Proud Parents


1 Guy embraced by homophiles?

5 Put out

9 Continental coins

14 Go from one gay bar to another, e.g.

15 Ironically-named burning software

16 Dick's running mate

17 Vivacity

18 Eat beaver-style

19 Like a mouth, in B&D

20 "Sex and the City" star

23 Bouncing off the walls

24 Climbing plant's leafless organ

28 Beginning of a hickey?

29 Billy Douglas on "One Life to Live," for one

31 Kahlo's devil

32 Meadow moms

34 Time line divisions

36 Not erect

37 Marinoni (partner of 20-Across)

40 Where "Aida" premiered

43 Bring home the pork?

44 "What would you have ___?"

48 ___ fours (tea cakes)

50 Enjoy with the tongue

52 A striking blow

53 Streetcar track

55 Like someone easily seduced

57 New-born son of 20- and 37-Across

59 Jack, who licked it clean

62 Kind of a drag

63 Setting for "At Swim, Two Boys"

64 Drag queen's facial application

65 Sea flier

66 Baltic Sea feeder

67 Gay rodeo target

68 Badgers or horses

69 Come clean, with "up"


1 Come ahead of

2 Milk source at the Crystal Cathedral?

3 Great Scott romance

4 Slow, to Saint-Saens

5 Bring about with some effort

6 Williams' glass animals

7 Caspian Sea land

8 Namely

9 Language related to Finnish

10 Praise of an early morning erection?

11 Tombstone letters

12 Vein filler

13 "Get out!" to Orton, with "off"

21 Single, to Glenn Burke

22 Crossed through

25 Baseball card stat

26 Not in the pink

27 Worldly fate

30 Like a pair of orifices

33 Where Esera Tuaolo drew the line?

35 Pubescent person

38 It surrounds three men in a tub

39 Has a slant

40 Von Trapp's rank

41 ___ Lingus (Irish airline)

42 Suffix that changes senor's gender

45 One that comes out on the beach

46 Actress Del Rio

47 Tools in kitchen drawers

49 Clinton blows it

51 Family

54 Aden's land

56 "___ Aquarius"

58 Byron poem

59 MTF operation

60 Gold holder

61 Golden Girl McClanahan

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