Breaking Up the Band


1 Rub it in

6 Half of the Odd Couple, for example

10 Dinah of a golf classic

15 Milk, in Madrid

16 Judy Garland concert persona

17 Some bounders

18 Like Machu Picchu

19 Chi-town's paper

20 Have words

21 Robin Williams

24 Blow it

25 Walk nervously

26 Be in the hole

27 Pen end

29 Order more of

31 The rainbow flag has six

32 Juan's tail?

33 Malt drink

34 Neth. neighbor

35 River of 34-Across

36 Richard Chamberlain

41 Absolutely positive

42 Band "broken up" in 3 answers

43 Mar. basketball tourney

44 "Very interesting ..."

45 Russian river

47 In your face

51 Merchandise ID

52 "Swan Lake" step

53 Emulate Dr. Callie Torres

54 Homer's outburst

55 Othello

59 Cole Porter's "___ Men"

60 Oscar-winning Patricia

61 "The evil that ___" (Shakespeare)

62 Black to Rimbaud

63 Art Deco design name

64 Able to bend over

65 Jock's Johnson support

66 Essen's river

67 Attachments for fake glasses


1 Eagle, at times

2 Poe poem

3 Comes about

4 Moby Dick chaser

5 Camper's erection

6 Comic theme

7 Short Peter on the screen

8 "Village Voice" honor

9 "Black Sheets of Rain" musician

10 Pink and lavender

11 Do damage to

12 Take two letters from this for an orgasm

13 Like 42-Across someday, maybe

14 Ethnic suffix

22 It may be hard to keep straight ones

23 Leave open-mouthed

28 Limbo need

30 Crack the whip at, e.g.

31 A sailor may grab it while cruising

34 Jessica of "The Illusionist"

35 Himalayan humanoid

36 New York Liberty maneuver

37 Type of quarterback

38 Paul of the underground

39 Some lend it

40 He shoots off with a long barrel

41 Moo ___ pork

45 Maintenance cost

46 Comic Charlotte

47 Distributor of queens

48 Handsome young man

49 Head

50 Spasms, like orgasms

53 Ledger of "Brokeback Mountain"

56 Razor choice

57 Cole Porter's Indiana hometown

58 "Let ___!"

59 November winners

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Special Section: Pride Source Votes
Revealing Bigotry: Taking On Gary Glenn

In a Sept. 27 op-ed in the Detroit News, conservative Republican columnist Nolan Finley raised serious concerns about three Republican candidates running for the state house Nov. 4. Todd Courser of Lapeer, Cindy Gamrat of Plainwell and Gary Glenn of Midland -- all correctly identified by Finley as a "trio (who) seeks tea party tyranny." Nolan describes Glenn and Courser as "extremely anti-gay (who) would turn the Republican Party into a fundamentalist denomination of the Christian Church if given the chance." Finley warned that the trio's narrow views on the Legislature could cripple the government and its ability to work across the aisle to move the state forward. Their agenda also includes killing any expansion of the Elliot-Larsen act to include LGBT protections.

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