Has-been "SNL" star, Victoria Jackson, comes out against "Glee" kiss. What do you think of her argument?

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She's a nitwit and always has been.

-Joseph Waldman

I think Victoria Jackson is sickening, as are her Fox News talking points. Is it just me, or does she seem heavily medicated and unbalanced?

-David Paul Rudzinski

Interesting that they always say "It's not me...it's in the Bible!" How many would support equality if not for that book? (It's not the book...it's you!)

-Alex Hardesty

I like how she says that television is making kids gay and that Muslims hate God, then she goes on to say that liberal TV is scaring people away from Jesus. No, it's whiny, ignorant people like you that scare people away from Jesus.

-Jay Topham

In a nutshell, there are a lot of people who share Victoria Jackson's opinion of the existence of a liberal agenda that includes making kids gay. There isn't a lot we can do about someone who believes this until they put down the Bible and start thinking. What we can do is show an equal representation of sexuality on shows like "Glee."

-Verlaine Wheelock

She's as bad as Palin and others (who) say anything to stay in the news.

-George Borg

Victoria who?

-Martha Meek

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