Ferndale Solidarity Party for Recall Janice Daniels Effort Oct. 7

BY Crystal A. Proxmire


Some people don't think that Mayor Janice Daniels represents the best interests of the people of Troy. 9,300 of those people have signed the petitions to have a recall placed on the ballot, and the Recall Janice Daniels committee is working hard to let the public know why they believe Daniels should be removed just one year after taking office.

The effort has grown regionally, and supporters of the effort are hosting multiple fundraisers, including the Ferndale Solidarity Party which will be at Soho in Ferndale on Oct. 7 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Supporters giving any dollar amount can enjoy drink specials, food donated from Maria's Restaurant and other local businesses, and bask in their mutual dislike of the Mayor and her actions.

Why the harsh feelings? Recall Janice Daniels has come up with a list of reasons why they want her out of office. Most recognizable to BTL readers are the Mayor's controversial statements about gay people. First she came under fire for posting "I think I am going to throw away my 'I Love New York' carrying bag now that queers can get married there," to her Facebook page.

According to the group, Daniels did not apologize for the slur. Instead she made it worse by telling high school students that she would, "bring in psychiatrists who will tell you that the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous."

The group also is offended by a "position paper" Daniels read at a City Council meeting where she avoided council rules and insulted the City Manager and staff. According to a statement on the Recall Janice Daniels website, "Mayor Daniels went far beyond simply opposing the Multi-Modal Transit Center. She used the project as an excuse to attack city employees, at the expense of the city council's established rules of procedure. Rule number 23 of the Troy City Council's Rules of Procedure states, "No member of council shall be allowed to speak for more than five minutes at a time." But on Jan. 9, Mayor Daniels ignored the rules of procedure to go on twenty minute diatribe, reading a so-called 'position paper' that spread misinformation about the Transit Center project and attacked city staff."

Daniels also refused to take an oath of office recognizing the City Charter, and worked hard to undermine a Multi-Modal Transit Center that had been in the works for over a decade.

County Commissioner Craig Covey, who represents Ferndale, Hazel Park and part of Royal Oak, which are communities south of Troy, says there are three reasons he is organizing the fundraiser. "Troy is a major, big important city in our region," Covey said. "[Her statements] got the region very negative publicity. She makes us all look backwards. Two, as a long time openly gay community person I was just appalled by the anti-gay statements she made. Ferndale has not only a large gay population, but it tries to show the value of diversity in all ways. We wanted to show solidarity with the people of Troy, and show that her views are not the views of the community. Three, if Ferndale were attacked from some backwards bigotry or nasty prejudice, I would want other cities to come to our defense."

Covey said he's never met Daniels, but that he invited her to come check out Ferndale Pride back in June and she did not accept his offer. "Mine are just a few of a half dozen reasons why folks are doing this recall effort," Covey said. "And I want to say that Troy, as a city, is diverse. It has a large Asian-American population, Chaldean population, Muslim people, gay people. Her statements are going against the grain, and this fight is for all people who believe democracy is a good thing."

The Oct. 7 event will feature drink specials, including a low-priced Long Island Iced Tea. Covey explained the selection by saying, "We're doing Long Island Iced Tea because Janice Daniels is part of the Tea Party, and of course because we still love New York!" Check out the event details on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/346375052124110/?fref=ts.

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