Geographical Orientation


1 Their fruits are acorns

5 Take by force

10 Sushi ingredient

14 Buck heroine

15 Where Bruce Wayne kept Dick Grayson

16 "Like ___ not"

17 Start of a straight man's reply to a woman coming out

20 Nova follower

21 Like Marcia Brady, to her sisters

22 Hint in an Ellen Hart mystery, e.g.

24 Regarding

25 More of the reply

32 Boy played by Martin and Duncan

33 Nancy's older son, on "Weeds"

34 Earthllink competitor

35 Opportunity for Glenn Burke

38 Where a trucker parks his bottom

39 Snake charmer's pet

41 Streisand's "Funny Girl" costar

43 Book about autoeroticism?

44 More of the reply

48 Vegetable soup bean

51 One of a "Full House" twosome

52 Some writers work on it

56 Did an encore of "Food, Glorious Food"?

57 End of the reply

59 The whole shebang

60 Be good in bed

62 WWII site where a flag was erected

64 Bit

65 Compensation in a lawsuit

66 "CHiPs" costar Erik

67 Rubbers


1 Package appreciation cries

2 Guinness of "The Lavender Hill Mob"

3 Boxing win

4 Tattletale

5 German marks

6 So, in Alan Cummings' tongue

7 Us, to Rilke

8 "Chicago" director Marshall

9 Mychal Judge and Malcolm Boyd

10 In a way

11 Suffix with leather

12 George Michael's johns

13 Bapt. or Meth.

18 Leon Uris' " ___ 18"

19 One kind of opera queen

23 Really big tale

24 Gaza Stripper, e.g.

25 Cruising areas

26 "$#@!&", e.g.

27 The New York Liberty's org.

28 Home st. of Harper Lee

29 Perfume brand

30 Traditional round dance

31 Jerusalem server

36 "Aida" solo

37 Carol contraction

39 Rainbow flag sticker site, often

40 Dollar bills

42 Left with mouth wide open

43 Stud of the early days of horse racing

45 Audre Lorde, to Hunter College

46 Overdraft letters

47 Abuse orally

48 Spell of forgetfulness

49 Michael Musto's tidbits

50 Type of badge for the morally straight

53 Peter of "Say Uncle"

54 Male-on-male kissing target of Bugs

55 School group

57 It may put one in an awkward position

58 Home of Picasso's Stein portrait

61 Eleanor's beard?

63 Pres. without a first lady Buchanan

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