for social conservatives. I would argue not, that the inexorable tide of greater inclusion in American politics made the shift in outlook inevitable. It is nevertheless a reminder for conservatives who feel differently that those who shape the culture generally shape politics."

- Jennifer Rubin, Right Turn, Washington Post

Gay marriage: Republicans should move on

"We were outspent eight-to-one - and no one was willing to speak for marriage, while the whole Democratic establishment and Hollywood campaigned for marriage. Last night really is a big loss, no way to spin it."

- Maggie Gallagher

Mistakes and Losses

"There's much work left to be done. It's a big country, and most states suffer under anti-gay constitutional amendments passed in previous elections. Undoing those amendments is a necessary challenge. Yesterday's results are certainly encouraging on the front: It was only two years ago that Maine voters, who supported the freedom to marry 53-47 percent last night, voted to revoke equal marriage rights in that state. Could anti-gay constitutional amendments that were passed by popular vote be repealed by popular vote within a decade or less? Hopefully, we will soon find out."

- John Corvino

What's Next For the Same-Sex Marriage Movement?

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