Get 'Sticky' - Comic book series presents gay erotica with a light, human touch

Comic book series presents gay erotica with a light, human touch

By Donald V. Calamia

Superman and Batman, Archie and Jughead, and Fred and Barney were never like this!

Comic books - once the bastion of flying crusaders, teenage angst and popular cartoon characters - are now primarily devoured by males in their 20s and 30s, many of whom - surprise, surprise! - are gay men. So it's no wonder that one publisher - Eros Comix - has decided to tap into the gay market with "Sticky," a title that would surely make Clark Kent blush!

Although adult and LGBT-themed comics have been around since Robert Crumb introduced the world to "Zap" in 1967, "Sticky" moves the art form into a realm not fully explored until now: gay male erotica.

The series - three issues have come out so far - doesn't concern itself with exploring the intricacies of gay life. As such, there are neither complicated plotlines nor recurring characters in these books.

Rather, "Sticky" celebrates the fun of man-on-man sex through the medium of sequential art - and nothing more!

It's an experience that many gay men - and probably the women who faithfully watched "Queer As Folk" - will find uplifting, thanks to creators Dale Lazarov (writer/editor) and Steve MacIsaac (artist).

Unlike the vast majority of comic books, "Sticky" contains no dialogue or caption boxes that distract the reader from the artwork. Instead, each story unfolds panel-by-panel via the detailed artwork. It's a tricky concept, one that requires the careful merging of skills in order to be successful: a detailed plot by Lazarov and MacIsaac's ability to put into pictures every nuance of Lazarov's story.

In issue one, for example, two men meet at an outdoor festival - and before you know it, they're home, naked and getting frisky. This isn't a few moments of quickie sex, however; their objective is to keep things up for however long they can. And every which way they can, too!

MacIsaac's expressive artwork beautifully moves the story from one panel to the next. There's never a doubt about what each character is thinking, and the hot action is realistically portrayed. (Of course, since this IS gay porn, the men are built like gods and hung like horses, but what else would you expect?)

The subsequent two issues are also well visualized. And so far, each storyline has been unique, with no repetitious layouts or themes.

So if you're looking to get your hands on something other than traditional porn, plan on getting them "Sticky"!

"Sticky," available at $4.95 per issue, can be ordered by calling Eros Comix at 800-657-1100 or online from Last Gasp at Copies are also on order at Just4Us in Ferndale (248-547-5878).

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