Hunger Strike: First Seven Days

Affirmations Executive Director Dave Garcia - Monday, July 30

"Michigan is the Mississippi of the civil rights movement when it comes to gay equality. We need to do a better job educating everyone about the extreme anti-equality environment in this state, so things can begin to change."

Kalamazoo Lesbian & Gay Resource Center Executive Director Zach Bauer - Tuesday, Aug 1

"it's all about "bringing awareness to the allied community. Lots of people believe in equal rights for LGBT folks, but they don't know we can be fired for being gay, or that we can't adopt, or that a hard working gay person can be fired from their job just because they are gay."

Affirmations Kat LaTosch - Wednesday, Aug 2

"I decided to strike because every day I run into people who, though supportive of equal rights, are surprised that gay people can legally be fired in Michigan. Even gay people don't know! People just don't realize how bad Michigan has become on equal rights. If they knew, they'd act. I wanted to do my part to help raise their awareness."

KICK-Detroit Executive Director Curtis Lipscomb - Thursday, Aug 3

"I am Hungry 4 Equality and I am striking because I want Michigan to be safe for our families."

The Network (Grand Rapids) Executive Director Pat Ward - Friday, Aug 4

"When I joined the Community Center Network group this is exactly what I thought we should be doing. Most states are lucky to even have one community center. In Michigan there are so many, and now we can influence representatives as a solid front."

Jim Toy Community Center Board President Terry McGinn - Saturday, Aug 5

"It's not enough to accept your LGBT acquaintances and loved ones, you need to actively work for their fair and equal treatment under the law."

Detroit Latinos Ray Magdaleno - Sunday, Aug 6

"(Striking) was amazing. Very uplifting to see families walk by and stop and read the signs, genuinely interested in what they were reading."

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