Q Puzzle

"Hot, Hot, Hot"


1 Initiated phone sex

5 Haul ass

10 Salty white stuff from the Greeks

14 Wife in Rilke's homeland

15 Top-notch

16 Shape of George Frenn's track

17 Hamlet, for one

18 Screenwriter John, of "The Aviator"

19 Do-overs for Billie Jean

20 Hot lust for 47-Across?

23 Daily fee at the Boatslip Resort

24 "___-hoo! Fellas!"

25 Prospectors may jump them

28 Where truckers park their bottoms

30 Sometime label of David Bowie

33 Controversial path for same-sex partners

34 "Aida" solo

35 Goal for Sheryl Swoopes

36 Hot glances from 47-Across?

39 Fey of "30 Rock"

40 Pain in the derriere

41 Any song by Johnny Mathis

42 Hot time for Colette

43 Gather, after spilling one's seed

44 Acts like Albert, in "The Birdcage"

45 West of Hollywood

46 James Dean's " ___ of Eden"

47 Hot cross-dressers?

53 Sounds from the "Giant" set

54 Capital of Margaret Cho's ancestral home

55 What Edith Piaf regretted

57 Doesn't feel up

58 Words to a shy partner

59 Drag queen's stocking shade

60 Prefix with tubbies

61 Straight men fear to drop them in the shower

62 Good with the hands


1 Gomer's mail service

2 Gaza Stripper, e.g.

3 When doubled, Mork's good-bye

4 Theater type

5 Dairy Queen orders

6 Fairy tale hag

7 Diana of "The Avengers"

8 Tyler Perry's "Diary of ___ Black Woman"

9 Scrotum of a porn star?

10 Shakespearean manuscript

11 "If ___ I Would Leave You"

12 Jodie Foster's "Little Man ___ "

13 "South Park's" Big Gay and others

21 "A Streetcar ___ Desire"

22 Signal that goes either way

25 "Oh! Calcutta!" group of actors?

26 The sky, for some

27 How two hearts may beat

28 Pithy, like Quentin?

29 Melissa Etheridge's "___ It Heavy"

30 Crucifixes

31 Newswoman Roberts

32 Recesses for Rev. Spahr

34 Architecture, to Philip Johnson

35 Like a gun you don't want to shoot off

37 Some swordsmen

38 Screw (up)

43 Butt

44 Mauresmo's serves that are out

45 Stroke with an upright stick

46 Fit out

47 Baudelaire's liver

48 Hang out

49 Charles Laughton played this emperor

50 "Naked Maja" painter

51 Easy partner

52 Feudal slave

53 Where wrestlers lie together

56 Fruitcake

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