Manhunt spin-off shoots - you score

You're into hookups? A new site lets you get paid for them. Legally.

By Michael A. Knipp

Good news, manhunter - now you can have your beefcake and meet him, too.

OLB Media - sister company of Online-Buddies, which operates - recently launched, an original-content amateur site that features the sexual encounters of real-life Manhunt members, filmed by some of the adult industry's top stars.

"We realized that every day, thousands of guys are hooking up on Manhunt - and we thought it would really amazing to capture these hookups as they happen," said Gary Blumenthal,'s webmaster. "We wondered if members would actually be interested in having their private sex lives filmed, so we did a very small banner campaign which lasted less than a week.

"In that short time, hundreds of guys applied."

Since the recruitment campaign kicked off earlier this year, has received an estimated 1,500 applications, in fact - some from Manhunt members who are applying together, but most from men wishing to be paired up with an unknown partner.

"We usually start by asking if they have a scene partner in mind," Blumenthal explained, of the application process. "Perhaps it's someone they've already met on Manhunt, or somebody they would like to meet. We try to let potential models choose their own scene partners. But if they don't have anyone in mind, we pair them up with someone that we feel will be a good match."

Once a match is selected, the two "models" meet at a central location, usually a hotel or a private residence, where cameras are rolling in advance in order to capture the scene from the very beginning - awkward greeting and all.

So far, the company has traveled to 17 states to bring willing Manhunt members together for first-time sex sessions, during which condoms are used in anal situations and in-the-mouth ejaculations are prohibited. Participating individuals - those engaging in sexual acts on film - each receive $1,000.

But Blumenthal says that the big perk is "having a famous porn star visit your home" to tape the tryst.

Among the moonlighting cameramen are adult-film A-listers Collin O'Neal, Caesar, and Jeremy Hall - all of whom are featured in's debut videos. In addition, Falcon Studios has granted permission for its "lifetime-exclusive" porn star Matthew Rush to demonstrate his cinematic skills, marking the first time in Rush's adult-film career that he appears in a non-Falcon property.

"We thought our members might feel more comfortable having their hookups filmed by a star," Blumenthal said. "And yes, often times, (the stars) do join in to help."

Though's content is advertised as "unedited," Blumenthal admits that on average, about 5 percent of each video is lost in the editing process, most of which is when the camera is out-of-frame or set aside.

Nonetheless, the site's videos are longer - each lasting an average of 40 minutes - than its competition's and content, but Blumenthal doesn't consider those sites competition anyway.

"Both and are niche-specific Web sites focusing on all-American jock-type guys, many of whom are 'gay for pay,'" he said. "Our site is not niche specific and, as far as we know, our models are gay and proud. You never know, from week-to-week, who you'll see on One week it could be an interracial leather scene - and the next week a bodybuilder three-way."

Either way, Blumenthal expects that Manhunt members will be pleased with the final product.

"I think the personal connection that members can potentially have with the models is exciting," he said. "The idea of seeing someone in your area, on Manhunt, over and over again. Perhaps you unlocked for this person, or they unlocked for you. Maybe you even met them. Now you have the opportunity to see someone, with whom you have a connection, performing in a video.

"I think that will be a real thrill."

Michael A. Knipp is an New York City-based freelance writer and the founder of Line/Byline Communications. To comment on this article, send an e-mail to

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