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Local Support for the Transgender Community

Chocolate is a transgender woman who was attacked while walking on the 17800 block of Woodward near Worcester. A GoFundMe campaign on her behalf is raising money for her medical expenses.

In November, the Detroit transgender community was hit with two tragedies. Here are two fundraising campaigns that seek to benefit those affected.

Chocolate's Medical Expenses

When Chocolate was walking in the 17800 block of Woodward Avenue, near Worcester last month, she couldn't have predicted what would happen. Two men pulled up in a red GMC Yukon and threatened the transgender woman with a semi-automatic rifle. After sustaining three shots to her back and arm, Chocolate has lost the feeling in her left side.

Although her attackers have since been apprehended, Chocolate is still in critical condition. TG Detroit is sponsoring a GoFundMe campaign to help her with her medical expenses. So far, the group has raised $1,300 of their $5,000 goal.

Visit for more information about how to help with Chocolate's Medical Expenses.

Emani Love is a local transgender activist whose mother recently died. A YouCaring fund is raising money to help Love with her expenses while she is between jobs.

Grief & Healing Fund for Emani Love

After Emani Love was expelled from high school at 15, she felt lost until she made her way to the Ruth Ellis Center. There, she not only was able to solidify her own identity as a transgender woman, but began youth-oriented activism at the center. Today, Love maintains her activism and remains a vocal advocate for poor, black and LGBTQ people in Detroit. She has also travelled across the nation to teach about gender and transgender liberation.

In mid-November, Love's mother died, leaving Love to grieve while she transitioned between work. To aid Love while she goes through this difficult time, a YouCaring campaign was started. Currently, it is still shy of its $5,000 goal.

"If anyone would like to donate in anyway (a dish, monetary or words of encouragement) to assist my family please reach out, Facebook is fine," Love said in a post on her campaign. "Thank you and all is appreciated during this difficult time. I need all my warriors to build a prayer fence around us."