Gay actor calls Kathie Lee Gifford the 'b' word on air

Billy Masters

"My friend said to me, 'Are you ever worried about getting an erection on stage?' And I said, 'No, that would be great.' It is rather the opposite that takes place." - Daniel Radcliffe discusses his nude scene in "Equus" with James Lipton on "Inside the Actor's Studio." And he ain't kidding - as you can see when you watch that nude scene on

Last week, I was in Fort Lauderdale and was thrilled to attend Leslie Jordan's one-man show, "My Trip Down the Pink Carpet" (FYI, his book of the same name would make a great holiday gift). Although I'm scheduled to see the show at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center on Dec. 4 (he plays there the first three weekends in December), I never pass down the chance at being regaled by a master raconteur - and that moniker fits Leslie to a "T." Of course, that was only one of the highlights. The evening began when my date, the bodacious Dan Renzi, effortlessly recreated Beyonce's "Single Girls" dance in the middle of KFC. Kids, it doesn't get better than that.

The newly-reconstituted LaBelle will be launching their reunion tour at the Apollo Theater on Dec. 19. For more dates, check out their Web site at And buy their fabulous CD, which would make yet another great holiday gift!

There's good news and bad news for Daniel Radcliffe. On the positive side, the talented tyke agreed to auction off the Lucky Brand jeans that he wears in "Equus" to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. And he's doing it three times. At three Saturday matinees (starting on Nov. 22), Radcliffe put his pants on the chopping block. On the first outing (so to speak), a handsome black man named Anthony snagged the autographed jeans. Imagine my surprise to find out that all it took was $950 to get into Danny's denims! Good to know...

On the negative side, audience capacity for the show has dropped from last week's 67 percent to 53 percent this week. At this rate, it may not even finish out its limited run. Danny might as well auction off his pants after every show!

Not even the promise of Cloris Leachman could keep "Young Frankenstein" afloat. Despite discussions with the legendary actress to join the cast, the show will close just after the holidays - the upshot being that we'll all never get to see Cloris reprise "Frau Bluecher" on stage. The show joins a growing list of shows shutting down in January - including "Spring Awakening," "Hairspray" and "Spamalot."

"Gypsy" starring Patti LuPone has posted its closing notice for March 1 - just about a year after it opened. But this closing is not due to bad business - the producers simply cannot find a way to replace Patti, who had a one-year contract. Rumors continue to circulate about a possible London run with this cast. Stay tuned.

One of La LuPone's biggest triumphs on Broadway was "Anything Goes." The show is now being considered for another revival - this time helmed by Reba McEntire, the fifth lady of country (and I mean that in the most loving of ways). Reba was superb when she stepped into "Annie Get Your Gun" after Bernadette Peters, to say nothing of her turn in the semi-staged "South Pacific" that ran on PBS. Fingers crossed.

We've just learned that Graham Norton will join the West End cast of "La Cage aux Folles," taking on the role of "Albin/Zaza." Norton's first performance will be Jan. 19, which gives me another reason to sneak back over to London.

Cheyenne Jackson found himself unwittingly in the middle of a pissing match with Kathie Lee Gifford. He was slated to be on the third hour of "Today" (you know - the hour no one watches), overslept and got there late - albeit still before air. In her little patter with Hoda (who I still don't understand), Kathy Lee made mention of Jackson's tardiness. What the hunk didn't realize was that the camera and microphones were on him backstage, so when he muttered, "You bitch." Hoda shot back, "Uh-oh, Cheyenne, we can hear you and see you." Live TV - gotta love it!

Speaking of bitchy queens, it's time for another "Billy's Gift Giving Suggestions." You've had a couple unofficial ones in this column, but here's one definitely worthy of my readers. As you know, I love meeting celebrities and taking photos with them. But in all my years schmoozing, only one person ever asked if I wanted to take a picture with her - and that was Omarosa. It was the first time she was on the "Apprentice" and the show was nominated for an Emmy. No one invited her to the Emmys, but there she was - with a publicist! My friend was a fan of the show and asked for a photo, which I took. Then Omarosa asked if I'd like to take one, too. Right there I thought, "I like this gal." She may be a bitch, but in the words of Tina Fey, bitches get stuff done. Omarosa's playing on her strength in a new book, "The Bitch Switch: Knowing How to Turn It On and Off." It's a fun, breezy read, and she certainly dishes people in a way I think most of my fans would enjoy. Check it out.

Coinciding with "People" magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" title comes the cover of "Vanity Fair" for Hugh Jackman, which is perhaps one of the hottest pics EVER! But don't waste your time looking for it - his sexiness only graces the Italian edition. But the photos are hot enough for me to post on

Our "Ask Billy" question comes from Roger in Toledo: "I enjoyed the clip of Daniel Radcliffe naked, but why haven't you mentioned Mike Doyle? I saw him a few months ago on Broadway and I almost died when he came out naked. I was totally in love with him on 'Oz.' Don't tell me this hunk slipped through your fingers."

Honey, if I had a nickel for every hunk I've slipped through my fingers...well, come to think of it, I do! I never mentioned Mike Doyle because I didn't think anyone knew who he was. Admittedly, that's never stopped me before. For those who don't know, Mike Doyle is a very sexy actor who played a homophobic rapist on "Oz" and is currently on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" as forensics tech "Ryan O'Halloran." He also appeared in Paul Rudnick's play "The New Century" earlier this year. At one point in the show, he walked out naked. Actually, he RAN out. It's a very brief scene. So brief, you'd think it would be next to impossible snag any pics of it. And yet, we have photos and clips of him at Aside from having a rockin' bod and a good-sized dick, the interesting thing is that he may very well be the first actor to appear naked on Broadway wearing a cockring! I assume this was a personal choice - it certainly isn't in the script! You better go watch it NOW - rumor has it, lawyers and having this stuff pulled left and right.

When we're extolling the virtues of gay-bashing rapists, it's definitely time to end yet another column. I can't believe it - the holidays are upon us. Of course, you know what makes a perfect stocking stuffer? A subscription to Of course, we're also good for your more selfish needs - and we answer questions. Just send an e-mail to me at and I promise to get back to you before Radcliffe decides to use a cockring - and then auction it off! Until next time, remember, one man's filth is another man's bible.

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